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Low Budget – Laserdisc (Review, Video, and Free Listen)

by Travis on February 19, 2009

Listen To Laserdisc For Free Here (click cover for Myspace)

Some of you that have been around since the beginning (if there is any anymore) of WYDU’s conception, will remember I’m not the only person to start WYDU. Yes, it was me and one other person. Polarity, from Melbourne, Australia was my co-conspirator back when we kicked this off in Oct of 2005. Polarity was the reason this blog really ever got started, because I probably would have never done it on my own. Since then, he hasn’t posted much, but I still consider him co-founder and dude can post anytime he wants. Po is also one half of the group Low Budget.

You may have remember Magnasound that the duo dropped in 2006. Made up of Gentleman Gene on the vocals and Polarity aka Debonair P (?!) behind on the tables (yes, they actually have scratching on their records) and on the boards. Po (or is it Deb P now…haha) is a beast on the boards, as he has a knack for flipping samples and turning them into golden age sounds. It’s quite impressive actually. I’m guilty for not giving non American hip hop its just due quite often, and I know Australian Hip Hop has a “hate it or love it” vibe in the global hip hop community, but I stand behind Low Budget’s lastest LP, Laserdisc.

I’ve thought Po was a good producer in the past, but dude has taken it to a whole new level on Laserdisc. The album is full of wicked bass lines (which really need to be heard on a top quality system) that are deep and full and will rattle any window in the house, that evidence is found on the lead off track “Freak Mystique.” For a leadoff track, you couldn’t want anymore. High energy oozes out the track as the staccato bass line hurls itself at the listener and he employs an ill vocal soul sample that just adds to the whole thing. Po dabbles in some great samples that give the tracks a life of their own. Everything from a disco feel found on the track “Cool Out”, which makes you think of polyester, bell bottoms and disco balls. “Saturday Night” sounds like a track that could have been produced and spit by some dude named Slick Pimp Willy as the stylistic groove is nothing short of magnificent then the sax sample kicks in and shit is all over. One of the better tracks I’ve heard in a short while, in all it’s cool groove music. “Megabucks” backs another wicked bass line, bouncy and lively, it’s perfect for Geno to drop his Aussie tinged lyrics (not a bad thing) and lace the track. Not only is this album full of great beats, Geno does his thing and makes sure the album isn’t a one trick pony.

All in all, Laserdisc doesn’t have a bad song on it, and I’m not saying that because my name is in the liner notes neither (although that always helps…haha). This album is nothing short of incredible, as the production backs that “feel” music…music that you feel both emotionally and physically, music that moves you, that causes you to shake that ass. It’s simply feel good music, and that’s something I don’t hear a lot of anymore. I’m just waiting until I get my damn CD in the mail…..

The single “Tailor Made” is out NOW….here is the video

Low Budget “Tailor Made” from Low Budget on Vimeo.

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