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WYDU's Top 100 Tracks of 2008: The Honorable Mentions Part One (101-125)

by Travis on December 30, 2008

Time to kick off the year end celebration on WYDU. We have two weeks of highlighting the best (and in some cases the worst) of 2008. You’ll see so much of 2008 that you’ll be glad its gone and done by the time we are done with it. As I mentioned over the weekend, I’m a big fan of the year end lists. Of course the internet has killed the anticipation and usefulness of the “year end list”. It used to be a good tool to use to maybe catch something you might have missed or just slept on. Now, at least for a good chunk of people (myself included), if you keep your eye to the…..ummmm…computer screen, you are likely to catch anything catching any kind of buzz. I’m guessing that I’ve listened to more albums/eps/bootlegs/unofficial releases/mixtapes this year than I have any other year in the past. Yet, despite all this, it’s still fun to hear other peoples opinions and in the case of this week, catch onto a song that you might have missed the first time around.

Myself, I’m a fuckin’ freak when it comes to this year end list shit anyway. Even more so that I have some kind of voice to trumpet my opinion in the form of this blog. What I did this year, as in years past was make a seperate folder for songs that I like of that specific year. I try to keep it related to the 2008 year, but I know a few 2007 tracks have slipped in and that’s okay. Throughout the year, if I hear a song on a project or something that I hear on a blog, I put it in this folder. Around December 1st, I start weeding through the tracks. This year I had 900+ tracks in the said folder. Needless to say, it’s been quite a chore to get down to the 100 tracks I wanted to list on our year end list. In fact, there were quite a few that I still wanted to be highlighted, that weren’t going to make it in the top 100. I had at least a good 75 tracks that I just wanted people to know that were among my favorites as well, but just couldn’t fit in the final list. If you made it anywhere on this list be featured, it means the music had some kind of effect on me through the year, I listened to it more than once (I kid I kid).

This the first part of our Honorable Mentions, which covers tracks 101-125. These tracks are still among my favorites, they still deserved to be heard by the masses. I’m not going to get deep in to the honorable mention tracks with writing and the such. I have enough writing to do with the top 100, another 75 would cause me take my keyboard and beat someone upon the head by the end of the week. So enjoy.

Special Note: Again, these are MY opinions. I’m not going to kid myself or anyone else into thinking that I’m some kind of professional critic, cause I have yet to be paid for my opinion, so until then, just realize that these are my favorite tracks. They are songs that I enjoyed. If your favorite joint isn’t on here, or it is on here and you think it should be higher, just realize opinions are like….you know the rest.

WYDU’s Honorable Mention Tracks for 2008 Part One (101-125)

101. Q-Tip – Gettin’ Up (from: “The Renaissance” LP)

102. Buff 1 - Goodness Music (from: “There’s Only One” LP)

103.Busta Rhymes – Don’t Touch Me (from: Unreleased LP and street single)

104. The Gents – It’s The Gents (from: the free EP “Pugs Atomz Presents: The Gents”)

EP Download:

105. Amad Jamal – Boy Meets Girl (from: Amad’s Myspace Page)

106. Buff 1 feat Black Milk – Never Fall (from: “There’s Only One” LP)

107. Camp Lo – Lumdi (from: street single, as far as I know)

108. Has Lo & Small Professor – Moltov Cocktails (Small Pro Remix) (From:The free EP from Has Lo & Small Professor “Fuck Has Day: Remixed But Still Fucked”)

109. The Camp – Gentleman Needs (from: “The Campaign”)
110. Atmosphere – Shoulda Known (From: “When Life Gives You Lemons, Paint That Shit Gold”)

111. Doomtree - Drumsticks (From: “Doomtree” the LP)

112. Torae – Switch (Small Professor Remix) (From: The Torae “Switch” remix contest)

and he deserved to win too…..

113. Big Quarters feat Alicia SteeleAugust (from: monthly song series on their Official Site)

Big Quarters: (Official) (MySpace)

114. eMC – Winds of Change (From: “The Show”)

115. Fade ft Has-Lo – Negadelphia (From: “Benign Neglect” LP)

116. Blu & Mainframe - Mama Told Me (from: “Johnson & Jonson”)

117. N’Telligence feat Preach – Let Me Run It (from: “Black Boy Lost”)

Free Album Download Here:

118. Hot Box feat Sampson & Mischif – Squeal Snaps (from: the free EP “Boxploitation”)

119. Praverb – Freedom To Prevail (From: his LP “Center Of Attention”)

120. Ox The Midwest Bully - You & Me (from: “Life Support”)

121. Pillowtalk Politiks – Not Preaching (from: “Pillowtalk Politiks” EP)

122. Blu & Mainframe - Bout it Bout it (From: “Johnson & Jonson” LP)

123.Kooley High & HaLo feat Rapsody of Kooley HighEye Of the Storm (from: the free online EP/mixtape “Burn After Listening”)

Free Download for EP:

124. Weapon X – Asshole Syndrome (from: “Portrait of a Starving Artist”)

125. Quad Almighty – Quad Almighty (From: “The Royal Parchment”)

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