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Bass Week, Day Two: Miami Boyz – Outlawed Bass

by Travis on December 10, 2008

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know much about this album. I’ve long been a fan of the Miami Boyz’ “Getting Off” LP, that dropped in 1988 on On Top Records. For the longest time, I was convinced it was the only album released by MC Amazin B & Icy B. Earlier this year, I posted up the “Getting Off” album again and my good man BC (of fame) wrote me saying he had found another album by the “Miami Boyz” but he didn’t think it was the same group. He sent me a link for the album and without seeing the label or a picture of the cover, I was pretty convinced it wasn’t the same group. Of course I didn’t take into account that the music had changed in leaps and bounds from 1988 to 1992, even in the bass genre. After doing some looking into it, I’m pretty sure this is the same Miami Boyz of “Getting Off” fame. I gave it a few more listens and the MCs sound similar and the fact that both albums were released on On Top Records, I’m okay with saying this album is by that same Miami Boyz group.

As far the album, it’s not as catchy and intriguing as the 1988 effort. Like I said, hip hop, including Bass, had lost some of it’s innocence by that time. It’s still not a bad effort at all, they do save most of the gun toting and violent tales. The album does have some serious bass, the kind that I imagine rattles your very being in a good car system (I’ve been reduced to my Bose headphones so far). It’s actually a very good representation of later bass music that isn’t all bass. The songs contain meaning and aren’t just a thing to listen to in between the shred up bass sounds. I actually ran into this CD not too long ago in my hunts, but I’ll be damn if I can remember where…..

Miami Boyz – The Outlawed Bass (On Top Records, 1992)

01 Miami Boyz
02 Dance For The Bulldog
03 Miami Funk
04 A Hard Blow From The Bottom
05 Ghetto Swing
06 Gangsta Bass
07 Nothing But The Dog In Me
08 Jesse James The Outlaw
09 The Streets Called The Bottom
10 Comin’ Up
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Anonymous August 9, 2009 at 3:17 pm

At the time I bought this cd whihc was back in 91 or 92 I realy didnt understand the whole Bass side of music but the first time i listend to it I was hooked on Bass this cd at the time had some of the lowest freq. out there and to this day i still want to buy it again as mine was stolen to me this was the true begining of Bass and if i find this cd of theirs i will sure as hell buy it again

Anonymous September 6, 2009 at 5:04 am

My dudes, I don't think Getting Off and Outlawed bass by the Miami boyz comes from the same people. I think the original Miami Boyz gave it up the name to the New Miami Boyz. The First track " Miami Boyz" actually talks about this. In the intro…You do hear voices similar to the original Miami Boyz arguing with Jesse james and Ace da Bulldog (obviously NOT MC Amazin B & Icy B). Getting off is supreme though.

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