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It's Alllll The Waaaaaaay LIVE!!!

by Travis on March 13, 2009

It’s Friday, and what does that mean? It’s about to LIVE!!! Well, in this case, WYDU is going “live” as we are posting up some live shows and the such. I know the whole “live” thing on tape is kinda a hit and miss thing for some listeners, I know it is for me as well. Let’s face it, you don’t go to a live show for the “awesome” sound quality. Most of the time, you are lucky to make out what is being said. You go for the “experience” of it all. You go for the festivities, the atmosphere and for the good time. That being said though, it’s fun listening to some of the old shows floating around out there in interent land.

Today we got three shows from classic artists……

De La Soul – Live In Kentish Town, London, UK

Sorry, I don’t have a year on this, but it’s sometime in the past four years, since it’s got some music from Grind Date. Mostly though, this contains a lot of their early hits, which isn’t a bad thing. I saw De La way back in ’96 in Boise, Idaho of all places. It was before “Stakes Is High”, which sheepishly, was the first album I really went crazy over De La about. I consider them my favorite Hip Hop group of all-time, but it took me a while to fully understand just how great they were.

This show is a good representation of what you get from a De La show if you’ve never been to one…at least from what I remember. I need to check them out again. I missed them both in Salt Lake City (got sick as a dog the day of the show) and in Denver when my girlfriend and I got busy…ummm……getting busy. Yeah, oh well. Anyway, this is one of the easier live shows to listen to, so even if you are not usually a live music fan, this is worth checking out.

A Tribe Called Quest – Final Show Bootleg

Of course this was before this past summer’s “Rock The Bell” shows that they performed this past summer. A Tribe Called Quest could quite easily be considered one of the top 5 hip hop groups ever, so this little piece of history, if it is indeed the last show. I saw Tribe in ’98, the month they announced in The Source that they were breaking up. In fact, the first time I heard that they were breaking up was straight from their mouths, as they announced it at the show. The show itself was a Beastie Boys show in a stadium setting. It wasn’t the cozy small venue that I’m used to. It’s was still cool though.

Funny story though, the night before, I was bartending at a Chili’s restaurant across the street from the venue they were performing in (The E Center for those of you familiar with Salt Lake City). Around 7ish, this short black dude comes in with another dread locked cat and sits down at one of the tables in the bar. I know the cat looks mad familiar, and as I go over to help them, I’m trying to place where I had seen him. When he ordered a Dr. Pepper, it hit me like a ton of bricks. It was Phife, and although I didn’t recognize him until he told me who he was, he had Jarobi with him. Both were mad cool. A little later, Q-Tip came in. Tip was kinda obnoxious, but I didn’t care all that much. He ordered a Foster’s and asked me what there was to do in Salt Lake that night. I told them of a hip hop night at a club that I have since forgotten the name of. That was that. It was still kinda cool.

This show is ehhhhh as far as listenablity. It’s truly a bootleg, but fans of Tribe that haven’t heard it, you should probably check it out.

Run DMC – Live at Hammersmith London

Run DMC will always be one of the greatest groups in my book as well be remembered as the group that introduced me to hip hop. I still kick myself in the ass for never seeing a show of theirs. I had one chance while I was living in Salt Lake City, but for some reason, and I don’t remember why, I missed it. I wish I could go back and make a different choice. What do you do though?

This show is taken from the Raising Hell days, in which Run DMC was KILLIN it at the time. I’m also pretty sure, this is from the same show that appears on the start of Public Enemy’s “It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back”.

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