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Paul C to the Organisms…

by Staff on March 11, 2009

For those that don’t know (and how could you not if you follow the golden age hip hop blogosphere) Paul C is like The Beatles of hip hop production. He perfected the chop and pan and created the records we all google search today to complete our hip hop MP3 hall of fame archives. He was mysteriously murdered back in 1989 but his legacy lives on.

I’m starting up a little t-shirt endeavor called Beatpatterns and it’s dedicated to the fabric of hip hop: the producer. Our first shirt is an homage to Paul C and features a quote from the song Fudge Pudge by Organized Konfusion.

PAUL C TO THE ORGANISMS tee by beatpatterns. Available from

Some essential Paul C links:
Paul C. McKasty Tribute MySpace
RETURN TO THE WORLD AS A THOUGHT (an article about Paul C) – Probably one of the best articles about hip hop ever written by Dave Tompkins

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