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WYDU's Top 100 Tracks of 2008: The Honorable Mentions Part Two (151-175)

by Travis on January 9, 2009

These are the last batch of the honorable mentions, 151-175. I guess I could have went up to 200, but for some reason I didn’t. There are a few songs from the later part of 2007 (and one from around Sept of 07) but if they made a mark on me this year, they made the list. The top 25 should be up sometime Saturday I’m guessing, unless I don’t do anything tomorrow night and get it done, but that’s probably a long shot. The final “wrap-up” of 2008 will probably be up Monday morning. Then it’s on to bigger and better things. I’ve added another contributor, which is a surprise, but those cats out there that have been reading the blogs that have been closely associated to WYDU for a couple years or longer will recognize this dude. I’ll just leave it at that.

On to the show…..Links for individual tracks will be up with the “recap” that will go up with the final 25.

WYDU’s Top Songs of 2008: The Honorable Mentions (151-175)

151. Superstar Quamallah – Love Has Made Us (From: “The Cotter Records EP” & 2007′s “God Food: The Break-Fast”)

152. Crew54 – Keep On Moving (Checho Remix) (From: Online leak)

153. D Allie Feat Asylum 7 & 5 Ill – Anonymous Posers (From: “The Cooperative”)

154. Raashan Ahmad – Hello (From: “The Push”)

155. DJ Design feat Oh No & Roc C - Play (From: “Jetlag”)

156. D Allie – BANG! (From: “The Cooperative”)

157. Raashan Ahmad – Here We Go (From: “The Push”)

158. Reks – Say Goodnite (From: “Grey Hairs”)

159. Substantial – Chain Reaction (From: “Sacrifice”)

160. Educated Consumers – In The Pocket (From: “Write Hear”)

161. Father Jah – 5 Fingers (from: “The Philosophies of a Modern Mastermind”)

163. The Camp – The Campaign (From: “The Campaign”)

163. Jay-Z - Jockin’ Jay-Z (from: rumored to be from the forthcoming “Blueprint 3″)

164. Ras Kass – B.I.B.L.E. (From: “Institutionalized 2″)

165. Galactic feat Lyrics Born - What You Need (From: “The Corner To The Block”)

166. GLC feat Kanye West - The Big Screen (From: The upcoming “Love, Life, Loyalty “)

167. Substantial – Resurrection of the House Party (From: “Satisfied”)

168. Cool Calm Pete – Gitty Up Baby! (From: the free Def Jux single)

You need to go through def jux’s store and give them some info to download Def Jux store

169. Solo X – Black September (from: the free EP “Black September”)

Free Download: Solo X aka Solo For Dolo – Black September EP


170. Buckshot & 9th Wonder – Go All Out (from: “The Formula”)

171. J-Live feat Oddisee & Pos - The Upgrade (From: “Then What Happened?”)

172. Prodigy – Superstars (From: “HNIC 2 Advance”)

173. Commoners & Kings - For The Love (From: “Finally”)

174. Illa J- We Here (From: “Yancey Boys”)

175. Kev Turner - I’m A Star (From: “Straight Raw: The Mixtape”)

Free Download:
Kev Turner – The Straight Raw Mixtape

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