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New Artist Spotlight: Whygee

by Travis on January 17, 2009

Back once again with the first issue of the year for our New Artist Spotlight series. To start the year off right we go back to my home away from home, my second home really, Colorado. I challenge anywhere outside of the major cities (NYC, LA, Detroit, Philly, Boston, Chi-Town) to say they have a better hip hop scene than Denver/Boulder Colorado. There is a reason that when groups come through the area that they spend anywhere from two to five days there doing shows. You can do a show in Denver, Boulder, somewhere in the mountains, Ft. Collins and Colorado Springs if you so inclined and you well undoubtedly have damn near a full house if you are a major underground player. It’s just crazy. Then you have some fine DJ’s in the area, such as my man DJ Low Key and Cysko Rokwell, among a ton other very good DJs in the area. The one thing that has been lacking, at least in my humble opinion, are the quality of MC’s coming out the area. That is starting to change. We’ve already covered Distrakt out of The Springs and then we have this man, Whygee. This cat has that classic hip hop flow that sounds like it’s coming straight from the Golden Age, but of course with a little 2009 mixed into it. He recently dropped an EP with fellow Coloradans Sunkenstate and Kid Hum on the beats (who we will be featuring in the spotlight very soon).

Whygee On Myspace

Cops And Crack from “Suicide Watch”

WYDU: What’s good man, staying warm enough in that freezing ass Colorado winter hahaha?

Whygee: Yeah man I’m trying. It aint been that bad this Winter honestly. I’m tryin to get away from the Colorado Cold this Winter…

W: How about a little introduction to those unfortunate not to have heard of you yet?

Whygee: Yessir… I’m Whygee from Denver Colorado been getting down since like ’96, I started recordin and puttin out music with The Illacide back in like ’98, Now days I’m just a renegade MC, No Crew or Click or No Shit Like That just WHYGEE.

W: First things first, you are pretty deep into the Colorado hip hop scene and since Denver is like a second home to me, I always enjoy talking about the local scene. How do you perceive what is going down in the Mile High?

Whygee: It’s forever changing man there’s a lot of talent and a lot of egos (laughs). Right now it’s like the early 80′s or some shit everything is real personal and everybody is tryin to be the best and put the city on the map for some real Hip Hop Shit or at least what they think Real Hip Hop Shit is. So it aint easy to show love or get it. But overall The Colorado hip Hop Scene is Dope because it’s still on some underground/indie in classic form.

W: It seem to me that it is a place more known for its DJs than its MCs, how do you view that?

Whygee: I love it…. and dont forget about the graf writers most of them are more known than the MCs too. I love DJs, that’s who I spend most of my time with these days, DJs, producers, and music students. Shoutout DJ BrikAbrak, DJ Bmoney, DJ Sounds Supreme, DJ Low Key, DJ SD, DJ Gyp, DJ Dylon, DJ Wonderbred, Cool Hand Luke, and all my other Denver diggers…

W: Let’s talk a little about your history, are you originally from Denver?

Whygee: Yessir I grew up on the Eastside and went to High Scool in Aurora. I went to Ellis and Marrington Elementary, Cole Middle School, West Middle School, and Aurora Central High….
I am a Colfax Kid.

W: How did you get your start as an MC? What/who are some of your influences? What have been some of your past projects?

Whygee: I started rhymin damn near automatically. I was that 14 year old kid buying for new CDs every Tuesday. always in the record store studying CD artwork, song titles, content. and whatever else you can think of. I always just loved the artform and still do. As for my influences there are too many to name When I first started rhying I was heavy into Wu-Tang Clan(Method Man), 2pac, Biggie, Canibus, Tela, Scarface, Lost Boyz, DMX, and a bunch of other shit man like I said I love this shit on so many levels.

Past projects…

The Illacide-Manifest Destiny
The Illacide-Body Shots EP

Whygee-ChumpSin PINK DVD

Whygee & DJ Sounds Supreme-Hype Killz

Whygee & Sunkestate-Suicide Watch

W: You currently have an EP out, Suicide Watch and , that you teamed up with Sunken State and Kid Hum. Can you explain a little bit about what the EP is about and what a first time listener can expect out of it?

Whygee: Well me and my dude Sunkenstate had been wanting to do somethin new since he blessed verses on The Hype Killz Mixtape but both of us are on some lazy shit from time to time. I hadn’t seen sunk in like a over a year and he just called me one day out the blue like yo lets kick it. We was just chillin out and decided to head over to DJ B Money’s crib a see what was going on over there. Kid Hum showed up and shortly there after it was time to smoke and listen to some Kid Hum Beats. B Money and I left to get a cigar and by the time we got back, Kid Hum and Sunkenstate was going through beats. We decided to do some shit right there so we picked some beats and bounced out to go write.

After about a 36hour writing session the seven joints for the EP had been scribed in notebooks then it was back to Boulder to record them at 1190 Basementalism(college radio). It took two sessions to record(one long and one short) we really just tried to capture that raw feeling of Underground Hip Hop. The whole creative process was suicidal(cheap vodka, shady weed bags, and cigarettes) hints the title suicide watch. I’m broke and Sunk is broke. We are starving artists who cant afford good studio time so we had to record at a College Radio Station on Dinosaur Equipment…

W: As previously mentioned, this was more of a “group” project with Sunken State and Kid Hum, do you do many group type things as this? Is it something you want to do more of in the future?

Whygee: Honestly, I’m a whatever type of MC. I’m in this to make good music. I will work with whoever is ready to make Good Music.

W: As long as we are talking about groups, how is the Denver scene as far as unity? Is it something that Denver has, or does it need more of?
Whygee: It’s strange through my eyes it’s like there’s fake unity. People smile in your face because it’s the right thing to do, but behind closed doors and amongst their friends……..

W: What kinds of things do you have going on the future?

Whygee: I’m working that out now man I really just want to get out and travel… I want to start showing and sharing my work with people all over the world…

W: Any last words for the readers out there?
-Women if your single and looking to mingle, I’m in the same boat. I like food, good music in the morning(Soul or Jazz), intelligent conversation, movies, thrift stores (Clothes & Records), cartoons, and sports highlights.

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