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She Wanted The Big Screen…..and She Found It In the Inbox

by Travis on November 25, 2008

My inbox got slammed the past four days, so lots of stuff to catch up. Since I was out of town, I didn’t have any time to really listen to some of this stuff, but I went with the stuff I thought I would normally download myself. Hopefully it’s up to par, so give it a listen, and if you like, drop a little comment and maybe you’ll help someone else that might be on the fence on whether to download something. I didn’t get it all out there, so I’ll finish the rest of it later

Before we jump off into it, one of my favorite blogs and favorite bloggers, Scholar from Souled On, hooked up with one of my favorite MC’s, fellow WYDU member Has-Lo. Has dropped a nice little write up (first of two parts) for some of the samples that he used on his dope second EP, Small Metal Objects. So all you sample geeks and Has-Lo groupies need to head over to Souled On and check it out!

Dub MD presents the brand new exclusive mixtape project entitled “Hip Hop Renatus” with some of the most slept on and underrated emcees featuring the likes of Supastition, Skyzoo, Sha Stimuli, Mr. Live, 6th Sense, Sic Osyrus, Fred Knuxx, Karneige, Access Immortal, Donny Goines, Diablo Archer, Emilio Rojas, D.V. Alias Khryst, Wordsmith and many more, doing what they do best over some of the greatest producers in the Hip Hop’s “New, Rare, Classic & Unreleased” instrumentals including J Dilla, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, ?uestlove, Large Professor, Oddisee, Illmind, Marley Marl, Madlib and 9th Wonder just to list a few.

Renatus in old Latin meaning Born Again/Reborn: 44 emcees over 34 handpicked beats! Thirty four tracks of that raw, authentic, no apologises Hip Hop music for the purest, 100% EXCLUSIVE from the emcee to this project, with a classic intro by the genius that is DJ Unexpected. This new mixtape is available for exclusive FREE DOWNLOAD right here, so pass it around, throw it on your iPod or burn it to CD-R, its yours! Thanks to everyone for all the continued support!

01.) The Genesis (Intro By DJ Unexpected)
02.) 6th Sense – Hip Hop Renatus (Produced By Erick Sermon)
03.) Mr. Live feat. Earl Blaize – The Bitch That You Are (Produced By Oddisee)
04.) Sic Osyrus & Donny Goines – Why Lord? (Middle Fingers Up) (Produced By Khrysis)
05.) Karniege – The Kush (Produced By Jake One)
06.) Skyzoo – Bang This (Produced By The Alchemist)
07.) Dominique Larue – Role Play (Produced By 9th Wonder)
08.) Emilio Rojas – E To The M-I-L-I-O (Produced By J Dilla)
09.) Access Immortal – Stay Strapped (Produced By DJ Premier)
10.) Melodiq feat. Nikal Fieldz – Bottom Of The 9th (Produced By 4th Disciple)
11.) Diablo Archer feat. Myk Dyaleks (of BrokN.English) – We The New Era (Produced By Domingo)
12.) Sha Stimuli – Today We Living (Produced By Nottz)
13.) Fred Knuxx – Air ‘Em Out (Produced By Hi-Tek)
14.) Laelo Hood – Extra, Extra! (Produced By DJ Khalil)
15.) Supastition – Sound Of Reform School (Produced By Black Milk)
16.) Black ELement – Feel The Hunger (Produced By DJ Scratch)
17.) Droppin’ A Message (Interlude)
18.) Zero Star – On My Backpack Shit (Produced By Large Professor)
19.) Little Vic – Let The Dollar Circulate (Produced By Ayatollah)
20.) Cymarshall Law – This Is The End (Produced By Salaam Remi)
21.) Donnan Linkz – Buzz Kill (Produced By Oh No)
22.) Cy Yung aka Cyrano – OK Corral (Produced By Madlib)
23.) Tislam The Great – Once Again (Produced By Questlove)
24.) Faro – Love Me Or Hate Me (Produced By Scram Jones)
25.) Arsun F!st – I’m In Here (Produced By Marco Polo)
26.) Sense-I – Sense-I’s The Name (Produced By Nicolay)
27.) Wordsmith feat. Kontact & Black Knight – Signing Day (Produced By Pete Rock)
28.) Journalist 103 – Til’ The Trumpets Blow (Produced By Illmind)
29.) Clap Cognac feat. Jedi Knight – Chosen Ones (Produced By Havoc)
30.) City Scholar – The Rebirth (Produced By Evidence)
31.) Detroit Red – Hip Hop Redefined (Produced By Buckwild)
32.) D.V. Alias Khryst feat. Retsam Da Prince – It’s Da Govarmynt (Produced By Marley Marl)
33.) Nametag – Champagne Bottle Flow (Produced By Ski Beatz)
34.) Panama aka Da Spanish Kid – Born Ready (Produced By RZA)
35.) Hi-Coup feat. Spectacula – My Father Told Me (Produced By M-Phazes)
36.) Preach Jacobs feat. N’telligence – Mic Check (Produced By Rockwilder)
37.) The Exodus (Outro By DJ Unexpected)

Fresh from Good Music: GLC feat Kanye West – Big Screen

I know I’ll get hate for this, but I like 808′s & Heartbreaks. Call me crazy, but I do. Anyway, this is another Kanye produced joint (I assume) by one of his long time proteges, GLC. It’s more of that 808 type of flavor for those of you who do like it.

GLC feat Kanye WestBig Screen

Here is the duo in the studio creating the track……

Minutes After Midnight

Donny Goines Unleashes New Album
Minute After Midnight Available December 16th
New York, NY

Having achieved considerable notoriety with a vast collection of street albums and mixtapes, independent artist Donny Goines and Same Plate Management are proud to announce the release of Donny’s official debut, Minute After Midnight. The album which boasts Dame Grease as Executive Producer will be available through Amalgam (famed for projects from Joe Budden, Dame Grease, El Da Sensei) on December 16th 2008.

Minute After Midnight, is simply a seamless confirmation that Donny Goines is one of the most prolific artists to watch out for in 2009. An abundance of soulful and unparalleled production selected by the Manhattan lyricist is featured on the album
and is laced with Donny’s heart-felt, naturalistic and legitimate experiences and stories.


Always exuding originality in his efforts both as an entertainer and a man, Donny is the first to comment on how hard he works to maintain such individuality and relevance.

“I worked very hard on this album. Minute After Midnight took a lot of sacrifice, dedication and hard work to complete. I truly put my heart in it and wanted to create something that could stand the test of time. I didn’t have a budget nor label to finance this album but many people came together to help me craft this body of work. This album represents me, not some fictitious character or made up persona and I did everything within my power to make the best album I could. I hope when people hear it they can appreciate the effort I put forth, and enjoy it for years to come.”

In his usual style Donny opts to ride out this opus alone. Not one to clutter his projects with features and collaborations, Donny has very much earned his reputation through his hard work and his creativity and upon hearing his unique piece of work it affirms that for some the right producers and a story is all that is needed to create a masterpiece.


1) Intro Prod. by Dub Z (1:52)
2) The Triumph Prod. by M Phazes (3:14)
3) Ghetto U.S.A Prod. by Beatnik & K Salaam Ft. Tess (3:13)
4) What I Am Prod. By Apple Juice Kid (3:45)
5) What Happened Prod. By Dub Z (3:22)
6) Ricky’s Story Prod. By Statik Selektah (2:55)
7) I am Moving Prod. by Dame Grease (4:15)
8) MLK Prod. By Dame Grease Ft. Tess (3:34)
9) Can’t Fit in My Shoes Prod. By DJ Snips (2:43)
10) Can you Hear Me Prod. By Dub Z Ft. Tess (3:52)
11) The Look Prod. By Dame Grease (2:24)
12) As the World Turns Prod. by Dub Z (3:46)
13) Heaven is With You Prod. by DJ Static (4:27)

Donny’s video for the Dame Grease single I am Moving, the first single from the album. The video produced by Don Hankins and Justin M Miller was recently featured on The Freshman, mtvU’s video show.

Amad Jamal Show In L.A.

I’m a huge Amad Jamal fan, and him and his crew are playing a show this Friday with his band The Solution at the Airliner. It’s also my man Kurt Fagan’s (the Drummer in the Solution) birthday (Happy b-day man!) So if you are in the L.A. area this Friday, stop by and check out Amad and the gang and say “Happy Birthday” to Kurt and give them out before the drop the new album (about time already!)

(click to enlarge)

Quad Almighty

Former Artist Spotlight alumni is dropping a new album which I’ve had the pleasure of hearing, and it’s rather dope. Straight up dope hip hop along with some food for thought. Consciousness in full effect!

Quad AlmightyQuad Almighty

Buy Album Here:

The Royal Parchment: The Indoktrination of Dynastik Rationalizm

As the legend goes……Long, long ago, before the world as we know it was conceived, the righteous King and Queen of creation, in all of their wisdom and glory, embedded a set of provisional instructions in the fabric of space and time in order to maintain the balance of freedom, justice, and equality throughout the universe. This set of instructions is known as the Royal Parchment.
It is during the most tumultuous epochs in history, that the Royal Par chment is made manifest into the fabric of our reality. During these trying times, by way of a stream of cosmic consciousness, The Royal Parchment unlocks a vast reservoir of ancestral wisdom and we see major advances in the arts and sciences throughout various cultures of the world. This creates a shift in the intellectual and moral state of the era, resurrects righteous ruler ship, and restores order and balance in the world.

The current zeitgeist is framed by what is called the “ information age,” a period that has produced bold advancements in the fields of biotechnology and interplanetary travel. Yet war, disease, and famine have engulfed the face of the earth. The world’s religious, political and military leadership lack intellectual integrity. As history tends to repeat itself, a cataclysmic fate seems to be an inevitable,
self-fulfilling prophecy. Yet, some remain vigilant.

Over the last 30 years, we have seen the emergence of Hip Hop, a set of art forms that have pervaded every society and civilization around the globe, bridging the gaps between the nations and ushering in the existence of a universal culture. In the midst of this revolutionary shift Quad Almighty presents, The Royal Parchment: The Indoktrination of Dynastik Rationalizm.

MIDIMarc Beats…..

The “Mad” black beat maker is back at it again…..

Yeah yeah I know……I’ve been getting the phone calls. “Man…when are you putting the next produce up”…….”Can you let me check the joints out before you post em”. Well….I’m on CP time, but I’m here. Since its the 10th week, I’ve prepared 10 Beats. I’m getting more and more in the groove of the new equipment, so here we go.

1. Watch Us Ride

2. Betcha Cant

3. Wah Out

4. There Is No Greater

5. Step It Up

6. Open Might

7. Its All Over

8. Flippah 1

9. Cloverfield

10. BJ Cash Track

Joe Budden & The Game – The Future

Joe Budden featuring The Game “The Future” (Amalgam Digital)

Lead single taken from Joe Budden’s forthcoming sophomore album “Padded Room” available on CD & Digital FEB 24th 2009

“The Future” is here:


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