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WYDU Classics Nov '08

by Travis on November 24, 2008

Do y’all want the bad new or the good news first? The bad news first you say?

It’s a Monday.

The good news?

Well most of us here in the U.S. only have a three day work week. Thanksgiving is this Thursday and the majority of us get Friday off as well. So basically, it’s like a Wednesday. How f’in cool is that?

I know I can use it. The weekend trip to Reno was fun and all, but now I need a rest from my vacation. How bad is that? I was saving this post for later in the week, but since I have nuthin’ for today, it goes up.

It’s time for another issue of the world famous (okay, kinda known on the internet) WYDU Classics. I really want to get to bed so I’m not going to waste much time here. There were mainly a bunch of tracks that I used to like from back in the day, around when I first discovered what Napster and Audio Galaxy was. Of course most of these tracks are all older than those days, but I’d download all sorts of crazy shit from those P2P sites back in the day.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask away….

WYDU Classics Nov 08

01 Organized Konfusion – Stress (remix)
02 Insight – Universal (Ft. Mr Lif)
03 MHZ – Rocket Science
04 El Fudge – Realize
05 L Swift – How itz Goin Down (remix)
06 Knucklehedz – Savagez (remix)
07 Constant Deviants – Competition Catches Speed Knots
08 Shorty No Mas – You Like My Style
09 Big Scoob & The Booty Bandits – Niggaz Cant Hang
10 Blackstract – Diary Of A Mad MC (hungry_mix)
11 Freestyle Professors – Down With The Freestyle Professors
12 Nomaads – The Ultimate
13 Jaz B Latn – Set it Off
14 Original Flavor – Grip Da Mic Tight
15 Cormega – One Love Letter to Nas
16 Children of the Corn – Harlem USA (Harlem Version)
17 Frescho & DJ Miz – Ya Don’t Stop
18 Too Kool Posse – Give ‘Em A Sample

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