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WYDU's Top 100 Tracks of 2008: The Honorable Mentions Part Two (126-150)

by Travis on January 2, 2009

We go back to the honorable mentions, mainly because I was closer to being done with this part of the honorable mentions than I was the Top 75-51 tracks. Plus I want to go play Madden and have some beers, so I took the easy way out. Hey, at least you got something instead of nothing, right? Haha…look for the second part of the Top 100 on Saturday, barring anything major.

Honorable Mentions for 2008 (126-150)

126. Final Outlaw – Hip Hop 4ever (from: The street single)

127. Nino Bless – Droppin’ Names (From: his free mixtape/street album “Untold Scriptures”)

Free Mixtape Download:

128. Grip Grand – Tomorrow (From: Grip’s LP “Brokelore”)

129. Pete Rock - ‘Till I Retire (from: “NY’s Finest”)

130. Weapon X – Don’t – Don’t Dream of Women (from: “Portait of a Starving Artist”)

131. Baje One – Pan In A Flash (From: his free EP “The Weightless EP”)

132. Jake One feat Blueprint – Scared (from: Jake One’s “White Van Music” LP)

133. Kooley High – Too Late (From: Their EP “Summer Sessions”)

134.Pharoahe Monch – Broken Heart (from: Street single as far as I know)

135. Mighty
Joseph feat Murs
- Dark Ages
(from: “Empire State” LP)

136. Prolyphic & Reanimator – Artist Goes Pop (from: their debut LP “The Ugly Truth”)

137. Basic & Weapon X - Lock ‘Em In (from: “The Sleepless Sessions EP”)

Basic Weaponry EP Free!

138. ST (Street Team) – We Ain’t Feelin’ The Love (from: “The Color of Love”)

ST Myspace:

139. Toy Box Scholars feat Hewgs, Magma, Grapple, & Studs – Three Friends (from: “We Got The Love”)

140. Tone Tank of Iller Than Theirs – Only In American (from: The Free EP, “The Black Six Sessions”)

I made this EP. My friends Doc Strange, Scott Thorough, and J.Howells Werthman made me a bunch of beats out of old punk records I gave them (Doc supplied his own, he’s autonomous like that).

Anyway, here it is:
Click Here To Download

141. Presto feat Blu – Pour Another Glass (from: Presto’s “State of the Art” LP)

142. Castor Pollux & Ariano – Half Friend (From: The free LP “In the Name of the Father”)

Ariano & Castor Pollux - In The Name Of The Father


alternative link:

Castor Pollux:

143. Evidence – The Layover (from: “The Layover EP”)

144. Killah Priest & Chief Kamanchi feat Planet Asia - Illest (from: “Hip Hop Is Read”)

145.Father Jah - Don’t Be Afraid (from: “The Philosophies of a Modern Mastermind”)

146. Grynch – That’s Hip Hop (from: “My Second Wind”)

147. One Be Lo – Rebirth (from: “The R.E.B.I.R.T.H.”)

148.Akrobatik feat Talib KweliPut A Stamp On It (From: “Absolute Value”)

149. U-N-I – Beautiful Day (from: “Fried Chicken & Watermelon”)

150. Babu feat Evidence – For Whatever It’s Worth (From: DJ Babu’s “Duck Season 3″)

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