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Sneak Preview: Hip Hop Labels

by Travis on December 8, 2008

Running a little late with things. Between trying to keep up with everyday things and just enjoying everyday life (read watching the NFL on Sundays), the blog isn’t always the main thing on my list to finish. So is life….I’ll be having some time over the holidays to work and post up some of my bigger ideas, with two weeks off of work. Then after January, I’m looking at the same situation as a lot of folks in the States, unemployment, so there could be more time in the near future. Ah, gotta love it.

Until then, we’ll toss up some albums from our next profile for our hip hop labels series we’ve been running. The actual post probably won’t be up until Wednesday, that will give you a couple days to think about who the next label is….not that it’s too hard (try to guess without looking)

Nemesis – Munchies For Your Bass, 1991

1 Droppin’ The Bass (1:32)
2 Bitches And Money (3:15)
3 Ali English And The 40 Oz. Thieves (3:02)
4 I Want Your Sex (3:59)
5 Let’s Have A Good Time (3:23)
6 Munchies For Your Bass (4:06)
7 Settin’ The Record Straight (3:33)
8 On The One (3:00)
9 S.O.U.L. (4:18)
10 Grind (3:00)
11 Nemesis To The Future (3:03)
12 Life In The 90′s (3:51)
13 Dallas We Come From (3:02)
14 Dis-N-Dat (1:45)

If you’ve read this blog long enough, you know I have an affinity for bass music. Not the cookie cutter, computer bass crap, but actual bass music that has some resemblance of actual music. For that reason, I’ve always liked this Dallas, Texas group. Nemesis was kind of a cross of basic bass music and some Houston influenced southern funk. The group was made up of several different lineups, with Ron C probably being the most well known member of the group. Ron C also released several solo albums, most notably 1989′s “C-Ya”.

Euro-K - Euro-K 1991

1 Brother Man (4:06)
2 I Don’t Sleep (4:30)
3 Inner City Blues (4:32)
4 Friday Nite (4:07)
5 She’s A….. (3:45)
6 Subtle Party (4:17)
7 Let Us Get Back (To What We Call Hip-Hop) (4:18)
8 Mr. Do (4:07)
9 Soul Power 1990 (4:18)
10 Life (Ain’t It Funky) (4:00)

This album, although not particularly great, will always hold a special spot in my memory. The single was “She’s A…..” and I only remember seeing it once on Yo! MTV Raps back in the day. That one time was all it would take for me to try to hunt down the album. Since it was released on Profile, you’d think it would be fairly easy to track down. Well, it wasn’t. In fact, it wasn’t until 1993, while visiting my aunt and uncle in Salem, Oregon, that would finally track down a copy of the album, on tape. I found it some little used music store. They didn’t have shit for hip hop music, in fact, I want to say I found it in the Jazz section or some shit. There is nothing really mind blowing on it, in fact about the only “claim to fame” is Tony D mixed it. Still, I tend to like the album, if for nothing else the hunt it gave me to find it. It’s still real hard to find. I can’t recall ever running into it again anywhere else. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m probably the only person to up this anywhere on the web, at least I’ve never seen it anywhere else. I finally broke down and bought it off of Amazon, so obviously it was out there. Regardless of it’s eluding me throughout my life, it’s still fairly cheap online.

DJ Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde – The Champagne of Rap, 1985

A1 Yellow Panties (4:39)
A2 He’s The Band (4:31)
A3 And You Thought That We Were Soft (4:54)
A4 Champagne Of Rap (4:38)
A5 Scratch On Galaxy (4:37)
B1 Freshest Rhymes In The World (5:03)
B2 Transformation (5:25)
B3 Butt Naked (4:47)
B4 A Rappers Love Song (5:20)

I’ve never been a big fan of this group. I heard them fairly early in my hip hop listening days and thought they were mad corny, even for back then. I guess I can stomach them better in my older age, but I still don’t go out of my way to listen to this duo. Let’s just say, Andre Harrell, one half of this duo, made for a better record exec than artist.

And just to make it super easy in case you’ve had any doubts, some videos of pretty easy artists….

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