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New Artist Spotlight: Mouthblocks

by Travis on December 7, 2008

Hailing out of Yonkers, New York, my man Mouthblocks is the quintessential MC. There is no bangin’ bitches, pullin’ gats, or makin’ snaps. He just brings skills to the mic and does his thing. It’s straight up hip hop…..what an interesting concept. His CD, Sing For Your Supper, is full of hip hop goodness that is just a beat and an MC. It’s described as being “authentic”, which in this day of age, is allllll good with me. Injecting hard drum breaks into his songs, only futher puts the stamp of “authentic” on his music.

A down to earth, Mouthblocks is also the head of Baby Grey Productions, his own production company. Makin’ the rounds in the company BMW, he’s on the hustle branching out in the game. With the backing of DJ Bazooka Joe, big things are on the horizon for Mouthblocks.

White Face, Black Eye

Oh, Helena

Henry, 1968

WYDU: What’s good my man, why don’t you let the fine people out there know what name appears on your CDs and what fine city you are representing?

Mouthblocks: I consider Yonkers, New York my home.

W: Give us a little insight to your history and your influences in the hip hop game?

MB: There was alot of stuff that I listened to before “Nas”, but I remember getting the single for “Street Dreams” and playing it constantly. “It Was Written” and the first “Mobb Deep” put alot of swagger in my step that I don’t think I would’ve made it out of my late teens without. Those guys made some real stuff. [lauging] For years I was scared to go to Queens, though. At heart I’m a big softie, and would have to listen to like some Matthew Sweet to calm myself down after Havoc and Prodigy.

Later, I had a girlfriend who had a tape with a bunch of underground stuff on it that I remember flipping over and over in her car. It had “Scapegoats” by “Atmosphere” ,“No Regrets” by “Aesop Rock” and some other stuff that I’ve lived too many days to remember. Shout out to all the women that’ve turned me on to new music. I’ve never discovered anything new on my own. [lauging] It’s always been through a woman. And since everyone loves lists, the emcees that have influenced me the most are: MCA, Nas, Slug, and Breeze Brewin’.

W: In my brief two day MC career, the first rhyme I wrote was about Yoda or some bullshit (I was 13). Do you remember yours? Anything better than Transformers and Yoda?

MB: I don’t remember the first stuff I wrote, but I hope I wrote it past the margin.

W: The latest project you have out is “Sing For Your Supper”, can you give the run down on the goings with that project? What would the new listener expect to hear?
MB: I would hope people hear me. “Sing for Your Supper” is very authentic, and I think that comes through on the record. I can’t take all the credit for that, though. Yonkers is a very real city and it has a way of rubbing off on you. The response has been very good in and outside of New York. I feel very humbled by it. That a dude like me with a deviated septum, and probably a little bit of asthma can rap and turn heads is proof that there is a God.

W: Who do you have on the beats? Any guest appearances?

MB: I have my buddy Insight of “Blurred Insight” fame on the beats. He has also been my therapist on occasion. And on the one’s and two’s is the dastardly DJ Dre Mayes, who has been my therapist on the days that Insight wasn’t available. “Sing for Your Supper” has a guest appearance by my man B.Nice. He’s like my Obi Wan Kenobi. He knew me back when I first started and used to type my rhymes up before I rapped ‘em.

W: What is Baby Grey Productions? And while we are at it, help me settle an office bet, is it Grey or Gray?

MB: Baby Grey Productions is our little production company. “Sing for Your Supper” is our first production. “Baby Grey” was the name I had for a little tabby stray cat in my old neighborhood, whom everybody loved. He ended up moving to France.

I’ve always liked “Grey” better, the British-ness lends it an air or legitamacy, like say, the voice of Patrick Stewart might lend to a margarine commercial. No one would ever guess that “BGP” is just me at a fifty dollar computer desk from Staples—occasionally going out on “business” in the company car, an ’87 BMW. I think I’m the only CEO that has to work on his own car, by the way.

W: I read a blog post you did titled “While I Wait for my 10 cent Noodles to Cool”, which means you are in the same earnings bracket as myself, somewhere between two bits and a half dollar short. As any broke ass dude knows, those noodles can be a life saver two days before pay day…any recommendations on how to spruce those things up?

MB: Brita Water, it makes all the difference in the world…

W: What future goals are you shooting for? Russell Simmons type stardom? A caddy, expensive women and fine wine? Or is it more important to be the next “Rakim”?

MB: I just want people to remember the name.

W: You are on your daily rounds in Yonkers, USA when you run across a lamp, a magic lamp…You give that lamp a rub and a genie pops out and grants you three MCs/producers/groups/DJs you can work with from anytime in history…who do you pick?

MB: This is gonna sound lame, but I love my crew now. But, yo, can the genie make my student loans go away?

W: What lies in wait for your future, what projects are you working on?

MB: We’re gearing up for the LP now, and doing some shows in New York. People love to say that Hip Hop is dead in New York, but me and my friends are too dumb to believe it. I’m working on some mixtape type stuff with my buddy DJ Bazooka Joe and Jules aka Renasanz, as well as another little EP with my man Omega Jackson called “The Hammer Bros.” Check: and for all the information.

W: Any last words for the minions out there?

MB: Oh, snap! We have minions?

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