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by Travis on November 20, 2008

What’s good fly girls and fly guys? Hope y’all are happy the week is almost over. This is my Friday as my ass is leaving for Reno Nevada for some college football (Boise St. Vs. U of Nevada), drinking (me? drink? naaaah) and some gambling. It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten away, since my Denver excursion back in July, so I’m looking forward to this weekend.

WYDU will be on cruise control while I’m gone. I have a great interview coming up with the creator of one of my favorite albums of the year (that doesn’t get nearly enough shine in my opinion) dropping on Friday as well as one or two New Artist Spotlights popping off during the weekend. So you probably won’t notice anything too different, but if you email me, it might take me until Monday or even Tuesday until I get back to you….

Be good and have a great weekend…I know I will

New Blog

Top Billin’ Entertainment

Any blog named after my all-time favorite hip hop song will indeed get noticed by me. Add the fact that his first two posts had to do with the remixes of said song AND a OLD SCHOOL Beastie Boys VHS that I’ve been looking for forever.

Only three posts for this bad boy so far, but my expectations run high. So check it out and tell ‘em that crazy ass Trav sent you!

What does Trav & Big Daddy Kane have in Common???

They both endorse Kooley High!!!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.



Trav’s Take: My good man MeccaGodZilla drops his instrumental album, which should be all that and a bag of chips WITH the dip, if yaknowhaimean….. I’ll have more to say about this album in the weeks to come

After numerous guest appearances on albums like Eric Bobo of Cypress Hill’s Meeting of the Minds Vol.1, MF Grimm’s American Hunger, Vordul’s Megagraphitti, and executive producing Kong’s solo debut Shackles Off, RAVAGE the MeccaGodzilla of the Monsta Island Czars & NY Tributary is releasing his first solo album titled ERROARS on November 11, 2008 through Godsendant Music.

So what exactly is “Erroars?”
ERROARS is an instrumental release that takes listeners through incredible chambers of Long Island style madness!

An “error” is a deviation from what is normal or ‘correct.’ A “roar” to utter a loud, deep cry or howl, as in excitement, distress, or anger. Put both ideas together and ERROARS is born!

The only feature on this album is from Queens NYC native and lyrical supremacist Junclassic (of M.I.C & Classified Recordings LLC).

In Early 2008 MeccaGodZilla released American Monsta, the American Gangster Remix album, as a way to let fans know that the music stays in motion despite sketchy details of the Monsta Island Czars splitting up. The remix album caught the attention of journalists worldwide who featured it in Hip Hop Connection Magazine (Europe), on and many of the Hip Hop blogs.

ERROARS is the very next step for this budding “artistpreneur.”

All songs produced by RAVAGE the MeccaGodZilla

1. Intro
2. Follow
3. UrFuked
4. Monsta Eyez
5. Interlude 1.0
6. Asian Sensation
7. Lunch Room 1996
8. Mystery of Mina
9. Untitled
10. Erroar Echo
11. Magma
12. Awokenbeethoven
13. G.O.D.2
14. Prophecy Pleaze
15. Stopit 2004
16. Halozzz
17. Mic Avengers
18. Nihon Fast
19. 8 Bit
20. Genesis
21. Gabarah feat: Junclassic (aka Gabarah of M.I.C.)
ScholarMan“The Answer II” a new track from ScholarMan’s new album “GameShift: The Movement,” dropping January 2009!
7D from Montreal was responsible for the dope James Brown Dedication joint last December.
He is back with a compilation of the work he has done over the last 10 years…and its another freebie! It has some French and English MC’s, also some remixes (including a track from the JB project) Its also got the breakdown of each songs included in the Zip


1. (00:02:05) SevDee (7D) – Intro
2. (00:03:35) SevDee (7D) – UNI vs CITY – Potential Killer
3. (00:03:34) SevDee (7D) – Vanessa Barkley – Same Ol Thing
4. (00:02:56) SevDee (7D) – Monke – Souvenir de mon Futur
5. (00:03:37) SevDee (7D) – Ken Lo – Papa Etait Rebel
6. (00:02:16) SevDee (7D) – Maybe Watson & Filigrann – T’Entends Pt2
7. (00:04:02) SevDee (7D) – Talib Kweli & Bahamadia – Chaos (Orderized Remix)
8. (00:02:46) SevDee (7D) – Dee – Le Monde Est Malade
9. (00:03:29) SevDee (7D) – Manchilde – Slow Grind
10. (00:03:35) SevDee (7D) – Frenchi Blanco – 24/24
11. (00:04:30) SevDee (7D) – Kardinal Offishal – Bellydancer
12. (00:04:05) SevDee (7D) – Monsieur OK & UNI – Contradiction
13. (00:03:14) SevDee (7D) – Vanessa Barkley – Hiphop Is Here
14. (00:04:49) SevDee (7D) – K6A & Metre Cube – Le Flouz
15. (00:04:25) SevDee (7D) – Pete Rock and CL Smooth – Shine On Me (Sunglasses @ Nite Remix)
16. (00:03:11) SevDee (7D) – Sola (Amerythmes) – Minute 59
17. (00:02:44) SevDee (7D) – Dirty Taz – Manhood (Skit)
18. (00:04:39) SevDee (7D) – Dee – Dee vs Zee
19. (00:04:11) SevDee (7D) – Yarah Bravo – Bluebird (Remix)
20. (00:03:28) SevDee (7D) – Vanessa Barkley – Relation Trips
21. (00:03:06) SevDee (7D) – James Brown – He’s Gone
22. (00:06:08) SevDee (7D) – UNI vs CITY – Retrospection

Free Download: Shorty Raw “Magnum Opus” album sampler

Now available for free download is the “Magnum Opus” album sampler from Augusta, GA. based emcee Shorty Raw. “Magnum Opus” is Shorty Raw’s solo debut that will be available digitally later this month on Domination Recordings.

Free Download: Shorty Raw “Magnum Opus” album sampler MP3

About the release: Magnum Opus means an artist/writers best work to date. Shorty Raw feels “Magnum Opus” is definitely his best work since he has been recording music. This album displays Shorty Raw’s experiences and relations both socially and intimately. His objective for Magnum Opus was to bring that classic feel that was so prominent in the early/mid 90′s. It literally took him and production partner KHZ years to put this album together. They even went as far as re-recording the whole project to assure that they had an album that banged from start to finish. Shorty Raw’s main man KHZ, did roughly 85% of the album. He also had the pleasure of working with 8:35 out of Portland, OR., Go from Augusta, GA. and the up and coming powerhouse ToneBeats.

Sands On Sports

The weekly hip hop and sports talk show featuring J. Sands from the Lone Catalysts. This show will have in-depth sports analysis along with hot sports opinions from your favorite rap artists and more…Special Guests Oh No & Roc C…..

TiRon Interview
Electric Relaxation Radio’s host got together with an interview with up and coming Los Angeles emcee, TiRon getting set to drop “Handshakes & Pounds 2″ in January 2009. Zea Hart always keeps the most exclusve interviews to keep you as a music head up on your shit! Listen as Zea and TiRon talk about TiRon and his music.

Click “Play” to listen to the interview:

Mick Boogie Presents Cynicus – The 10th Wonder

Cynicus teams up with Mick Boogie to bring you The 10th Wonder Mixtape. Real Street-Hop. All beats by 9th Wonder.

New B-Real Video

B-Real of Cypress Hill debuts his first music video off “SMOKE N MIRRORS” for his song “Don’t Ya Dare Laugh” featuring Young De. Directed by Matt Alonzo. “Smoke N Mirrors” in stores February 24th, 2009 courtesy of Audio Hustlaz/Duck Down Records

Free Download: Majik Most “What I’m About” MP3

Now available for free download is the latest single from Majik Most titled “What I’m About”, taken from the album “You Got Jokes?!” on Domination Recordings. In other news, Majik Most is back in the studio working on his new solo album that will be coming out very soon!!!

Free Download:
Majik Most “What I’m About”

Majik Most “You Got Jokes?!” available online at:
- iTunes


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