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When The Reminisce/Sneaker Politics Presents: Preservation Mixed By DJ Ragz

by Travis on December 24, 2008

My Man E has been talking about this for quite awhile. I’ve had the privilege of seeing it grow and mature throughout the project, so I have to say it’s a great little mixtape. Both Eric and DJ Ragz of Jazz Addixx did a nice job on it. Give it a listen….

Ahhh, the sweet smell of victory!! A long an arduous project (nearly three months in the making!), “Preservation” (mixed by DJ Ragz) is finally here!! A big thanks goes out to DJ Ragz for all his countless hours of dedication and attention to detail, St.
Mic for tightening up the sound quality, Shiro for the cover art and Derek at Sneaker Politics for his input as well! Most importantly, thank you to all the contributing artists featured on “Preservation” who gave me the “OK” to pursue this project!

“Preservation” is something that Ragz and I are extremely proud of, I hope that you, the listener, will appreciate it as well! “Preservation”, simply put, is a compilation of sorts that I put together in order to highlight some of my favorite artists over the last two or so years. The amount of time and effort that Ragz and I dedicated to this project truly shines through on “Preservation”, as I stated last week: “This ain’t just your regular mixtape”! St. Mic sums it up perfectly with his opening bars from the “Intro”: “This is a dedication, to preservation/For authors in this art form/Seekin’ elevation…”. The sound quality is perfect, the tracks are ridiculous and Ragz’ cuts are as sharp as a razor’s edge. “Preservation” plays more like a cohesive “album” than a mixtape…ENJOY!!!

DJ Ragz: “Im really amped to be a part of the “Preservation”. There really is some dope hip hop out there and I really feel that this mix helps you learn about artists that are still making great music. All of these artists gave us approval to use their songs, so if you like what you hear, go support that person’s project. Big ups to Eric for directing this project and being flexible at the same time. This mix was treated like an album so we spent time to bring you a quality project. Please help us get the word out and tell a friend about it.
It will be your part to preserve this art!!”

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