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Mekka Don & Mick Boogie – All Eyes On Me

by Travis on January 19, 2009

This week, we as a nation will witness something that many thought wasn’t possible. The inauguration of a black man into the White House. The United States has been through it’s share of racism and still has it’s issue, yet I like to think of this as a major step in the right direction. It’s been a long time, if ever that I’ve seen the hip hop community back a politician this much. Sure, we all liked “Slick Willy” (aka Bill Clinton), but he never had the backing that the incoming President Elect has. Barrack Obama will become the Nation’s forty-forth president in a time where we probably need a great president more than ever. Is President Obama that man? A lot of us think so, I think so. One thing is certain, we need a change in this very critical juncture of our country’s history.

As I mentioned, the hip hop community played an important role in his election. And it will continue to play an important role in his legacy. One of the first steps in cementing Barak’s legacy in hip hop has already been accomplished by former “New Artist Spotlight” alum, Mekka Don. Mekka came up with a great concept as he plays the part of President Obama and his journey to becoming the leader of the free world. It’s a sort of Obama meets Tupac thing, as a lot of Tupac’s music and sound is found throughout the short EP titled “All Eyes On Me”. Much of the EP is produced by another “New Artist Spotlight” alum, Remot. The conecept itself is ingenius, as Mekka does an excellent job conveying of what might have been going through Obama’s mind during his running for President and adds a touch of swagger as well to the personification process. The production, while relying heavily on past Tupac pieces, has just enough added to it, to switch up the feel and sound and add to the overall flavor of the EP.

While the EP has a few misteps, places where we lose the feeling that Mekka is playing the part of Obama and coming off with a little too much swagger, it’s an excellent concept that is sure to get Mekka’s name out there even more. With the backing of Mick Boogie, Mekka has a nice piece of history that is already getting some press and will surely do more for the rising stars involved in Mekka Don and Remot. Well worth checking out for fans of creativity, Obama and just good hip hop.



At only 27, Mekka Don has accomplished feats that would take many people a lifetime to achieve. He is a lawyer, published author, model, and lyricist, who recently left the legal profession to pursue his true passion – Hip-Hop. In less than two years of his pursuit of a career in Hip-Hop, Mekka Don has already been featured in a national ad campaign for Jeep Wrangler, made Cornerstone’s Top 10 (#6) list for “Dear Obama”, released a mixtape with DJ Mick Boogie, and been featured in XXL Magazine and the American Bar Association Journal, and released his own reality show and blog online (

The concept behind “All Eyes On Me” was birthed by DJ Mick Boogie, Terry Urban, and M.O.V.E. LLC’s CEO, Viswant Korrapati. After a successful release of “Dear Obama”, the three decided that Mekka Don was equipped with the talent, knowledge, voice, and passion to complete such a daunting task. As Barack Obama moves into office, there will be many eyes on him domestically and around the world. On this EP, Mekka Don essentially became Barack Obama and documented the difficulties of what may be the most important position in recent American history. Additionally, Mekka Don chronicled significant events in Barack’s life that have aided in his journey to become the President of the United States. This EP is more than just Hip-Hop. Rather, it is a complex memorialization of one of the most significant events in World History.

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