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Trav's Personal Top 40 Albums of 2008

by Travis on January 6, 2009

While trying to finish up my top 50 songs of 2008, I wanted to sneak my top 40 albums in while I’m working on the last half of the songs. In actuality, I’m too much of a freak to let a day go by without posting some kind of post, so I’m trying to squeeze these in, in hopes that it doesn’t take long and I won’t feel guilty for skipping a day. More than likely, in my attempts on making it better than I should, it’ll end up taking me twice as long as I planned and I will waste a night I could have worked the songs. Yeah, oh well…..Enough of me and my wacky attitudes toward this blog, which could end up being the death of me one of these days.

Alright, it’s the end of the year and we are smack dab in the middle of my personal lists. By the time we get done with all the 2008 recap, it’ll be time to start the 2009 stuff. So let’s get all the disclaimers and that BS out of the way. Once again, these are just MY personal favorites. Read: They are albums that I personally liked. They are opinions. That doesn’t mean I think they are the best ones. They are simply ones that I personally liked the most. It doesn’t mean that I don’t think Lil Wayne doesn’t belong the top 40 hip hop releases (I don’t, but that’s another argument). They are my personal opinions, so you are free to disagree with me on the basis that you personally weren’t feeling it, but I could care less if you think I’m “wrong”, cause there is no “right” or “wrong”.

Alright, now that we got that out of the way…..I actually had to narrow the list down from the 89 albums that I listed as stuff that I listened to more than once. Okay, more than a week or so. No, really, these top 40 albums (which is a mix of EPs, mixtapes, instrumental albums and retail albums) are all things that find a home in my iPod and stayed there through out the year. I know a lot of people say this was a shitty year, and some ways it wasn’t up to par. In other ways, while I don’t think there was great albums such as “Below The Heavens” or the fact that Cunninlynguists didn’t drop a jewel on us like they have the past two years, there was more “very good” albums. I remember last year my list really tailed off after about the top 40, not so this year. I’m not sure if I just listened to a whole lot more music this year than years past, but as I said, I had a hard time getting this down to 40, I really did.

Anyway, enough of my babble, on to the list. Sorry, no write ups on these, as I said I’m trying to save time and plus I’ll have enough to say about most of these albums when the FINAL wrap of 2008 is posted up later this week or weekend. As always, feel free to disagree or agree. That’s the good thing about lists, they spark conversation, and this is a better site with the talk……

40. Cee & Bekah – The Soul Movement Vol 2

Free Download:

Their Blog:
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39. 88 Keys – The Death of Adam

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38. Little Vic – Each Dawn I Die

37. Small Professor – Slowbus

36. Madlib – Beat Konducta Vol 5. Dil Cosby Suite

35. Atmosphere – Sad Clown Bad Spring 12

34. The Knux – Remind Me In Three Days

33. Prolyphic & Reanimator – The Ugly Truth

32. Ill Poetic – Joe Budden Meets Portishead

31. Poorly Drawn People – Shoot For The Stars, Hit The Ceiling

Free Download:

Their Blog:
Their Myspace:

30. Guilty Simpson – Ode To The Ghetto

29. Tha Connection – Universal Dominance

Free Download:

Their Myspace:

28. One Be Lo – The R.E.B.I.R.T.H.

27. 14KT – The Golden Hour (Soundtrack)

26. Tha Connection – Trapeze

25. Invincible – Shapeshifters

24. Common Market – Tobacco Road

23. Now On - Tomorrow Already

22. Blue Sky Black Death – Late Night Cinema

21. DXArmy – Progression

20. Batsauce – The Gypsy Diaries

His Myspace:

Free Download:

19. Akrobatik – Absolute Value

17. (Tied) Has-Lo – Small Metal Objects

Free Download:

17. (Tied) Has-Lo & Small Professor – Fuck Has Day: Remixed But Still Fucked

Free Download:

16. Blu & MainframeJohnson & Jonson< /span>

15. 9th Wonder & Jean Grae – Jeanius

14. Buff 1 – There’s Only One

13. Blue Sky Black Death & Jean Grae – The Evil Jeanius

12. Black Milk - Tronic

11. Pacewon & Mr. Green – The Only Color That Matters is Green

10. Kooley High – The Summer Session EP

9. Shawn Jackson – First Of All……

8. J-Zone & Chief Chinchilla – Live At The Liqua Store

7. eMC – The Show

6. Elzhi – The Preface

5. Has-Lo – Fuck Has Day

Free Donwload:

4. Grip Grand – Brokelore

3. Dagha – The Divorce

2. Nicolay & Kay – Time:Line

1. Atmosphere – When Life Gives You Lemons, Paint That Shit Gold

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