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Interview with K. Sparks

by DJSoulClap on November 27, 2008

Hey people! Today we got a special interview with a lot of Goodies for y’all. K. Sparks is an MC from New York and one of the hardest working men I ever met. His work ethic is exemplary… he even sent this interview back in half a day.
“At the age of 15 he started performing in various talent venues and began to create a buzz for himself within the Queens area. After a while K. Sparks later began recording several original songs. To date he has released 4 mixtapes, 3 Underground albums, and 1 self titled promotional CD. K. Sparks’ second mixtape generated such a buzz over seas that he was nominated for the best new mixtape release of the year award in London.” He’s a good guy what made us want to shine some light on him on our blog!

WYDU: For those who dont know you, please introduce yourself!

K.Sparks: My name is K. Sparks aka The Future Problem. I am an emcee from Queens New York that makes an eclectic range of music from traditional Hip Hop to Jazz Hip Hop fusion. I am a ghost writer that has written several songs and verses for artist while selling thousands of mixtapes and winning several awards in the process. Lastly, aside from being an artist I am also the Chief Executive Officer of the Independent Record Company Double Up Entertainment.

WYDU: Let’s start from the very beginning. When did you fall in love with Hip Hop?

K.Sparks: I first fell in love with Hip Hop during the time period of what I like to call the “Golden Era” of Hip Hip. That era was when artist actually
put more effort into the lyrics that they write. I remember when I first heard LL Cool J rhyming and I said “damn, this is what I want to do”. After that I kept up with any and everything that was Hip Hop. The artist after that I listened to were cats like Nas, The Bush Babies, Chino XL, Ras Kass and others. Those dudes were actually true “Spittaz”. I would rewind their music just to catch the metaphors and phrases. Not to mention the wordplay was sick with those cats, it made me want to be an even better emcee. As the years progressed my passion and appreciation for the art form grew even stronger. Due to the fact that I have a lot of passion for the art form it pisses me off to hear a lot of the garbage that “artist” are putting out. The way I feel is that if an individual does not have passion for this they should step the fuck off. I’m tired of hearing garbage ass songs on the radio just because they have million dollar budgets behind them. I want to start hearing more talented cats that may not have the huge marketing dollars behind them but instead they have the talent.

WYDU: You are a really hard working man, you released many projects within
the last three months. Please tell us something about them.

K.Sparks: I stay on my grind constantly because in this industry you have to constantly stay competitive and consistent. That’s why within a period of three months I have released a total of 6 mixtapes. The first project was “When The Smoke Clears Mixed By DJ Killa P and Mixtape Assassin”. That project really wasn’t a mixtape because it consisted of a lot of dope original music that we wanted to get the people familiar with. The second project was a joint album project with Pajozo from Sweden entitled Definition. I took a lot of pride in making that project because it gave me the opportunity to make a solid album over those traditional true sounding Hip Hop beats. Pajozo has a real soulful Pete Rock sound that really brought the best out of me musically. We put that project straight to the internet for free download and it has gained an over whelming amount of praise. Right now we are working on our follow up album. The third project was a mixtape called “International Affairs” blended by DJ Ophax. I did that mixtape with Dipset artist Prince, and it was cool because half of the mixtape was in French while the other was in English. The fourth project was entitled “Call The Boss” Blended By DJ Pimp. The fifth mixtape was “The Camera Never Lies” blended by DJ Lee Majors. And the sixth was a mixtape entitled “Queens to Germany” Blended by DJ Easy. I have a lot more mixtapes coming out very soon as well. My work ethic is non stop because I have to work twice as hard as the artist that has a big name producer, big name DJ, or big name label behind him. My pops always told me that “persistence wears down resistence”. In order to achieve what you want you have to stay persistent until you achieve what you want.

WYDU: What do you have on the table for 2009? What are your goals?

K.Sparks: In terms of 2009 there are a lot of things on the table. I will be releasing Four album projects. The first is a project entitled “The Blue Tape”. It is a Hip Hop Jazz Fusion EP that will be entirely produced By Moe Productions. The entire feel of the EP will be very laid back and chill with a Hip Hop Jazz twist. The project will be released on the Independent level through my label Double Up Entertainment. The second project will be myself and Pajozo’s follow up album to Definition. We have not yet solidified a set release date for the project because we are still in the creative mode in terms of concepts and production, but I promise everyone it will be a classic. The third project will be an album project I am working on with a talented producer named T-Mos. We have yet to name the proect yet but it will be a classic. Once it is done that will also be an Independent release. The fourth album project will be entitled “Q.U.E.E.N.S” and the album will be produced By Skrazey. Skrazey is a dope producer that has worked with several talented artist. However, before 2008 ends I will release another album before New Years entitled “The Red Tape” with France Producer Kurser. Kurser will do all of the production and the project in one word is no less than crazy. It’s actually 96 percent complete at this time. All we need to do is wrap up two more songs and it will be ready.
In terms of goals for myself, I have achieved what I wanted for 2008. At the top of 2008 it was a new year and new opportunity for me because previously in 2007 I was under terrible management. I left behind that management in 2008 and took on a new grind. My goal was to brand K. Sparks within the music industry. I feel that I have done what I set out to do because all someone has to do is simply Google K. Sparks and my music is everywhere. For 2009 my ultimate goal has shifted towards branding K. Sparks even deeper within the music industry and to secure major distribution. I have a talented roster of artist that the world needs to hear so that is the next logical business move.

WYDU: You shot a video for your joint called “Trill”. It looks really
professional and is very nice, can you tell us
something about that?

K.Sparks: Trill is a song that tells a story about an individual that get’s caught up in the drug game. The individual previously went to college and attempted to earn a living the honest way but later realized that he could not earn much with a BA from college. As a result of this he decided to start selling drugs as a way of earning a fast source of income. We had fun shooting the video because it came out exactly the way I invisioned it would. It was important to me that the video came out the way it did because at the end of the day I always expect a high standard for anything I do. The brand K. Sparks must always exceed people’s expectations. Most Indie artist feel that because they are on the independent level that sub standard performance videos, mixtapes and etc are acceptable due to a lack of budget. Therefore they start putting out bootleg videos. The bottom line is if you can’t do something right don’t do it all. I teamed up with some cats that shared my vision and direction for quality so the video came out dope.

WYDU: How did you come up with the idea for the Manic Mondays?

K.Sparks: I got the idea for Manic Mondays from my Crooked I. Everyone is aware that Crooked I started The Hip Hop Weekly. After that Mickey Factz did The Leak. I spoke it over with my team and we decided as a collective that this is something that I should do. We decided that every Monday for an entire year I would release a dope original record. I have so many talented producers around me that it is an easy task to do weekly. I’m competitive naturally so every week I push myself to out do what I did the week before. Now we are up to week 13 and the response has been amazing. The Hip Hop web sites and blog sites have been very receptive to my movement. I appreciate all of the support that they continue to show. For Manic Mondays I have a lot of dope collabs and classic records on the way. However, the only down side to starting a series is that you start to notice the dick riders following suit. I see a lot of artist nowadays with series and this shit is like auto tune cuz everybody has one nowadays. If an artist has solid quality music then it’s cool, but if you are just another artist jumpin on the weekly band wagon just because you feel it is a fad you should step the fuck off. I hear alotta series music comin out that is subpar. But at the end of the day to each his own. As long as they aren’t on Double Up Entertainment who cares right?

WYDU: How important are connections for you? Connections are very important.

K.Sparks: I have a lot of solid relationships with real individuals in the music industry. I think it is imperative to surround yourself with true individuals that have your best interest at heart. The music industry is like the NBA, you can be the most talented player in the world but if no talent scouts from the NBA ever see you play it’s a wrap. Same shit with the music, it’s not enough to be a dope emcee because you need the right connections to open certain doors. My connections are very solid and I have great relationships with everyone. A lot of my connections came from writing for artist as well.

WYDU: What do you know about the Hip Hop scene overseas?

K.Sparks: To be honest I have heard only positive things about Hip Hop over seas. I’m always told that overseas there is a different appreciation for the music. In the U.S. The mainstream no longer has a genuine appreciation for Hip Hop. It is watered down and commercialized.

WYDU: In the end… Any last words?

K.Sparks: Thank you for building with me, shout out to Wake Your Daughter Up, DJ SoulClap, all of my fans, and the entire Double Up Entertainment family.

WYDU: Thank you, it was a pleasure. Good luck in the future!

For additional Info you can check his myspace:

Check out these free downloads!

“International Affairs”

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Download here


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Download here

I guarantee y’all that this is excellent music, you should download all of these mixtapes!

Much Love as always!


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