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Artist Spotlight: Wyld Bunch

by DJSoulClap on January 23, 2009

Download 3 tracks for free right here:

In Time (prod. by Ayatollah) you can also check the video for this track below.

Brooklyn by Name feat. Teflon

The Connect

I got to know this guy called Wyld Bunch through a mutual friend and I’m happy that i did. If you are a fan of that hardcore New York Underground Hip Hop you will love him. People say that the traditional New York sound changed to worse, but this ain’t the case if you listen to this cat. He has a mixtape out called “Timeless” which features many hot tracks. He did a track with Teflon and one with Big Daddy Kane. Kane jumped on the track because he heard that this kid was dope. Strictly love. He was born in Harlem and raised in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, which brought us some of the best MC’s ever heard. So we sat down and did a little interview for y’all to get to know this guy.

WYDU: Hey Wyld Bunch, please introduce yourself to those who haven’t heard of you!

Bunch: Peace..ok…most people in the hood know me as “Life” but when it comes to music everyone knows me as “Bunch” which is actually my last name.

WYDU: When did you start rapping and writing rhymes?

Bunch: Ever since I can remember. The legendary Rakim described it best when he said “I’m a microphone feind”. Hip hop is like the 1st love I ever knew.

WYDU: Who is your main influence as an MC?

Bunch: Thats a tricky one but i’d have to say that there is definitely more than 1 MC that influence me to write and for different reasons. From old school to new school, they all bring something to the table that inspires me as far as hip hop. For example, G-Rap’s lyrical skills, Big Daddy Kane’s swag, KRS’s confidence, and Pac’s passion. In my opinion the mc’s with the most potential possess all of these qualities at some level. I just want to add my name to that list ..ya dig.

WYDU: You did joints with Teflon and Big Daddy Kane. How did those connections develop?

Bunch: Ok.
That happened on the humble. He had been working with people who were working with me in a studio in Queens around 1998. He happened to drop in on our session and liked what he heard. I asked if he could do the hook for us (thinking he’d say NO) but he showed more love than could have imagined and not only did the hook but dropped the a verse. A limited amount of copies of the single called “CRAZY WORLD” eventually were pressed up but flew under the radar because no one knows who the hell I am.. lol. I have to say tho, not only is BDK a legend but he is one of the most peace brothers I ever met in or outside of the industry. I was mad young at the time and in that short i spent around him he gave me a few pointers that I still apply today.

TEFLON (First Family)
This was business. “Timeless” was my 1st official mixtape and at the time DJ Flatline (MilkCrate Fam) and I were looking for an artist to feature. Teflon and I are originally from the same hood and both did work with DJ Flatline. Plus I was always feeling M.O.P. so Tef was my choice. Flatline gave me his math and me and Tef took it from there. We negotiated the business, met up in the studio at H.Lloyd spot and burned that bitch down. He showed mad love too. The track is called “Brooklyn By Name” procuced by the MilkCrate Fam. Tef also gave a cameo appearance in my “WUTUP WUTUP” video. That was definitely another real cool dude to work with. Salute to Teflon!

WYDU: Please tell us something about the projects you realeased.

Bunch: Well, for as long as i’ve been rhyming,I’ve never tried to put any official projects together like a mixtape until 2007. Like I was saying earlier “TIMELESS” was my 1st official project and was an instant classic for almost any hip hop head who hears it. “GrindHouse” was my 2nd project to be released but things didn’t go as planned so that project is a little behind but you live and learn. Meanwhile i’m working with up and coming producers on their new projects like DJ SoulClap, Drastic, and Howard Lloyd(of Sputnik Brown) just to name a few. I am also currently working on my next mixtape with all original rhymes and beats called “THE CONNECT VOL 1″. The people involved in this project love hip hop as much as I do so I believe this project will be classic hip hop material.

WYDU: What are your plans for the future?

Bunch: In general, just to continue making timeless hip hop music and make a powerful, positive name for myself in hip hop. For me its forever hip hop so i’m going to always do music. Its one of the few things I do best in this life plus I have a few dedicated listeners now and if all I had is 1 it’s enough reason for me.

WYDU: Let’s talk about something different, what is your favorite meal?

Bunch: Homemade mac and cheese, bar-b-q chicken and collard greens. I could eat that shit damn near everyday. I eat like my fat ass uncle who be hating cuz I don’t gain the extra weight…lol

WYDU: Let’s do some word association, I say a name or a word and you say whatever comes to your mind…

Kanye West – seatbelts

Timbaland – beats

Masta Ace – Real Hip Hop

New York Knicks – wtf

Lebron James – the king

Kids – The future

Myspace – business

WYDU: Thank you for the interview!

You should check out this video. The track is called Devil’s lasso and features a Nas cut on the hook. I know what you guys like and this is really grimey.

This is another great joint called It’s time!

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