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New Artist Spotlight: Taybot

by Travis on March 1, 2009

Seattle is more than just coffee shops and rain. The city first jumped on the scene in the late 80′s with Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Posse On Broadway” and his Swass LP (which this blog was almost named). Those who were into the music back then know Mix was more than just liking big butts. In the early 90′s you had Kid Sensation aka Xola Malik, Criminal Nation, and E Dawg on the scene. In the present, anyone who is a fan of WYDU and WTR will undoubtedly be aware of our feelings on Blue Scholars and Common Market. Both groups are gaining a solid following in the underground scene as well. On the rise, of course there is former Spotlight artist, Grynch and others like Shayla. Add one more to that list, as Seattle MC, Taybot dropped his dope Phil&Numberman Mixtape late last year. Besides being a rising MC, he also co-hosts one of the radio shows there in town on KEXP 90.3 with DJ B-Mello. We sat down and talked to Taybot about his past, present and future.

Taybot – Constant Heat (From: The Phil&Numberman Mixtape)
Taybot – We Homies Now (Jake One Instrumental)

The Taybot/
Phil&Numberman Mixtape


WYDU: What’s good? How about a proper introduction to all the readers out there in blog land?

Taybot: Whatup! I’m Taybot. I’m an MC in Seattle and I also co-host a radio show, Street Sounds on KEXP 90.3 FM. I also run!

W: So what is your background, how long have you been MCing, how did you get your start? We’re get the generic questions out of the way all in one swoop….

Taybot: I been MCing for 6 or 7 years. I started out in a crew called Requiem Trifecta. That is some high school stuff ha I barely think about that group no more. Then I was in a crew called estrella with my homie Praxis and finally I went solo.

W: Since you are hailing from Seattle, which I’ve always watched with a close eye since it’s in my “home region”, what is your take on the scene out there?

Taybot: The scene is crackin but we deserve more shine! A lot of cats are killin it including but not limited to Speedy The Artist, GMK, Blue Scholars, Fresh Espresso, They Live and Spaceman.

W: You released a mixtape with Phil & Numberman recently. What is the story behind the mixtape? Why should a listener who is swamped with music these days take the time to give what you have to say a listen?

Taybot: For one thing, the homie’s Phil & Numberman make dope beats! Also, none of the songs have more than 2 verses so it never gets boring. There’s also some 30 second instrumentals scattered on the CD. The MCing is nice too…there’s dope concepts and stories on a lot of the songs. For example, near the end of the CD there is a really good song about small towns.

W: Who exactly are Phil & Numberman? How did y’all hook up with them?

Taybot: Oh they are a producer duo who I met in college up in Bellingham, WA. The homie Numberman quit making beats pretty much and is pursuing stand up comedy…he’s got jokes! Phil still makes beats and is way better now!

W: Aside from being an MC, you mentioned that you cohost a radio show with B-Mello out there in Seatown, how is that going for you? What kinda of ish do you play?

Taybot: Ya the radio show is off the hook! Sunday nights, 6-9pm on KEXP 90.3 FM. B-Mello is the illest DJ in the town. We play a lot of mainstream artist’s songs that don’t get major spins and we also play more underground artists like Kali and Black Milk. Of course we also play tons of local rap.

W: At one time you were part of a group, estrella, are you still down with them?

Taybot: Ya the other cat in the group was Praxis. He’s the homie and I just kicked freestyles with him last night actually. He is about to finish grad school. He works with kids, helping empower the youth through hip hop. He helps change the world every day.

W: One thing I find pretty neat is 10% of your sales goes to the Mockingbird Society, which is a group working with children in the welfare system. You don’t see a lot of that in today’s society. How did you team up with that organization and why is something like that important to you?

Taybot: I think it’s good to give
back. I chose Mockingbird because they really help out foster youth and these are kids that need an extra push sometimes. Mockingbird is a newspaper that hires the kids to write for it. It’s a great organization. It was pretty easy to team up with them, I just told them I’d like to help out by giving a percentage of my sales to them and they were down.

W: So what’s on the agenda for the future, world domination, money, whips, and fly honeys?

Taybot: Hopefully all those things but more importantly I’m learning how to make beats so be on the lookout for that. I’m gonna keep sending songs to the blogs until I start getting shine and then I’ll grind even harder. I’m also writing a novel but that probably won’t be finished for a year or so.

W: Any last words for the audience out there?

Taybot: Yeah check out, it’s a dope website!

W: Word, thanks and good luck! Taybot: Ya no doubt homie, stay on the blog grind!

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