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J-Zone & Chief Chinchilla Gator$ & Fur$: Dec 08

by Travis on December 3, 2008

Gator$-n-Fur$ is back! But for how long?

J-Zone & Chief Chinchilla took 2 months off from the Gator$-n-Fur$ Mixshow to promote their Live @ The Liqua Sto album and while the record was fun and fresh, their current situation isn’t. Like anything else, money (or lack thereof) has created a rift between these two knuckleheads. The economy is screwing just about everybody at the moment and Zone and Chief are just 2 of millions of…screwcipients. In December 2008 they’re Dead Broke! But will their financial woes and ensuing beef permanently destroy 21 years of friendship and 18 months of musical partnership? Is this the end of Gator$-n-Fur$? Highly possible. Can they reach an understanding? Let’s hope so.

If they don’t reconcile and this is the last show, they both want it to be known they greatly appreciate your support over the last 18 months. If they do reconcile, hopefully we’ll see them back in the studio together soon. Survive the hard times or suffer with them with the Dead Broke! mixshow. Billionaire or broke, enjoy the mixshow (free download link)

And if you missed the past 2 mixshows with all the Liqua Sto hoopla, here they are…

DRY SPELL (September 2008)

ZOOTED! (August 2008)

And if you hate zshare links and want to download ALL Gator$-n-Fur$ Mixshows in one place, GET EM ALL HERE (UGHH.COM)

Don’t spend too much money shopping during the holidays and avoid the text message Noid!

- Drank Collins (J-Zone & Chief Chinchilla’s publicist)

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