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Dutchmassive – Three Free Projects

by Travis on February 20, 2009

One of the cool things about running WYDU, besides the pseudo internet celebrity I’m blessed with (I kid, I kid), is talking to some of the artists. I’m not one to get to wrapped up in celebrity status, although I did giggle like a little school girl when Milk D called me back in fall of ’07, but it’s still cool talking to some of the artists that you respect and listen to. One artist that I hadn’t heard a lot of, but had liked what I heard was Tampa’s Ductchmassive. The former Rawkus 50 artist dropped “Crush Your System” back in ’07. He’s also been linked up with everyone from Celph Titled, to Buff 1, to Median. He’s coming strong in the 0-9 with four, count ‘em, FOUR projects dropping.

+ CRUSH YOUR SYSTEM (CD VERSION) will have A Entirely different tracklist, The 1st single off this which is dropping next month is “SHUFFLE STEP” (feat. Buff1 & Finale) – Produced by Samiyam


Production from Illmind, M-phazes, Croup, Samiyam, Dela, Mo0, SLOPFUNKDUST, Muneshine, INTACT, SOTU THE TRAVELER, RIK MARVEL, FS GREEN, ASTRONOTE, 14KT, ETC…

Dutch was nice enough to drop off some freebies to share with the WYDU listners…so play like the Beasties and “ch-ch-check it out”….


(designed exclusively for the Blogosphere & beyond)

After a decade of releasing music, Dutchmassive has spent the last 6 months planning a new form of attack (free digital downloading). After releasing several 12 inches in the late nineties and new millennium and his 1st solo album “Junk Planet” in 2004 on CD & Double Vinyl, Dutchmassive was asked by close friend and Rawkus A&R, Slopfunkdust to participate in the RAWKUS 50 project. In which fifty of today’s leading independent hip hop artists would each release a digital album on Rawkus Records. Dutch, having A few projects in the works gave Rawkus “Crush Your System” which featured the lead single “Better Man” (feat. Median & Von Pea) – Produced by Illmind. The Album will be released on CD in Fall|Winter of 2008 on Domination Recordings and will feature 5 Bonus tracks not on the original Rawkus release.

To hold his fans over and in an effort to reach an entire new audience. Dutch has decided to put together a small instrumental project around 25 minutes long setting the tone and mood of his upcoming projects. Futuristic, vintage, jazzy, mellow, boom bap, dusty yet so clean, basically just really good music. So get ready for Crush Your System / Music 2 Sleep To / Quit Work Make Music & The NEXT Final Fantasy. Not only does Dutch has 4 Full Length albums ready to unleash, but 1 of them is a double Cd, and another one will be released with A Theme based mixtape. In closing, Dutch hopes to spread “The DrumLove EP” to every Music, Fashion, Sneaker, Toy, Entertainment blog humanly possible. Coming soon will be another free digital download EP of fresh new songs with vocals.

“Crush Your System” sophomore album on Rawkus Records + “Project Reach” DOWNLOAD ZIP FILE HERE! (CLICK HERE)

Digital Album Available : I Tunes, Amazon, Zune, Rhapsody, etc. Via RAWKUS RECORDS

01 – “Crush Your Intro” – produced by RoxStar w/ cuts by Dutchmassive

02 – “Ghibli” – produced by Dutchmassive

03 – “Show me” – produced by Funkghost

04 – “Vibrate” – produced by SlopfunkDust

05 – “I want Her” – produced by Cliffnotes / “Beat Tape Interlude” – produced by Dutchmassive

06 – “Far Away” – produced by Rik Marvel

07 – “Positive Contact!” (f/ Main) – produced by Dutchmassive w/ cuts by Dj Balance

08 – “Better Man” (f/ Median & Von Pea) – produced by ILLMind w/ cuts by Dj Ragz

09 – “7th Day” (f/ Will Widdoss) – produced by RoxStar
10 – “Kill em in 8bit” – produced by Samiyam
11 – “The Main Vein” (f/ NapsNDreds) – produced by Mo0 the Beatfanatic /”Launch” Ver 3.0 – produced by Dutchmassive

12 – “Blood Rush” (f/ Buff1) – produced by Sebmaestria

13 – “Life Lines” (f/ Surreal) – produced by Surreal & Dutchmassive – cuts by Dj Balance

14 – “Butterflies” – produced by Dela / “She’s Ansi” & “Ghost in the shell” – produced by Dutchmassive

15 – “Kelleys Dream” – produced by Dutchmassive

Bonus tracks – taken from the mixtape (album between album) “Project: REACH”
16 – “Project: Intro” – Produced by Dutchmassive
17 – “Project: REACH” – Produced by Madlib
18 – “Little Drummer Boi” – Produced by Natural Resource
19 – “Art of the Collar Pop” – Produced by Tzarism
20 – “Season Emcee” – Produced by Dj Spinna / Produced by J Dilla
21 – “When Life Throws you lemons, Make Juicy Jazz” – Produced by Oddisee
22 – “My Apology” – Produced by MF DOOM & 9th Wonder
23 – “Project: Outro” – Produced by Dutchmassive
More Bonus joints ….
24 – “Dream Suite” – Produced by Take
25 – “Shipping & Handling” (2 beats) – Produced by Dutchmassive
26 – “Love is complicated tommorow – St mic (feat. Dutchmassive & Unknown) – Produced by Unknown
27 – “Love is complicated today – St Mic (feat. Dutchmassive & Mudd) – Produced by Mudd
28 – “Get it on” – Muneshine (feat. Fresh Daily & Dutchmassive) – Produced by Mudd

“The Hobbyshop HERO / ACT I: March of the Goonies” DOWNLOAD ZIP FILE HERE! (CLICK HERE)

This is a Mix I did of Cult Classic / Fantasy Based hiphop….. It is PART 1 of a Series..

Be sure to check Dutchmassive out on his own blog and Myspace


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