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WYDU Classics Dec 08

by Travis on December 17, 2008

My once a year cold has came to visit me this week. Gotta love it when your nose is rubbed raw from blowing it so fuckin’ much. At least it’s just fucked up sinuses and a basic head cold and not anything more serious.

For this month’s WYDU Classics, I thought about doing the Christmas song theme, but honestly, I’ve never been much of a fan of Hip Hop Christmas songs. I’m not sure what it is, but it was always like oil and water to me. So I said “fuck it” and went with something more in the vein of hip hop. It was simple, a mix of some of my old favorites that haven’t made an appearance on the longest running series on WYDU and a few dope tracks that I’ve picked up the past month (most of those off the Philaflava forum) that I wanted to hear more of. So there you have it, no rhyme or reason for this months collection other than I wanted to hear the shit. Easy enough.

We start off with the Jungle Brother’s “On The Road Again”, the remix version by Q-Tip. I remember preferring this version a whole hellva lot more than the album version. I wasn’t the biggest JB’s fan (I know, sacrilegious), but this jam was kinda like Tribe’s “Can I Kick It”, in that it grabbed my attention. Both the remix for “I’m The Magnificent” by Special Ed and Show & AG’s “Fat Pockets” should have already been on these a long time ago. I’m a BIG Juggaknots fan, and “Jive Talk” is just one of four or five EXTREMELY dope tracks from the Juggknots self titled EP (Later re released as the Clear Blue Skies EP). Jesse West did some dope stuff with 3rd Eye and Nine, so I usually snatch up anything I see that he’s been associated with. Didn’t know this remix by him for “Valley of the Skinz” by Trends of Culture was even out there until I saw it on the TROY forums (and check out the blog if you haven’t, it’s fuckin’ amazin). It lives up to the anticipation. Great shit. Then I thought Tim Dog’s “Do or Die” was kinda of a dud, but this 12 inch version of “I Get Wrecked” with KRS and produced by DJ Moe Love is nothing short of adrenaline inducing and I’m not responsible for any holes you might punch in a wall. To slow things up, we come up with Dysfunkshunal Familee track featuring Finsta Bundy, “Like That You Don’t”, which I hadn’t heard before this month, but it’s some gritty NY music from the mid 90′s. Hard drums highlights the Deuces Wild track “Deuces is Def”. They are a group I’ve been digging up their material since hearing Nine with them on a track. I believe they are Funkmaster Flex’s old group, or he was down with them. Too lazy to look it up right now. We jump over to the left coast (plus Houston for the original Scarface 12inch version) for some nice goodies, including Pac’s original version of “Got My Mind Made Up” which features some verses from some other cats, such as Inspectah Deck. There is also a nice remix of “Me-o-Mi-o” from Casual and the classic “Battle Drill” Saafir. We jump over to the blogs namesake, No Face and their classic “Fake Hair Wearin’ Bitch” featuring the infamous 2 Live Crew. The last few tracks are full of personal favorites, except for the Unsung Heroes track, featuring none other than one of my all-time favorite Canadian MCs, Frankenstein. It’s a fairly recent track I think, and one I hadn’t heard, but daaaaaayum. It’s nice. Enjoy!

WYDU Classics Dec 08

01 Jungle Brothers – On The Road Again My Jimmy Weighs a Ton (Q-tip Remix)
02 Special Ed – I’m The Magnificent (The Magnificent Remix)
03 Showbiz & AG – Fat Pockets
04 Juggaknots – Jive Talk
05 Trends Of Culture – Valley Of The Skinz (Jes West Remix)
06 Tim Dog & KRS-One – I Get Wrecked (12inch mix)
07 Da Dysfunkshunal Familee ft Finsta Bundy – Like That You Dont
08 Deuces Wild – Deuces is Def
09 Casual – Me o Mi o (Domino Remix)
10 Saafir – Battle Drill
11 King Tee – Ya Better Bring A Gun
12 Tupac – Got My Mind Made Up (Original Version)
13 Scarface – Scarface (Original 12 inch Version)
14 Boss – Deeper
15 No Face – Fake Hair Wearin’ Bitch
16 Derek B – Bullet From A Gun
17 Twin Hype – For Those Who Like To Groove
18 True Culture – Rude Boys Come To Play
19 Unsung Heroes – Amateurs Get Hung ft. Frankenstein
20 Baritone Tiplove – I’m A Lover (Demo Version)

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