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Savings For The "Sneaker Addict" (Live.Com Promotion)

by Eric on November 28, 2008

First and foremost, happy “Black Friday” to all!! If you’re anything like me, you ate waaay too much yesterday and are somewhat “recovering” today. I swear, my wife, the girls and I haven’t even made it out of the living room today, I haven’t chilled this much in at least two years it seems. We were able to track down a “sitter” to watch the girls tonite, but hell….I don’t even now if I can make it the the shower to shave..HAHA! While nearly everyone has been out in the cold today waiting in long lines since 4am trying to cop the newest Jordan Quickstrikes or get their hands on the latest gaming console, I was FORTUNATELY hipped to a pretty sweet deal (from a “seller”, nevertheless) goin’ on until the end of December and was able to take care of my X-mas shopping in a few hours. As you’ll see below my Christmas gift to myself came very early and went very quickly.

I AM AN ADDICT…I love Jordans (these Fusions need to cease though), Air Max 95s, 97s and 90s. Aside from the trio of Jordans XXIIIs that dropped today (THANK YOU DEREK!!), would you believe that I copped the remainder of the kicks pictured for under a G?? Believe it, here’s how (no BS!!):

Before I let you in on a little secret, there’s a catch…you must purchase from EBay (this is applicable to most any product, I copped a Wii for the girls this morning as well), you must exercise the “Buy It Now” feature and you MUST have a valid PayPal account. Is this hassle worth 25% savings to you? Damn Skimpy!! I saved over 700.00 this morning alone. Of course, you NEED to be extra careful when shopping for retros…or any kicks on Ebay for that matter…there’s an overabundance of fakes out there. I always check the seller’s “background”, and if it looks to good to be true (for instance, if a pair of Air Max 95 Grey/Neon joints are listed for 67.00)…it usually is. Like I said, be extra careful, I’ve only been burned once and that was more than enough for me. So here goes, just follow the instructions very carefully and some of you XBOX LIVE gamers will be very familiar with “LIVE.COM” already as this is a necessity for online gaming. P.S. If anyone wants to step up to the plate for some “NBALIVE 09″ my gamertag is “FOYESDAMAN”…yeah right, my record is like……2 wins and 10 losses. Well, at least after you play me you’ll feel a little better about yourself.

So here’s your ticket for savings of at least 25%: CLICK HERE. Oh, and the total for all the kicks purchased today..again, minus the quickstrikes (which I had a MAJOR hook-up for) was 867.00. To quote Dres of Black Sheep “Ya’ can’t beat that with a bat”. Happy spending!! Don’t make fun of the Agassi joints either!!

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Dan Love November 29, 2008 at 5:20 am

Good going Eric! I have a pair of the Tech Challenge IIs in the other colourway they released, lovely shoe. As for the Foot Patrol Stabs and Neon 95s… classic shit. Feeling those Structures as well.

My addiction to shoes is worrying at the moment…

james December 4, 2008 at 4:38 am

i am pissed the xx3 pack didn’t drop in australia. i did however get the motorsports bout a month and a half ago. the fire red’s are aight. an OG retro of the neon 95′s is dropping next year if you didn’t know, minus the big bubble and psi markings of course. but true colours is always a bonus. i just picked up bout 7 pairs of kicks. not good for the bank account lol

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