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Tokyo Cigar Presents The 7 Year Theory

by Travis on February 21, 2009

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My man Tokyo Cigar is back at it again, digging in the vaults for some oldies but goodies that he did himself. I’ll let my man give up the info:

The 7 year Theory is just some shit that I had in the stash. Old stuff, remixes and random tracks from random recording sessions. The best thing about these joints personally is all the memories. Blunted studio sessions with the crew and all that. Cracking jokes, arguing and just having fun making some music. One love to the whole crew. Rome, Jen, Kaotik, Teddy Faley, Oz, Stix, Troub, Rain. Damn! I aint even seen troub, stix or rain in MAD YEARS. Bumping the joints I did with them really hits me in the heart. Those cats were ahead of they time for real. They were the ones that really schooled me on how to rhyme. Trust me, seeing Stix burn down a cypher was always a wild scene.

Peace to Mic terror from Stronghold ( shout out to Immortal Technique, Poison pen, C rayz wals and all them ) for blessing the joints. ( I got a couple more collabos that I did with him but I’m saving those for part 2 ) That’s a cool ass dude to hit the clubs with. Mad live Queens nigga all day.

Even though I spit, I decided to fall back on having too many of my tracks on this joint and showcase my production for other people more. I also added on some remixes I did for Kevin Nottingham’s blog ( whut up Kev, whut up Thomas ) and some remix albums I made.

For those that wonder why niggas keep calling me Akira Parker on this shit. That used to be my rap name. But when I came up with Tokyo Cigar I started using Akira Parker as my Electronica music name. So I also got an Akira Parker song on it too.

I got some more tracks lined up. I didn’t want to put out no double album’s worth of joints out, so I’m gonna drop it later on in the year. I got other collabos with other cats in my crew and some unreleased Black Tobacco tracks in the cut. Stay tuned.


Tokyo Cigar


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Tokyo Cigar September 30, 2009 at 4:44 am

500 downloads. Thanks for the support.

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