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Bass Week Day One: The Assortment…..

by Travis on December 9, 2008

It’s cold, I had to drive to work in the snow, winter is here. It made me wish I was sittin’ on a beach in Miami, sipping a margarita and watching bikini clad hotties walk by. Of course, I would need some music, and for sitting on a beach in Miami, what better than some classic local inspired music, which has a genre named after it. You know what I’m talking about, the thump of 808′s and the rolling thunder of some bass kicking out of two 12′s in the trunk. I’ve long been a fan of the music, I like the basic beats and the louder, thundering bass. It’s kind of come back in the form of The Cool Kids, but I have a hard time sitting through one of their albums, knowing it’s just a fad now.

Anyway, for the rest of the week, we are going to go through some essentials of the genre, all ending in my top 5 all-time favorite bass albums on Friday. Today, we are just going through some of the stuff I have sitting on the blog already. The next couple days after that, we’ll highlight a few of the other albums out there…..

How can you pass up any album with cover art that looks like it belongs on the side of a 70′s van? I was a big fan of the Miami Bass sound back in the late 80′s, early 90′s and this album is one those “classics” of the genre, although it gets a little political in some places as well drops some nasty sex rhymes, which is all good. Disco Rick was part of this group, who you might remember from the Gucci Crew back in the day.

The Dogs – The Dogs (JR Records, 1990)

01 Intro (0:50)
02 Where Is Disco Rick At? (3:20)
03 Lets Go, Lets Go (3:26)
04 F..k The President (3:29)
05 Ten Little N……s (4:31)
06 Lick It (3:40)
07 Take It Baby (4:07)
08 Dog Call (4:47)
09 Take It Off (4:10)
10 Crack Rock (4:19)
11 Who Gives A F..k (3:23)
12 Get Loose (4:34)
13 F..k You All (2:10)

Maggotron – The Invasion Will Not Be Televised (Jamarc, 1989)

A1 Return to the Planet of Bass
A2 Bass, What’s Happenin’ Black
A3 Fresh Beets
A4 Bass Invaders
A5 Psychotic Bass Babble
B1 Jungle Bass From the Planet Detroit
B2 That’s My Man Throwin’ Down
B3 Caroline, No
B4 Welcome to the Planet of Bass
B5 It Sells

Some of the Miami bass that I’ve grown to love. This is some weird shit, and honestly I haven’t listened to it forever, so I can’t really say much more about it other than ch-ch-check it out.

1. Autobiography
2. An All Out Bash
3. Motivated
4. Intermission
5. Take Heed
6. I Came Back
7. Motivated Reprise
8. My Bass In It
9. Let’s Get Physical
10. Make It Funky
11. King Of The Swing
12. I Bring The Funk
13. Meeting Of The Minds

I’m a big fan of ADE’s “How Much Can You Take” which I will call one the best Miami bass albums of all time. This was the follow up to that release. While not as good, it definitely has its stand out cuts. This one is a little more “hip-hoppy” in the terms of music.

I bought this when it dropped way back then the day, only to lose it like probably about 50% of my collection over time. Dread at Bust The Facts hooked me last year but I finally broke down and bought a copy on amazon after searching all the local stores for it.

DJ Magic Mike – Repersent (Cheetah Records, 1994) NEW LINK

1. Royal Reject (Prelude)
2. Represent
3. You Dumb Ass (Prelude)
4. Move Them Butts
5. You Hear It Hummin’
6. A Real Nigga (Prelude)
7. (O.K. Nigga) Here We Go
8. A Message From Juan (Prelude)
9. Feel The Bass V.
10. Cut The Record Down To The Bone
11. Mind Blowing Decision (Prelude)
12. Down Through The Years (Remix)
13. Magic’s Groove
14. Move Them Butts (Hip Hop Version)
15. Royal Rejects (Outro)

You can’t call yourself a fan of Miami bass without liking DJ Magic Mike. This album isn’t his best (“Ain’t No Doubt It” has that distinction), but it’s still one of his better ones.

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