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Please Listen To My Demo……Day One

by Travis on January 15, 2009

Ahhh, the infamous Demo tape. Those of you that were around before the ‘net became the ultimate demo will know exactly what I’m talking about. Back before Al Gore and his ingenious invention, if you were serious about trying to get your music heard, you made a demo tape. It was usually low quality and more often than not, the material was a brief three or four track tape that highlighted your best material at that point in time. Very rarely would a song on a demo make it to the final product in the original form, if you were lucky enough to get your ass signed.

That being said, some of my favorite finds on this world wide internet is the all glamorous demo. Of course there are some “holy grail” type of ish out there, then we have the Wu’s, OC’s, Nas’ and Biggie’s (don’t believe the hype) demos that have been floating around the internet for the past few years. It’s just a fine thing for me to hear the artist back in their not so polished stage. It’s kind of like taking that hot chick home, only to see her in her natural beauty (or lack of) in the morning.

I don’t have a lot of rare stuff, I’m sure some of the homies on the Philaflava boards have a lot of rare stuff that haven’t yet seen the light of the day. Admittedly this is one of those “oh fuck, I’m not going to get done with what I was originally going to post” nights, so I’m throwing something together here. These are just a few of the jewels from my ummmmmmmm….cyber crates. Props to all the places I got these from originally, because I didn’t have any of this before the intranets (mostly the OG Cocaine Blunts boards and the current incarnation of Philaflava)

As usual, if you got something you think I might want to hear or you think I NEED to hear, hook those bad boys up!!!

O.C. 1991 Demo Tape

You probably know a lot of the story about Serch signing OC to Wild Pitch back in the day. Supposedly (and take all this shit with a grain of salt) these were the original tracks he used to get signed. I’m not doing the research to either confirm or deny these accusations, but none the less it’s some nice stuff to have

Cenobites Outtakes

One group that probably has more demos flying around cyber space than “real” tracks. Always some good shit to be found from them.

Casual – Fear Itself Demo
Some different takes and tracks. Better in some ways than the retail version. This is probably the best “rare find” I have. And thanks again to the visitors on Philaflava

Mobb Deep – Pre-Infamous Demos

Mobb were shopping their music around after releasing their first album on 4th & B Way. A lot of these have popped up on the net before, with origianl versions of “Survival of the Fittest” and “Up North Trip” along with some other stuff not found on “The Infamous”.

Stretch & Bobbito’s Demos

This is a part of a supposed tape of demos Stretch and Bob had. There is a little bit of everything on here. You have Aboriginals, 3rd Bass, some MF Grimm, Ultra, and even Yak Balls

Kid N Play 1994 Sessions

Probably not so much “demos” in the true sense of the word, but these were the “rough drafts” for an album that never came out around the 94 time frame.

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