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The Six Days of Inbox Goodies….

by Travis on December 15, 2008

Ahh, the holiday spirit is in full effect. Not sure if that’s a bad thing or a good thing. None the less, I’m looking at my last week of work for the year, with two weeks off for Christmas and New Year’s. Of course I have a good chunk of that time already spoken for with a visit to one of my least favorite places in the world, Salt Lake City, but I do plan on doing some digging while I’m there. That should be a good time. Then of course you run into Christmas and usually the day before and the day after are filled with things going on. There goes next week. Then of course New Year’s Eve and New Years are pretty much booked. So in actuality, it’s not that much time. But I hope to at least get caught up on some of the stuff I’ve been sitting on, some for the longest time. Oh well….for the time being, enjoy some of the latest songs, albums, videos and other assorted Christmas cheer that has made it’s way to my inbox..


Grip Gran – Chart Toppers Vol 1

What do you get when you take your favorite hits, remove your favorite artists, and drop a hungry youngster into the mix with a mic and a mission? The perfect storm.

Chart Toppers Vol. 1 contains the eight initial songs from Grip Grand’s Chart Toppers, a semi-weekly, semi-ongoing series of Billboard remixes. Compiled here for the first time, and introduced by the Master of American Top 40, Casey Kasem, Chart Toppers Vol. 1 is an audio portrait of eight tracks that stepped to Grip Grand and lost. Download now and hear it today!!—chart-toppers-vol-1/ 1.Intro
2. I Kissed a Girl
3. Live Your Life
4. Forever
5. Need U Bad w/Richie Cunning
6. Whatever You Like/Roc Boys
7. Disturbia
8. The Day That Never Comes
9. Womanizer

HaLo – Bodega Freestyle

My man HaLo drops an ill track with video. Props to HaLo and J. Sol for sending me this…

fixed gear compilation/ music video

HaLo – Bodega Freestyle (prod. by 9th Wonder)…

footage filmed by lucas brunelle and other fixed gear heads.


10XDeep Presents: The New Deal Mixtape- Mixed by DJ Benzi

I’m only halfway through this tape and DAMN. I mean to start out with Wale and Brother Ali on the same track and then go HIGHER FROM THERE! This is quite an early Christmas gift.

Shouts to to Dan Solo, Benzi and Emeka. 0deepnyc/playlist/Z647_F3C/10deep_presents_the_new_deal_mixed_by_dj_benzi_music_pla/

And the download link-

Saint breaks down “About Time” Part 1

1. Intro/Move On
This song was an attempt to either trick people or just be funny. So many times I have bought albums because I heard one song that I really liked and it ended up being the only song I like on the whole album. So you pop the CD in, track one starts to play and its like what the hell is this? You then realize you are doomed for the rest of the listening session. Once you get to the end of this song on my album you then realize I am basically being sarcastic and don’t worry, the rest of the album is what you would expect from a Saint album. It is also a way to show people that I can easily do a style that is more commercial and acceptable but I choose not too. By the way, that song took me all of 25 minutes to write the lyrics and make the beat. Goes to show how lazy these modern day commercial acts are.

2. Do You Remember? feat. Verses
This is the first song I made for the alb um and it is fitting to start the album off. This song is almost like the real intro. Speaking about the return of the hip hop we have grown to love and sets the album off where if you listen to this track, you will know where the rest of the album is coming from. Speaking about how yes, this is not like stuff that is out now. Yes, it has a old school feel to it. Yes, to some of you this might sound outdated, but this is how I make my music. This is how the album is intended to sound. I had one of my label mates from my Ja pan releases get on the track, Verses. He’s the type of dude that does music how he feels, not so concerned with “what’s hot” right now so he was a good fit for the track. As he reminisces on growing up and living hip hop, even though we are from different parts of the country, we did similar things. We all did growing up in that era.

3. Wisdom Over Weapons feat. Cadence
Well I had to put my guy Cadence on a track on the album of course. I grew up a big Raw Produce/Cadence fan and now were friends, so I have to take advantage anytime I can to get him on a track. I’m not just saying this because he put the album out alongside Domination but this guy is like the meaning of consc ious hip hop in the flesh. He’s on another level above me lyrically. Ok let me get off his nuts for a sec and talk about the song. Sorry, just had to get that off my chest. Giving credit when its due. I made this beat, really liked it and wondered how Cadence would sound on it. So I sent it to him and he sounded dope of course. He also came up with the concept for the track. Was definitely an issue that had to be addressed on the album. The concept of this song is best described in the last line of his verse, “We don’t need a war on problems, we need solutions”. Basically saying we do not need to be going to war for anything right now, we should be finding out the problem and fixing it in a more intellectual civilized manor. Whether it be the war over seas or war on drugs. Wisdom is better then weapons of war is a old proverb basically saying in any conflict, to have wisdom and better strategy is better than any physical weapon that can be used.

4. All Love feat. NYOIL
This song here features another friend of mine in the industry NYOIL. For those of you that are familiar with his work, you know if he’s involved with a track, there is going to be some wise and deep shit being said. This time around, we talk about making a difference with music. A difference in society/hip hop and the way we view things. Doing it in such a way where you might not want to hear the truth about how we feel about some of your music and the way you live, but its tough love and we have to be honest.

5. About Time feat. Dumi Right of Zimbabwe Legit (Free Download)
About Time is strangely the same name as the album but I wouldn’t really call it a title track . They have 2 different meanings. This one I brought Dumi Right of Zimbabwe Legit along for the ride. Another label mate on Pro Se. Th is joint talks about the perception of time and all the different ways it affects everything in our lives and the universe for that matter. Its almost written in semi riddles and was an idea that had just popped in my head one day as I thought about sometimes I wish I had more time and some days I wish would just end. This type of style is right up Dumi’s alley and he fit the track perfectly with his take on the subject. By the way the “what’s it all about” line in the hook is sampled from Large Professor “Ijuswannachill”. I placed it over the beat differently than the way he said it over the original track. I mention this because I have had a few people ask me where is that line from? I guess cau se it sounded so familiar but they just couldn’t place it.

6. Thought You Should Know
This was actually the last song I completed on the album and happens to be one of, if not my favorite beat on the album. No samples on this one but at the same time it doesn’t have that cheesy sound like all the keyboard non samples on the radio. I’m a sucker for fender rhodes. So soulful. I usually fall in love with any beat that has a nice fender rhodes layin in there all smooth. Lyrics wise this song does not really have a concept. I remember showing this song to Anti after I finished it and he said how he had the song on repeat in his Ipod walkin through the city that day and mentioned how he bopped to the beat the whole time. I said did ya listen to the lyrics at all? He said actually he was more busy enjoying the beat more than anything and that he would give a good listen to the lyrics tomorrow. I said don’t bother, its really not about anything, you will not gain anything from listening to them. In fact you will become dumber after hearing the verses. He laughed, I sat there with a straight face.

Part 2 coming next week

Joel Ortiz Interview

A Culture VI Experience with Joell Ortiz (part 1). GREAT interview! We spoke about his relationship with Dre and Aftermath , his opinion on hip-hop today, his new album and more. Part 2 will feature him talking about Slaughterhouse! Thanks to Culture VI
Chic ago lyricist unleashes Supersonic

Chicago, IL,
After the soaring success of his debut album Back to the Lyrics, Bullet is gearing up to release a new mixtape in the New Year through RMG, The Last Jabowockee. Inspired by the dance group The Jabawockees, champions of America’s Best Dance Crew, this project shows the diversity that Bullet is capable of.

An eclectic fusion of synth driven, bass infused beats by Slot A who handled the majority of the production on the tape and Vanysh, Bullet’s in-house producers provide the Chicago representative his chance to shine. Dominated with tracks that guarantee even non-dancers to shake it out on the dance floor, The Lost Jabawockee is a guaranteed floor filler.


With We Got Em, the first single from the project already achieving placement on some of the nets most prominent sites and in the record bags of Chicago’s finest DJs, the new track Supersonic is expected to be just as welcomed. Featured already on HipHopDX and, Bullet is constantly expanding his fan base as he embarks on his journey into unknown territories.


To download Bullet’s Back t o the Lyrics project follow link below

—————————————— ————————————————————–
DJ Concept – 2120 S. Michigan Avenue: Legendary Blues Music

With the release of the movie “Cadillac Records”, I felt it was time to pay tribute to one of the greatest Blues labels of all times, Chess Records. This is just a very small sampling of the huge catalog released by the Chess brothers, Leonard and Philip Chess. Grab some bourbon and relax. Shouts to Blaze @ Cornerstone for the idea on this one.


Muddy Waters – Rollin’ Stone
Robert Marshall – Six Three 0
Memphis Slim – Mother Earth
Chuck Berry – Mabellene
Bo Diddley – Bo Diddley
Howlin’ Wolf – Moanin’ At Midnight
Dale Hawkins – Suzie Q
TV Slim – Flat Foot Sam
Bo Diddley – Gunslinger
Willie Dixon – 29 Days
Koko Taylor – Tease Your Man
Jimmy Ruffin – Tell Me What You Want
The Rolling Stones – 2120 South Michigan Avenue
Chuck Berry – School Day
JB Lenoir – Don’t Touch My Head
Jump Jackson & His Orchestra – Hey Pretty Mama
Andrew Tibbs – Bilbo Is Dead
Etta James – At Last
Muddy Waters – Rock Me
Shoeshine Johnny – So Glad I Found You
J. Sands Presents: HOW HIGH II & BLACKOUT II

Special thanks to James Ellis, Tony Touch & Eric Perry

The weekly hip hop and sports talk show featuring J. Sands from the Lone Catalysts. This show will have in-depth sports analysis along with hot sports opinions from your favorite rap artists and more…here is the link
The Wright Album

I know you,ve seen a bunch of remix albums from Jay’s Black Album, and
you just had an overdose of the American Gangster remixes – I’ve done
it, together with The Billprint,joining Jay with Bill Withers and If
you enjoyed that, you should enjoy this..

This is the ‘cozy crispy get into the zone’ remix album for the cold
winther days.. This Remix album is all Jay Z, and all O.V. Wright on

add. vocals, the sound is warm and smooth and without any extra drums,

bass and nothing.. Get it in your system at once and get down with the
sound of Jay Z and O.V. Wright..
Random Songs….

Jay-Z – Jockin’ Jay-Z (Travis Barker Remix)

Kooley High feat Kanye West – Mecca Is Bad News

Ill Poetic – Move (remix)


Donny Goines – Ghetto USA

Whats good? You might remember a video of me floating around performing this record back in early November. After listening to it again and again I decided that I wanted to put the record on my album so I threw my girl Tess on the hook and there you have it. Enjoy….

Minute After Midnight drops Dec. 16th!!!

Ghetto U.S.A Prod. by Beatnik & K Salaam Ft. Tess

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