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Pittsburgh Steelers In Super Bowl XLIII

by Travis on January 29, 2009

We are straying away from hip hop today and for good reason. If you know anything about me, you know I’m a big sports fan, a big football fan (American style) and I’m an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan. I have been since I was six years old. I’ve never been to Pittsburgh, I grew up out west, but for me, rooting for the Steelers has been pretty much a life long activity. I’ve been through the highs and lows. This year, it’s one of those high moments as the Pittsburgh Steelers get ready to take on the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII this coming Sunday. I’ve spent most of my week at work reading articles on the game and trolling it up on the Pittsburgh Post. Needless to say, my nerves are starting to kick in. Three years ago, the Steelers were also in the big game. Back then, WYDU was getting maybe 25-30 hits a day, but when I posted the Steelers tribute post, we got 100 in a day. I thought I was pretty hot shit. Three years later, they are back and once again, I feel the need to tribute the Pittsburgh Steelers, why? Cause I can hahaha….

I know the majority of y’all could give a rats ass less, but I know there are plenty Steelers fans out there, so this is for you. I’ve collected a bunch of Steelers songs from all over. I got a lot of them from the last time they made it, but there have been an onslaught of new ones this year as well. Most are rahter corny, but that’s just the beauty of it, they show the passion that the Steeler Nation posses in rooting for the Black n’ Gold. I’m not familiar with other teams, but it seems like there are a ton of songs for the Steelers and their have been. There are songs going back to at least the 60′s, and every year there are new ones. It’s rather crazy when you think about it. Anyway, if you are a Steelers fan, some of these are a MUST for your Super Bowl party on Sunday. If you want a good laugh, hell, give ‘em a listen as well. Finally….HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!!!!

2nd Shift
- Rock Your World (new?)

1973 Pittsburgh Steelers Fight Song

1978 Pittsburgh Steelers Fight Song

Another Fight Song

David O’Block – We Got Roethlisberger 2007 (A spin off of Jimmy Buffett’s “Cheeseburger In Paradise”)

We Got Roethlisberger 2008

We Got Roethlisberger 2004

We Got Roethlisberger 2005

Ruff Chemistry – BigNastyD (old)

Billy Nordozi – Rock N’ Roll Steelers (old)

Concrete – Black and Gold (old)

ClubSexyCool – Palomalu Blitz

Damaged Sanity – The Towel Song (dissing the Titans…yes, fuck a Titan, and their bullshit display of disgracing the Towel. Too bad they didn’t make it far enough for us to take them out ourselves)

Deaf Cat Band – Go Steelers (old)

Deck of Jack – Steelers Fight Song (old)

DJ TJ – Baby We’re Back (NEW, a parody of Baby Got Back….yes, it’s as corny as you’d expect)

DJ TJ – Cardinals Roasting On An Open Fire (NEW…in the tune of the famous Christmas Carol)

Fried Dirt – Time To Watch The Steelers

Down With Us

Good Art Rooney

High Powered Home Boys – Pittsburgh Headin’ To The Super Bowl

Headin’ To Th e Super Bowl

The Hypocycloids – Gimme A Six Pack (Of Super Bowl Rings) (NEW)

In Acchord – Go Steelers

It’s A Long Way To The Top

Jason Hopkins – Stillers Game Time Rumble (NEW)

J-Dog – Wave Yo Towel (NEW)
Jessica Peluso – Big Game One More Time (NEW) (Yeah, a Britney Spears spin off…I kinda like it)

Jimmy Psihoulis – Steelers Polka (A Steelers CLASSIC)

Jolly Terry Bradshaw

Kardaz – Go Steelers 2009(NEW) (A Ghostbusters Spin)
Kelly Painter – Puttin’ On The Blitz (NEW)

Maniac D – Steelers Anthem (2005)

Maniac D – Steelers Rap (NEW)
Mark Gibson – Nothing But The Pittsburgh Steelers (NEW)

The Monongahela Monsters – When The Steelers Go Down To Tampa (NEW)

Men of Steel

Mercedez – Rock On (NEW)

Mike Pesta – Fast Willie (NEW)

Mike Stout – Steeler Nation (NEW)

Mr. Devious – Puhlamalu (old)

Paint It Black (old)

Pittsburgh’s Finest (old)
Random Groove – Super Bowl Bound (old)

Robz – We Got 5 (NEW)
Ron Brooks – Steelers Super Bowl March (NEW)

Soul Merchants – Steelers Sunday (NEW)


Steelers Got Their Mojo Workin

Steelers Polka II

Steve DeRose – Wave On

Super Steelers
The Busseltown Brawlers – How ‘Bout Dem Steelers

The Smick Brothers – Steelers Boogie
The Soul Searchers – Tomlin Town

The Terrible Band – Steel Barrel Polka

We are going to take a little detour today. I know this is a “Hip Hop and Audio Blog” and rarely am I going to go off the beaten path, but I did warn that I would use this blog for my own rants and raves from time to time and this happens to be one of those times. I realize I might be alienating some of our overseas fanbase (LOL @ us having a “fanbase”) but the Super Bowl happens to be a big ordeal here in the U.S. and this year it’s an even bigger event for me. Anyone that happens to know me, knows that I’m one of the biggest Pittsburgh Steelers fans outside of Pittsburgh. I have been since I was six years old. I haven’t missed a game this season and I’ve only missed three in the last three years (I’m talking on TV of course).

The Legacy That Is The Steelers

The Steelers were founded in 1933 by Art Rooney, who’s family still owns the team today. They were originally called the Pittsburgh Pirates before changing the name in 1940 to the Steelers in celebrate the blue-collar tradition of the city of Pittsburgh and to also give the team a new identity after spending the first seven years without a winning record. It would be 1942 when the Steelers would post their first winning record. From the teams inception in 1933 until 1971, the Steelers would only muster up 10 winning seasons. All that changed starting in 197
2. That’s the season that THE greatest dynasty that the NFL has ever seen began.

The Decade Of Dominance

Starting that fateful 72′ season, the Steelers would DOMINATE the 70′s. Six consecutive AFC Central titles, Eight playoff appearances, and FOUR Super Bowl victories. They would be characterized by rough, physical football. They had a defense that was nearly unstoppable that was known simply as the “Steel Curtain”. During the pinnacle of the Steel Curtain in 1976, they would go on a nine game stretch in which only two teams would score more than seven points against them including four shutouts. The offense wasn’t to shabby either. They could run over opponents with Franco Harris or Rocky Bleier, or they could pass on teams with Terry Bradshaw throwing to the dynamic duo of Lynn Swan and John Stallworth. The 70′s Steelers would produce nine players (Bradshaw, Mel Blount, Mean Joe Greene, Jack Ham, Harris, Jack Lambert, Stallworth, Swann, and Mike Webster) and coach Chuck Noll that would later go on to be inducted into the NFL Hall Of Fame. The Steelers would win Super Bowl IX in 74′, Super Bowl X in 75′, Super Bowl XIII in 78′, and super bowl XIV in 79′. It would be this last and final Super Bowl victory for the Steelers that would have me jumping on the bandwagon.

A Steelers Fan Is Born

I was only six years old. I didn’t know any better. I saw the black and gold colors and thought that they looked pretty cool. Growing up, both my mom and dad were sports fans so it was always in our household. The funny thing was that some earlier pictures of me are of me decked out in Rams coats and hats. I’m not really sure what it meant, more than likely hand me downs at some point in time. Back to love at first sight. I don’t really remember much about that Super Bowl other than my mom telling me the L.A. Rams (as they were known at that time) were going to win. Being the defiant six year old that I was and being enamored by the team colors, I told my mom I disagreed. Somehow a wager of fifty cents came down (the only time you’ll see 50 cent mentioned in this blog). Well the rest is history as they say. I guess I figured any team that could win me money must be worth keeping around. During my young impressionable years, I was swayed with temptation to jump ship to other teams. I remember being bought a Rams jersey again in those early years. My Dad being a big Denver Broncos fan also tried to get me to jump ship a few times as well. But alas, through all of it, my love for the Steelers continued to grow.

The Medicore 80′s

The 80′s were a tough time for us Steelers fans. Names like Mark Malone, Cliff Stoudt, and Walter Ambercrombie would lead mediocre Steelers teams through the decade. They would play in the 84′ AFC Championship against the Miami Dolphins only to lose in a blow-out, 45-28. This would be the first of many times the Steelers would end the season with being me disappointed, sad, and pretty much pissed off. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those fans who constantly degrades his teams and is never happy. On the contrary in fact. I’ve been fully behind them through thick and thin and rarely question their direction. But to say I’m passionate about the Steelers is an understatement. Anyone who has had the pleasure (or more like displeasure) of watching a game with me, can attest to just how wrapped up I get into the games. Don’t call me during a game. I’m likely not going to answer unless you are a fellow Steelers fan. If they lose? Give me a few hours at least to cool down. I scream, I yell, I curse, I throw things. If its going good though, I’m a great person to be around. Being a Steelers fan since the 70′s though has had many disappointments.

The Coach Cowher Era and My Crazed Steelers Antics

The 80′s ended with the Steelers losing in the playoffs to the Denver Broncos in 1989. I remember my dad rubbing in that loss pretty good. The 90′s started off with the Steelers missing out on the playoffs both in 90′ and 91′. Coach Noll called it a career at the end of the 91′ season which lead to one of the most recognizable chins in all of football to be named head coach. Immediately Bill Cowher would start a relationship with Steelers fans that would have the greatest of times and the worse of times (1-4 in AFC Championships before this year). Right out the gate, Coach Cowher lead the Steelers to the playoffs only to lose to the Buffalo Bills at Three Rivers stadium. I remember being devastated, and not wanting to talk to anyone for a week. The playoff misery would only get worse. In 1994, the Steelers would dominate the AFC and capture home field advantage, a first of many times for Coach Cowher. And like many times to come, the Steelers lost an AFC championship game at home. I can still see Alfred Pununu of the Chargers streaking up the middle while I screamed “NO!” while everything around me was in slow motion. I didn’t talk to anyone (including my then girlfriend) the rest of the day.

Neil O’ Donnell: Super Bowl XXX MVP

The next year, I remember being very excited about the upcoming season. The bad thing was I was going to school full time and working a 20 hours on the
weekend including Sunday’s. It wasn’t to bad because this was before Direct TV and the NFL package so you had to hope that they were shown in your area that week. The Steelers ended the regular season with a 11-5 record. I was basically in a frenzy. Their first playoff game was against Buffalo. I remember calling in sick to work, getting up early and pretended to be going to work at the usual time because my parents would not approve of me missing a day of work for a football game. I arrived at the bar I was going to be watching game at 7 a.m. and slept in my car until they opened up. The Steelers kicked some major ass that day with Kordell Stewart doing one of his best Slash impersonations. They would end up playing the Indianapolis Colts who the week before upset the top seed in the playoffs to give the Steelers the home field advantage. Again, I was supposed to work. Which, I did. For awhile. I was being laid off in a week, so during my lunch break, I found a conference room that wasn’t in use and proceeded to sit down and watch the second half of the game. There were three of us. I was the only Steelers fan. The game was a tight one. The game basically came down to a last second “hail mary” toss in the end zone by Colts QB Jim Harbaugh that appeared to be caught by a WR laying on his back in the end zone. I was shocked. I was dumbfounded. The announcers on TV weren’t sure what was going on either. My “friends” were laughing hysterically at what they thought was me about to go in to a meltdown of size that hadn’t been seen since Chernobyl. I threw myself on the floor. Then another friend started saying he didn’t catch it. I interrupted my mounting tantrum to see the Steelers jumping around. I lost it. I ran out on the floor where I was supposed to have been back at work some hours ago screaming “They WON, THEY WON!”

Super Bowl XXX was the first “real” Super Bowl for me, since I really didn’t remember XIV. I wish I didn’t remember XXX. It wasn’t as bad as the media said it was going to be. The Steelers put up a valiant fight. Honestly if it wasn’t for rightful Super Bowl MVP Neil O’ Donnell (who else was more instrumental in the Cowboys winning it?) the Steelers had a chance. But thanks to two O’ Donnell INT’s the Steelers would go home 27-17 losers. Since everyone and their dog said the Steelers had no shot before the game, this game wasn’t as bad for me as some of the AFC championships they have lost. But a Steelers loss is a Steelers loss and the fact that it was to the Cowboys, a team that I despise as much as I love the Steelers, it still had a sting to it.

More Heart Break

Every year it seemed so much promise is there and ever year, we blow it in the playoffs. In 97′, after a 11-5 season, we lose to the Patriots (An occurring theme to our playoff loses) and I would beat the hell out of a beer cooler at the bar I worked at. AFC Championship in Pittsburgh in 98′ against a Denver Bronco team that we had beaten soundly only a month before. The result is Denver winning its first of two Super Bowls and me once again beating the crap out the beer cooler. After some mediocre years with Kordell Stewart and the incredible Mike Tomczak at the helm we come back in 2001 to host the Patriots in the AFC Championship game. It’s the Patriots, we know what happens there. I on the other hand take my frustrations out on a nonfunctional (at least it was when I got done with it) phone booth in front of the bar I watched it at. Same story, same verse in in 2004. The Patriots stomp us, in what was probably the most painful defeat in all my years as a Steelers fan. The older and “more mature” me doesn’t break anything, I just proceed to drink away the pain and go to class the next morning with a monstrous hangover.

The Year We Got One For The Thumb

Being a Steelers fan is kind of like being in a specialized clique. You see a Steelers fan somewhere and you automatically are drawn to each other. You talk to each other, give pounds and move on. But it’s being part of that Steelers Fraternity that is a great thing. I never fully understood that Fraternity until I finally got to go to my first Steelers game in person. It just happen to be that first game was this years AFC championship. I’m living in Denver, trying to finish up my degree. I’m broke college student (still) trying to make it on an interns wage. Not an easy thing. The fact that the AFC championship game was in Denver was pretty cool but I figured my apartment that is some 10 miles or so south of Invesco Field was as close as I was going to get to the game. Not so fast. My best friend, who happens to be a life long Broncos fan came through (I skipped over alot of our antics of the previous Denver/Pitt AFC championship game that happened while him and I were roomates) . I always thought my first Steelers game would be in Pittsburgh itself. My dad had promised me that when I graduated from college that he would send me to Pittsburgh for a Steelers game. The fact that I wound up at the AFC championship game that the Steelers were playing is still almost dream like. The fact that they won it was even better. My friend and I couldn’t get tickets together, so we wound up sitting apart from each other. I ended up sitting with four other Steelers fans. At the beginning of the game we were strangers. At the end of the game we were jumping up and down hugging one another and singing “Heeeeeey I got a Feeeeeeelin’, Pittsburgh’s going to the Super Bowl!!!!!!” I took pictures with Steelers fans from all over. It didn’t matter what walk of life you were, what color, what nationality, if you were sporting Steelers colors you hugged one another and took pictures with each other. It’s was definitely one of the highlights of my life.

Super Bowl XL

As I’ve mentioned, I don’t play well with others when it comes to watching the Steelers games, especially a game as big as the Super Bowl. For the 2005 Super Bowl, I was still living in Denver, where I was rather broke 99% of the time. I got some money together for some chips, wings and a six back of Killians Red. Normally I would watch the games at The Shack in Littleton, which was a mini Steelers bar (there would be anywhere from four to eight of us there during a game), but during a big games, I need t
o be somewhere I can scream and yell and possibly hit something if I have to. Watching in my apartment seemed like the best option. I remember doing a lot of pacing before kick-off. I had a shrine of sorts sit up with my Steelers blanket, my terrible towel, my “bad call brick”, yeah, I’m an idiot, what can I say.

I downed my six pack before the kick-off and while I can handle my alcohol, the fact that I downed a sixer in an hour and didn’t feel a thing is a testament of how jacked I was. To be honest, I haven’t seen that Super Bowl since it went down. I don’t remember a whole lot about the details other than I spent the whole game in my apartment, by myself, with the lights off and sitting on my hands and knees about 2 feet from my little 21 inch TV. The game itself was a rather ugly game all the way around, but they got it done. Of course, the two plays I recall the most was FWP’s (Fast Willie Parker) Super Bowl record breaking run on the first series after half-time and the trick play from Randel El to Hines Ward for a TD. There was a lot of cheering that was only rivaled by the 2006 Fiesta Bowl and the Boise State vicotry in terms of pissing off my neighbors.

The 2008 Season

I haven’t missed a game yet this year either. I must say I’m somewhat surprised by this years success. The Steelers had the toughest schedule in the NFL at the start of the year (going by their opponents 2007 records), so I was thinking 10-6. They didn’t blow out many teams, but that plays more into the competition they had than anything else. I watched all the games except for the Monday night game against Washington at my parents place. Big screen TV, High Def, food, you get the picture. It’s been a good year, hopefully they can finish. So you see, if you happen to stick your head out your window come Super Bowl Sunday and you hear screaming….it’s just us crazy ass Steelers fans celebrating our six pack and starting on the other hand!!!

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