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WYDU Classics Feb 09

by Travis on February 27, 2009

Since the month of February is almost in the record books and I haven’t posted a volume of WYDU’s Classics for it, I figured I better sneak this in while I can. Like most of the WYDU Classics, there is really no theme other than some tracks that I’ve been diggin lately or have been wanting to hear again.

Seems like I was on a remix kick this month, although it wasn’t really intentional. Phat Kat, who is among my favorites from the Detroit area, comes correct on “Dedication To The Suckers”, an old Audio Galaxy favorite of mine from back in the day. It’s also an early Jay Dee aka J Dilla beat. A Dope remix can be found for “Sobb Story”, one of my favorite tracks from LONS first album and the remix is just as good and if not better. There are also dope remixes of “Catch A Bad One” from Del, “That’s When You Lost” from Souls. Heiro always had remixes on their singles and they were always up to par. Former Source “Unsigned Hype” alum, Legion of Dume drop an ill track on “Sons of Sam”. Too bad that group didn’t take off, although if I remember right, Darc Mind who dropped a album a year or two ago was part of that crew. A soulful, rag-time version of “Ain’t Got No Class” shows up from Da Lench Mob. I was a BIG fan of Lench Mob’s first album, simply from the production. This track wouldn’t have fit on there, but it’s still pretty nice. There are some obscure tracks floating around on this as well. That Mood Swingaz track, “The Blessed”, is a great track. It’s nothing new, but the beat and the MC all fit together so well.

Enough talking, check it out and I’ll be back this weekend with some new Spotlights and I’ll have the WYDU Top 20 Chart up early next week….

WYDU Classics Feb 09

01 Showbiz & AG feat Black Sheep – Bounce Ta This Remix
02 YZ – Crocodile Dundee
03 Private Investigators – Who am I (God) (Diamond D Remix)
04 Mood Swingaz – The Blessin
05 Brokin English Klik – Here Come Da Hoods (Fat Horn Mix)
06 Puppets of Chaos – Tru Dat
07 Souls of Mischief – Thats When Ya Lost (Remix)
08 Del The Funky Homosapien – Catch A Bad One (remix)
09 Phat Kat – Dedication To The Suckers
10 Leaders of the New School – Sobb Story (Remix)
11 Demastas – No Sunshine (remix)
12 Alphabet Soup – Sunny Day in Harlem
13 MHz – Worldwide
14 Da Lench Mob – Aint Got No Class (T-Bone Remix)
15 Mad Flava – Feel tha Flava (bomb remix)
16 Y’All So Stupid – Van Full of Pakistans (Skeff Uncensored)
17 Alps Cru – Pick Up the Crossfader
18 Tribal Jam – Planet F’y All
19 Legion Of Dume – Sons Of Sam

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