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Small Pro Tuesday

by Travis on March 10, 2009

At one time, Philadelphia was second only to New York City in terms of the amount of quality hip hop it produced. There was Schoolly D, Steady B, Cool C, Three Times Dope, Fresh Prince, and a host of others. Of course, you can’t forget about the DJs, which deserve a post in their own right, Jazzy Jeff, Tat Money, DJ Miz and Cash Money were all legendary DJs in their days. Philly slowed down in the 90′s. Don’t get me wrong, there was still dope music on the underground tip, but they didn’t have the fire power they had in the 80′s.

At the end of this decade though, several “underground” artists are starting appear, including many that have found their way on WYDU. Of course WYDU’s own “in-house” MC, Has-Lo, resides in the city of brotherly love. That crazy duo of Nico The Beast and Zilla Rocca who form Clean Guns also comes out of Philly. Then there is the one and only Small Professor, who makes his home in the land of cheese steak sandwiches and Tastykakes.

Small Pro has blessed this site more than once. At the end of 2007, he took home WYDU’s year end honors for “Best Free Download Album” of the year with his version of the American Gangster album, “Crooklyn Gangster”. In May, Small Pro and Has-Lo released Remixed But Still Fucked, which was Has’ Fuck Has Day EP remixed by Small Pro. It gained notoriety for both artists and hopefully launched a working relationship that will continue in the future. Also that same month, he would win WYDU’s Smile Ray’s Remix contest, with his remix of “Chicken”, a feat that became all to common of an occurrence for Small Pro. In November, we posted an interview with him, as he talked about him being an Eazy E fan, his future projects and his newly released instrumental “jawn”, Slowbus.

During that interview, he mentioned a future project, Small Professor Resurrected the Remix. The time has come for that release to say the day light. It is made up of some of his award winning remixes that he entered in the many contests that he kicked ass and took names on. But wait! We are not through yet, call now….ooops, sorry, that’s my day job again…Not only do you get the Small Professor Resurrected The Remix project, but you get the Large Pro Vs. Small Pro remix of Main Source (The Breaking Atoms Edition). Now that’s a bargain! You knew it was coming one of these days, Small Pro would be walking down the street and out of the dark, damp corner, Large Pro would emerge. The dual was unavoidable. Who won? Well you gotta check it out……

01. the smile rays – chicken (small pro remix)
02. 100dbs feat. sirah and hicoup – long island and jersey (small pro remix)
03. c.l. smooth feat. skyzoo – perfect timing (small pro remix)
04. emilio rojas – young, fresh, and fly (small pro remix)
05. prolyphic and reanimator – artist goes pop (small pro remix)
06. jelani – jelani the mc (small pro remix)
07. zilla rocca – flow god zilla (small pro remix)
08. shawn jackson feat. guilty simpson – strategies (small pro remix)
09. capone-n-noreaga – follow the dollar (small pro remix)
10. the roots – 75 bars (small pro remix)
11. (bonus) random feat. ohene – art of war (small pro remix)
12. (bonus) random – push (small pro remix)
13. (bonus) bless 1 – angular slang (small pro remix)

01. large pro vs. small pro – the entroducing
02. large pro vs. small pro – moon and stars
03. large pro vs. small pro – everyone
04. large pro vs. small pro – dap
05. large pro vs. small pro – anytime (party time)
06. large pro vs. small pro – red hot
07. large pro vs. small pro – jeru
08. large pro vs. small pro – what you waited all year for
09. large pro vs. small pro – classic (emergency)
10. large pro vs. small pro – noyd
11. large pro vs. small pro – hot, sizzling and other similiar synonyms
12. large pro vs. small pro – like this
13. large pro vs. small pro – sewed up
14. large pro vs. small pro – from the meadows

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