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WYDU Interview: Butta Verses

by Travis on December 4, 2008

Ever since first hearing Butta Verses with De La on The Grind Date, I’ve been anxiously awaiting an album from him. Little did I know the cat had already been out making music for seven years before that. Earlier this year, Butta dropped a very good album, in the form of Reality BV. With topics ranging from backpackers, to life, to love and just straight up good ole fashioned hip hop, Butta blesses the listeners with his smooth flow reminiscent to a classic rhyme spitters of the mid 90′s. Coupled with dope beats from an array of known and unknown producers, the album is definitely in my “best of” list for the year……

Butta Verses returns with his brand new album, “Reality BV” (Culture Kings Music | Domination Recordings) featuring the underground smash hits “If I Die” and “Speech Therapy” featuring A-Butta of Natural Elements and production from The Mighty V.I.C., Marco Polo, Bean One and Tzarizm among others.

1. Hello
2. Speech Therapy feat. A Butta
3. It’s Them feat. Kurious
4. Rock Mics feat. Joell Ortiz
5. Fire
6. Change the World
8. Club Cluck (skit)
9. Not Fun
10. Cassanova Brown
11. War of the Roses feat. CL Smooth
12. Breaking Up
13. Big Dreams feat. Lucian
14. Backpacker
15. Ask For It
16. Amazing Grace
17. If I Die feat. Lucian

Butta Verses “Reality BV” CD & Digital Download available at:
- iTunes

Now available for free download is the Bean One produced track “Rock Mics” from Butta Verses featuring Joell Ortiz.

“Rock Mics is taken from the brand new Butta Verses release “Reality BV”!
Free Download: Butta Verses “Rock Mics” feat. Joell Ortiz MP3

WYDU: What’s good man, could you do a little introduction for anyone that has been sleeping?

Butta Verses: What up I’m Butta Verses, a dope MC living in South Florida .

WYDU: Let’s get some of the generic questions out of the way first. Some may or may not know that you’ve been around for a little while. How did you get your start? When did you first get put on?

BV: I got my start growing up in the Bronx, NY. I was just a kid who was really into all aspects of the culture called hip hop. I first got put on when Jim Johnson (the dude who produced “Lollipop” for Lil Wayne) hit me up and said he heard I could spit and wanted to do a couple songs with me. That’s when I really started recording music for me as a solo act. That was like 1997.

W: Of course, we gotta ask for the story behind how you hooked up with De La. …

BV: Well I had a couple of CD’s floating around. Just random music I had made. My friend Stevie D hooked up with Maseo and played a CD for him. Next thing I know, I was sitting in front of him talking about rocking with him.

W: You were signed with Bear Mountain , Maseo’s label, for awhile and released a very obscure solo album there “Brand Spankin’” (which I’ve never been able to hear). What are your feelings toward that experience and your debut album?

BV: I cherish the time I spent on Bear Mountain and the time spent making that album. I felt very connected to the art and the culture at that point. I really felt like I was gonna blow up off that joint. I had a lot of fun during that time too. I also learned alot…I think (Laughs)

W: You were originally from the boogie down, and are now residing in Florida , what was the reasons behind the move and how are the music scenes (obviously) different?

BV: I moved to Florida because I loved the way things are down here. The weather, the people, the places…. all of it. The more I travel, the more I see that the scene is pretty much the same everywhere. There are people who like that real shit and there are people who don’t care about the real shit anymore.

W: Let’s talk about your new album, Reality BV …how would you describe it to someone who has yet to hear it? Why should cats spend their hard earned cash on it?

BV: Reality BV is a true school album. Beats that thump and lyrics that will either make you think, laugh, cry, or understand where I’m coming from and what I’m talking about. People should spend on it because thy are not getting one hit song with a bunch of filler. They are getting an entire project of good music. Something that they can actually relate with.

W: The album contains some rather unknown producer
s on the production tip (along with three dope beats from VIC and Marco Polo). Was that something you consciously went with? What were you looking for in th
e production?

BV: I work with whoever got that sound I like. There is no particular sound I’m looking for. Lots of stuff sounds good. If I like it, I’ll use it. I don’t care if your a super star or a nobody. If you’re dope you’re dope.

W: You also have numerous guest appearances. What are your feelings with having guest appearances on an album? How did you go about choosing who you wanted to work with?

BV: The guests on the album are dope. It’s always dope to get to work with other people.When you look up to somebody and you get the chance to actually have them involved in what your doing, it just feels good. It’s like … approval… in a sense. I just looked at who was willing to take part in it, and compared that list with who’s on the same wave length and path that I am.

W: How was it working with a legend such as Kurious? You two kind of remind me of each other as far styles and sounds….

BV: Kurious is real cool.Ii’m not just saying that either. He is cool as hell. It was real easy working with him because it just felt like we were already cool and just having fun with the whole situation.

W: As a listener and as an artist, what wins in a war of importance between the lyrics and beats?

BV: I would have to say beats (laughs). I mean I could hear the dopest MC saying some of the illest shit ever, but if the beat is wack, I’m gonna shut it off. I like a lot of songs where the artist is trash but the beat is just that banging that you can’t hate the joint as a whole.

W: I gotta go with “Change The World” as my favorite track off of the album, do you have a track that means the most or that you would claim as a favorite?

BV: I like “Change the World” a lot too!!Tthe message in that is really a good summery of how I feel. I would have to say my personal favorite is “Not Fun”. Man, Marco Polo killed that beat.Its so smooth but it still bumps hard as hell. Plus the Zulu Nation reference in the hook, genius!!!!!! (laughs)

W: The track “Backpacker” was an interesting track, how did that one come about? How do you think your position in hip hop music relates to this song?

BV: That track came about from all the times I’ve been told I’m too much of a backpacker.Also from all the times I saw how shows or clubs would really lose steam during the night whenever some backpacker rap came on (laughs). It’s like “Aw man I wanna change this about myself but…..I love it, I hate that, I love it.” It’s weird. I don’t know how my position relates, really. I mean, I’m a backpacker deep down inside still. I’m still hoping that part of the culture comes back and not just as a fad.

W: What is your opinion on the current state of hip hop? Dead, alive, or on life support? Is there albums/artists out there that you are feeling?

BV: In my opinion…. the stuff I love, the way it was, it’s gone. It’s not dead but it’s old as hell (laughs). It’s the old way. The style is being copied and redone but if you come from the era of the style that kids are copying now a days… then your too old (laughs). That’s how I see it. I’m feeling the Green Llama camp. Hezekiah has a dope ass album out called “I Predict a Riot”. My man Lex One, D.Schwartz, there are a lot of people still making great music I’ll just put it that way. A lot of my friends make great music. Great music!!

W: What lies ahead for Butta Verses? I heard something about you already at work on another album? What can we expect from that project?

BV: I have no idea whats in the future. My attitude toward the music changes every single day. I ain’t getting any younger either. Theres a enough material for three more albums. Will the people get to hear it? I don’t know. I really don’t.

W: Any last words or anything else you want the people to know?

BV: Nah (laughs), not really. Just go and get that Reality BV if you want to hear some true blue hip hop. word.

W: Thanks for your time and for putting out a great album….

BV: Thank you. I’m glad you like the joint.

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