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WYDU Classics Jan 09: The Various Artists Edition

by Travis on January 28, 2009

The hip hop compilation has been around since the beginning of time. It’s kind of the bastard child of the mixtape. I remember buying the cheap ass K-Tel compilations from back in the day, basically because they were easy to come by and they provided some music that I didn’t get to hear very readily because of my location. They would just jack whatever tracks where hot at the time and throw them on a tape. Over time though, some of the would become specialized, provide only exclusives and unreleased stuff. Those particular releases could contain some prized gems, or they could be full of half assed crap that a particular artist didn’t want to release on his own projects.

This month’s WYDU Classic focuses on some of those hidden gems and just some of my personal favorites from a small, small, small sampling of “Various Artist” compilations found on my computer. I tried to focus on songs and tracks that only showed up on that particular compilation, the ones that showed up in other places that I noticed and remembered, I tried to note. Of course, I might of missed some, but these are all tracks that I enjoy.

I included the discogs links for them, if anyone wants a particular compilation that is listed, feel free to request it, I have all of them so it would be no problem.

WYDU Classics Jan 09: The Various Artists Edition

1. De La Soul - Speed Limit (From Stimulated Vol. 1, 2001)
2. Original FlavorGrip Da Mic Tight (From Still Got The Props Vol. 2, 1999) A
3. Grand Puba - Hip Hop (From Underground Airplay Vol IV, 1995)
4. O.C. & BuckwildWhat I Represent (From America Is Dying Slowly, 1996)
5. Del The Funkee HomosapianDel Meets The Dummies (From Stimulated Vol.1, 2001)
6. PharcydeWestcyde 242 (From The Lawhouse Experience Vol 1, 1997)
7. Joey Chavez feat Dilated PeoplesHeavy Lighting (From Always Bigger & Better Vol. 1, 2000)
8. Charizma & Peanut Butter WolfJust Like A Test (From Bomb Hip Hop Compilation, 1994)B
9. Motion Man feat KutMasta KurtMegalo Maniac (From West Coast Lyricist Lounge, 2003)
10. Concrete MobBoiling Point (From Beat Factory’s Rap Essentials Vol 1, 1997)
11. Square One - Dayz To Come (From Superrappin’ The Album, 1999)
12. Word A MouthBlock Met Will (From Will Tell Compilation 4, 2002)
13. Sha-NowRemedy Man (From Blackmarket Unreleased Vol 1, 1995)
14. Special EdThe Bush (From One Voice Pride, 1990)
15. The JazStone To The Bone (From The D & D Project, 1995)
16. MC Fizal Eff & DJ QuickJuss Cool (From Hard Core One, 1988)
17. Live Squad - Troopin’ It (From BQ In Full Effect EP, 1988)C
18. MC TroubleCan’t Get Enough (From What Does It All Mean?, 1988)

A. Not sure if this is some home made compilation that sneaked into my files, I can’t find any info on it otherwise. It’s dope though. The track is also a B-side only track from their “When I Make It” single that dropped originally in 1992.

B. Was first released on the Bomb Hip Hop Compilation, but later was released as part of a special bonus CD for the Big Shots release that was put out in 1994. For some reason, I don’t remember getting an extra CD with mine when I bought it, I’m going to have to go back and look.

C. Yup, same Live Squad as the one Big Stretch would later be involved in. I’m not on the up and up about their history, but if Stretch is on this song, he sure the hell changed his voice and delivery later.

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