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Rare/Obscure Single of the Week: Boostin Kev – That Be Boostin' 12 Inch

by Travis on December 5, 2008

Boostin’ Kev – That Be Boostin (Black Market, 1995)
A1 That Be Boostin’ (Vocal) (4:59)
A2 That Be Boostin’ (Instrumental) (4:59)
A3 That Be Boostin’ (Remix) (4:57)
A4 Smoke You On The Mic (4:45)
B1 Dunt Da Dunt Dunt (Vocal) (5:00)
B2 Dunt Da Dunt Dunt (Instrumental) (4:59)
B3 Dunt Da Dunt Dunt (Remix) (4:59)
B4 Smoke You On The Mic (Remix) (4:45)

Going for about $40 bucks….little spendy. Thanks to Mad Human for originally upping on

This week we have a 12 inch that might be fairly well known to the hardcore diggers, but some of the less serious (which there is nothing wrong with, I only learned of the cat a couple years ago) cats might be less familiar with this 12 inch. Boostin’ Kev only released three singles, with the first being in 1991, but his “That’s Boostin” EP 12 inch is by far his most popular, although his debut single, “I’m A Booster”, is a nice find as well. I can’t recall if Kev was from NY or Boston, and not much is known about the cat. There are some rumors on the net (which I was just made aware of when I was doing a little research for this post) that he might have passed away a few years ago, but I can’t find any conformation on this.

Released in 1995, this single features three main songs, with the first track being arguably the best. “That’s Boostin’” finds Kev spittin’ over a sparse bassline with a funky little key sample. It’s fairly simple, but it’s right up there with some classic Beatminerz type shit, although Kev does all the production found on the single. The topic is on some Lo-Lifes type shit, as Kev talks about lifting records, clothes and other goodies all over town. The remix, again produced by Kev, features some ill-ass organs. I’ve always been a sucka for a nice organ sample, so this remix is nice. It’s a lot smoother than the original, where the original was on some Beatminerz, dusty vinyl type of shit, the remix is almost some summer breeze Cali type of vibe.

The second track is “Smoke You On The Mic”. Riding a crescendo type bassline, Kev does his thing over a track that grows on you the more listen to it. You realize if this cat could have done a whole album like the quality found on this single, it would have been dope as figgidy fuck. The remix (which is actually the last track on the b-side) is a little harder and edgier. I should know the sample used, but it escapes me. I might have to go with the b-side on this battle.

The third song, which leads off side B is “Dunt Da Dunt Dunt”, which reminds me a lot of Biz Markie on the Beatnuts track “You’re a Clown”, both in the terms of Kev’s delivery and the carnival like beat. It’s more brillance, as Kev just rhymes for the sake of rhyming. As I said, there is a carnival feel to it, with the music box type keys playing that makes for a rolling head nod type of song. Kev drops some great lines, especially a Jacko (Michael Jackson) reference that is sure to have you laughing. This track also gets the remix treatment. Again, the remix seems more serious, although the beat does very little for me on this one.

Overall, it’s an excellent 12 inch that is somewhat difficult to run across.

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Anonymous September 10, 2009 at 11:01 pm

My dad was from brooklyn.

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