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The Mp3 Grab Bag – Dysfunkshunal Familee, Finsta Bundy, 2pac & BCC

by Travis on February 17, 2009

Sorry boys and girls…real life knocks and I’ve been struggling for time the past couple days. I was laid off a couple weeks ago, but was called back to work and have been busy ever since. New job, new account, bleah, I don’t like the job, but I like money and we all know this isn’t the time to be job hopping…so be it.

Anyway, here are a couple things I just grabbed out of my files….no rhyme or reason

Finsta Bundy – A Collection…..

Sorry, not typing out the track list, but there is 25 + tracks from original Black Moon member and Brooklyn MC, Finsta Bundy. I think I picked this off of Philaflava forums (and it might have been on their great blog as well) So props….

Dysfunkshunal Familee – Unreleased Album

At least it’s labeled an unreleased album, but this is more a collection of tracks as well. And it’s missing a chunk at the end, so it is what it is….which is a collection of tracks. This was another NYC group that has deeper roots than I’m going to get into right now, do the research if you need to know more. I think I got that off the original Cocaine Blunts forum back in the day, so props to the original uploader.

Bootcamp Click & 2Pac – One Nation

Again, no track listing, at least not one I’m typing out. This has been floating around for awhile, and all the hardcore 2pac fan boys and BCC fans should have this in their collection by now, but if you been sleeping….pick it up.

My apologies for one of the shittiest posts I’ve ever done, but it’ll get somewhat better later this week. And if I haven’t replied to any emails you’ve sent the past couple days, my apoligies, but I’ll get at you as soon as I can.

Peace, love and hair grease….

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