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Blogger World Cup

by Travis on December 31, 2008

After writing down some comments and the such a few months ago and hearing some rumors that WYDU was featured in the latest issue of Hip Hop Connection as part of their “Blogger World Cup”, I’ve finally been able to verify it. Finding a copy of Hip Hop Connection around here has been proven to be like finding the proverbial “needle in the haystack”, although I used to see it quite often. The good folks at Fat Lace have blessed us with the write ups found in the magazine.

Surprisingly enough, WYDU didn’t win. Yeah shocker, I know. Honestly, I’m just honored to be included with the big names, although I thought there were a few blogs that were better that were overlooked. I’ll let you name those yourselves. Fun read though…..

Didn’t finish up 100-76 tracks today, met up with some friends and had some beers and went to the local college football bowl game here. Froze my balls off, but what did I expect? Did get some used CD shopping as well along with a couple pieces of vinyl. Maybe I’ll post that shit up sometime over the weekend I’ll try to get it wrapped up tomorrow before I go out for the night. Holidays are so unpredictable.

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