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808s & Heartbreak

by DJSoulClap on November 25, 2008

You know I’m sometimes a little counterpart of Travis, to have a good balance on this blog. I was really surprised when I read that he likes 808s. When I heard Love Lockdown for the first time I was a little shocked cause I thought it was plain wack! That was at the MTV whatever awards (can’t remember which one) Then a couple of days later I heard he will do a whole album singing with autotune, and I was like, damnit, I’m a huge fan of him but that will be horrible. I mean the beat for love lockdown was aight, definitely something innovative or different, but the autotune killed it for me. I wasn’t really paying attention to the tracks that leaked one after another. I was listening to them once and thought there were aight. But for some reason I was checking the blogs everyday to check for the retail album. Then, last week I found it and directly downloaded it early in the morning and put it on my mobile phone so I could listen to it on my way to university and I was slammed. In a positive way. This guy always manages to stay innovative and bringing frsh music… you can say what you want about his skills as a rapper, but his beats are always the shit! This whole album has such a different vibe to what I normally listen to, I even like the Jeezy and Weezy features, the album as a whole is a piece of art. “Heartless” has a nice monotone beat where he’s rapping a little and singing. The cool thing is, that he didn’t overuse the autotune effect on most of the joints, which makes em a lot better. On the tracks where that effect is more present, it fits. My very favorites have to be “Robocop” and “Streetlights”. Robocop has this totally distorted snare that kinda sounds like an explosion. CRAZY!!! The melody is super hot and the violins on the hook are crazy, kinda sounds like christmas to me with those additional bells, but it just sounds very dope! Streetlights has a great vibe to me. You can bang that in your headphones while going through the cold at night or while driving in the car.
The album is definitely an inspiration for me. It made me do 3 new beats without samples right away. My midi keyboard is finally paying off… All I hope for right now is that they will put the album out on wax, cause I had to buy Graduation on CD which sucked major balls. I just didn’t get too mad because they put out 4 songles on picture vinyl. I can just give you the advice to at least listen to the album around 4 times to get used to it, it’s just refreshing!

Much Love, Clap

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