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Tuff Crew

by Travis on January 12, 2009

Tuff Crew was one of the nicer, yet somewhat slept on, groups out of Philly in the late 80′s. Consisting of four members, Ice Dog, DJ Too Tuff, L.A. Kid, Monty G & Tone Love, they dropped three studio albums (along with the Phanjam release):

# Danger Zone (1988, Warlock)
# Back To Wreck Shop (1989, Warlock)
# Still Dangerous (1991, Warlock)

I always dug their releases, their heavy bass and raw lyrics was just great hip hop from the golden era. Now in the year 2008…errr 2009, Tuff Crew has linked up with with Traffic Records, and along with their DJ, Too Tuff, to release “DJ Too Tuff’s Lost Archives”, highlighting some of Tuff Crew’s music that they had locked in the vaults. In all seventeen “lost” tracks.

(click picture to go to the Tuff Crew’s Store and purchase the album)

The guys were nice enough to give me a track to track to post up, and it’s got that flavor that made them so enjoyable. They have the digital version of the album for sale up on their site, feel free to click on the image above or for those of you that still like to be able to see and touch your music, the CD is available in find record stores everywhere.

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