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Nico The Beast – Dinner Is Served

by Travis on February 2, 2009

Good afternoon boys and girls! Yeah, been a little sluggish around here over the weekend. With good reason, and I’m still riding high from the crazy game last night. Don’t worry, I have this week off from work, so I should be back on schedule in the next day or two.

For the time being, I have a new mixtape from one half of my boys out of Philly, Clean Guns. Former “New Artist Spotlight” alum, Nico The Beast, drops another project in the form of “Dinner Is Served”. I just got it from Zilla Rocca himself, so I haven’t had a chance to listen to it as of yet, but Beat Garden puts out quality product, so I don’t have a problem pimping it without a listen.



Nico the Beast
Dinner is Served Vol. 1


1. Razor Tooth F*ck Intro f/ Davey Za, Tourguide Chuck
2. When the Guns Come Out Freestyle
3. Beast is Coming (prod. by Rhythm J)
4. Underground Kings (prod. by Alex Wood) f/ Reef the Lost Cauze, Nex Millen
5. Nights on Broad St (prod by Noochman)
6. Changes Made (prod by Brizzo)
7. My Piano Freestyle f/ Zilla Rocca
8. Pimp Vs. Rock Star (prod by Zilla Rocca) f/ 2ew Gunn Ciz, M.O.G.
9. I Ain’t Lying Freestyle f/ Al Mighty, 2ew Gunn Ciz
10. Life in a Bottle (prod by Noochman) f/ Ethel Cee, Zilla Rocca
11. Fight to Survive (prod by Rhythm J)
12. We Don’t Play Dat (prod by A.Q.) f/ Kre Forch
13. Can’t Fight the Feeling Freestyle f/ Zilla Rocca
14. Nowhere in a Hurry (prod by Zilla Rocca) f/ Side Effect, Zilla Rocca
15. Bigger Than Your Life (prod by Tecknowledgy)
16. World Win (prod by Tecknowledgy) f/ Kane
17. Watch Out (prod by Rhythm J)
18. Sinister (prod by Noochman) f/ Planetary of Outerspace
19. Knock Em Dead (prod by Nachural) f/ 2ew Gunn Ciz
20. Duck My .45 (prod by Stress)
21. My Man Streets (prod by Noochman)
22. Promised Land (prod by Tecknowledgy)
23. Requiem of a Beast (prod by Noochman) f/ Nex Millen

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