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The Best Of 2K8 (10 Albums To You Need To Hear Before Year's End) #10

by Eric on December 10, 2008

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Purchase “A Mind On A Ship Through Time” via Tasteful Licks

“A Mind On A Ship Through Time” (Click to listen)

“Treasure Hunt”

What else do you say to the cat that’s never even heard of the dynamic duo of K-Murdock and Raw Poetic, better known as Panacea? I mean, what else does it take for people to stop sleeping and take notice to one of the finest acts to ever emerge from from D.C.? After earning Hip Hop Connection’s coveted “Album Of The Year” for 2007 with the criminally overlooked “The Scenic Route” and dropping one of the finest album in 2006 with “My Ink Is My Drink”, Panacea has most recently blessed their dedicated listeners with “A Mind On A Ship Through Time” (Tasteful Licks). And in my fine opinion, this most recent three album stretch that emcee Raw Poetic and producer K-Murdock (along with Damu on the cuts) have strung together is quite reminiscent of the consistent pattern and era in which legendary crews such as Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul (just to name a few, I could obviously expound…) used to drop endless CLASSICS on the masses.

All small talk aside, these two cats are the closest thing to Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth as your gonna’ witness these days. Raw Poetic isn’t the illest lyricist on the market, and he isn’t gonna’ slay you with an endless barrage of metaphoric assaults – and that’s completely OK with this listener. However, nor did C.L. Smooth, he wan’t always the flashiest emcee and he was no Rakim, Nas, Biggie or Jay, but just for the record: C.L. Smooth is my favorite emcee EVER..hands down!! One thing is for certain, Raw Poetic is clever beyond measure and his voice and well thought-out rhyme patterns are very easy on the ears and he doesn’t lose you within his fluid rhyme patterns either. CONSISTENT, very much so, in fact you could play all three of Panacea’s albums in succession and Raw Poetic hasn’t really strayed too far away from what has made him successful from the release of “My Ink..” until “A Mind…”, you could even group the crew’s debut EP “Thinking Back Looking Forward” into the mix as well for good measure. There’s not an extreme variance in his flow or delivery from one album to the next, again-can you sense the pattern here: “People’s Instinctive…”, “The Low End Theory”, “Midnight Marauders”…did Tip ever “switch” it up?  “3 Feet High..”, “De La Is Dead”, “Buhloone Mind State”…ever noticed a big difference, aside from lyrical content with Pos or Dove? My point exactly, whatever the “IT” factor is, Tip, C.L, De La…they had “IT”-as does Raw Poetic.

Producer K-Murdock is another story, even after producing for the likes of Raheem DeVaughn and Wes Felton (see last week’s “Top 100 Tracks of ’08″) not many folks are that familiar with this mastermind behind the boards. Much like 14 KT of the LabTechs, Murdock doesn’t just make beats, he makes music. I’m talkin’ songs with depth, not just a loop on repeat and a few sped up samples thrown into the mix, K-Murdock crafts some of the most elegant and melodic soundscapes that you’ll ever witness in Hip Hop. There’s dudes that “make beats” and then there’s producers, K-Murdock is a PRODUCER!! It’s only a matter of time before someone (much like Hip Hop Connection already has) takes notice and Murdock’s duties are in high demand, even though now, his work is highly regarded. What’s funny is that on Panacea’s MySpace page the crew’s bio reads the following: Panacea Live is Aaron “Enron” Gause: keys & trumpet, Patrick Fritz aka “P-Fritz”: guitars and samples, Adam Hopkins: bass, Jon Laine: drums and Dilla essence. Hmmm “Dilla essence”, I mean, yeah Dilla was a legend indeed and he is highly missed within the Hip Hop community, but I feel as if Dilla’s beats and techniques aren’t even comparable to K-Murdock’s compositions. Yes folks, it’s that serious, you can hear Dilla’s influence within much of Murdock’s work, yet it’s as if K captured certain elements of Jay Dee and has taken it a few steps further. For all the justification you would need be sure, I mean before you even begin to listen to “A Mind On A Ship Through Time” you’ve GOTTA’ listen to the title track first, which also serves as the album’s grand finale.

I have to interrupt and add this little tidbit, DJ Ragz and I have just finished up the “Preservation” mixtape (big up to St.Mic for all the mastering and tidying up here in the “final hour”) and “A Mind…”, happened to be a late inclusion….matter of fact, it was the last track added.  This, nearly three months of gathering the “go ahead’s” from the respective artists. I love all the tracks on compilation, but I knew we had to have the Panacea title track on there….somewhere…yeah, it’s that dope!!! Peep the ZShare up above, the hook and instrumentation showcased throughout the album is astounding. The album possesses a certain aura and flow that is unrivaled by much of today’s releases. You can bump the album on a rainy or sunny day, winter or summer, with your girl or with your crew, it’s appealing to nearly any avid Hip Hop head. So with this fine year we’ve had in 2008 (insert: sarcasm), be sure not to miss out on “A Mind On A Ship Through Time”. It’s like Positive K once stated so elegantly, K-Murdock and Raw Poetic are simply put: “A Good Combination”

Panacea’s MySpace

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james December 11, 2008 at 1:49 am

good post on this. this dropped to basically no fanfare and its soooo ill. good lucks. and its a bad time to be selling sneaks. the market is weak as hell. good luck!

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