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Kooley Is High

by Travis on March 12, 2009

You’ve seen the Documentary……

One Day – Introducing Kooley High from BECAUSEUS on Vimeo.

You’ve heard the reviews……

You’ve seen legendary MCs endorse them and their music……

And you’ve seen the commercials……

It’s now here! The mixtape by longtime WYDU favorite, Kooley High, has dropped. Kooley Is High is choked full of laughs, drama, and non-stop action. In some areas, you’d pay $10, $15, even $20 dollars for music like this….but today (and for the foreseeable future) it’s FREE! That’s right, FREE…The North Carolina group that is endorsed by Phonte, Big Daddy Kane and mixed by K-Salaam is available for free download. Tell me where you can find a better deal than that??? presents “Kooley is High” mixed by K-Salaam

zshare link:

+ tracklisting:
01. Intro(ducing)
02. Gettin’ Up (Remix)
03. Daykeeper (Kooley High Remix)
04. Phonte’s Movie in a Minute
05. Stay Up (Young N’ Fresh Remix) feat. HaLo
06. Flow Glow (Kooley High Remix)
07. I’m Fresh (Remix)
08. Due Process (Kooley High Remix)
09. G Building (Foolery Kooley High Remix)
10. Bodega (HaLo Remix)
11. Jacques Cousteau
12. Kooley is High
13. Soldier (Kooley High Remix)
14. Rude Bwoy
15. The Next Episode (Foolery’s Fooldogg Remix)
16. Trix (1983 Kooley High Remix)
17. The Light (Outro)
18. Worldwide (BONUS TRACK)

+ also:
04.03.08 Blu & Exile perform at the mixtape release party with Kooley High, M1 Plattoon and Halo.

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