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WYDU Top 20 Chart of 3-15/3-21

by Travis on March 23, 2009

I missed last weeks chart. I knew that was bound to happen sooner or later. But we’re back with MY personal favorite tracks of the week and tracks that got a lot of play, which doesn’t always mean they are good, it just means I’m really trying to like them. Since we missed a week, there are quite a few new tracks that have come on the scene. We’ve had some decent albums drop lately, notably JR & ph7′s “The Standard”, Finale’s “A Pipe Dream & A Promise”, and Blueprint’s “Sign Language” and even MF Doom’s “Born Like This”, who I usually avoid like the plague, got plays this past week.

We are going with a little different format than in the past, not sure if I’ll stay with it, so if you have a preference, let it be known.

Without further Ado…

WYDU’s Top 20 For 3/15 – 3/22

1. Capone N Noreaga – Grand Royal (Last Chart Position: N/A) (Weeks On Chart: New)
From: Channel 10

2. Spork Kills – Black Widow (N/A) (New) (*Sorry, I’d rather not post this mp3)
From: Beaches Love Us EP


Album Version:

3. Blueprint - Untitled (N/A) (New)
From: Sign Language

Blueprint “Sign Language” CD from weightless recordings on Vimeo.

4. Rise & The Avid Record Collector – WRA Cypher ft Wordsworth & Masta Ace (N/A) (New)
From: Present Risen

5. House of Repz - U Gotta Love Us (N/A) (New)
From: Single

6. Focus ft Kurupt, Sha Stimuli, Big Pooh – Homage To Pete Rock
(Last Chart Position: 1) (1)
From: Single

7. Cunninlynguists – Don’t Leave When Winter Comes (N/A) (New)
From: Strange Journey Vol 1

8. TiRon - Shine On (N/A) (New)
From: Ketchup (Mixed by DJ Low Key)

9. Brother Ali – Palm The Joker (N/A) (New)
From: Truth Is Here

10. Kooley High – Kooley Is High (N/A) (New)
From: Kooley Is High Mixtape

11. Panacea – Epiphany (DJ Nu-Mark Remix) (Last Chart Position: 5) (1)
From: The Re-Route

12. Big Pooh – The Comeback (N/A) (New)
From: Delightful Bars

13. Castor Pollux & Ariano – Long Time Leaving ft 2 Mex & Life Rexall (N/A) (New)
From: In Name of the Father

14. Blame One ft. Blu & Exile - Wonder Why (N/A) (New)
From: Days Chasing Days

15. Low Budget – Tailor Made (Last Chart Position: 8) (2)
From: Laser Disc

Low Budget “Tailor Made” from Low Budget on Vimeo.

16. Script N Screwz – Help! (Last Chart Position: 16) (1)
From: The New Noize

17. Ameer – Never Be Shits (Last Chart Position: 14) (3)
From: Single

18. Blacastan – How Can You Be So Sure (Last Chart Position: 10) (1)
From: Leak

19. Cunninlynguists - Never Come Down (The Brownie Song)
(Last Chart Position: 3) (3)
From: The Strange Journey Vol 1

20. (Tied)
Raekwon ft Method Man & Ghostface – Wu Ooh (Last Chart Position: 12) (2)
Redman & Method Man ft Saukrates – Ayo (N/A) (New)

Tracks No Longer On Chart: Pugs Atomz – Roof Tap, Arablak – The Deed, Crew54 & The Jake – Back At It, Blue Scholars – Coffee & Snow, Kid Hum – Church, Bells, Prayer, DJ SoulClap & The Wyldbunch – Wake Up, Blacastan – Life of a Tape, Nobody Famous – Mocha Soul, Blaq Poet – Too Strong, C-Rayz Walz & Slug – In Your Soul, Joe Budden – Pray For Me, Braile & S1 – Megaphone, Whygee – Scott Free, Deep Rooted – Rock The Hardest.

Missing two weeks kinda screwed things up. I did my usual week routine of writing down what songs I seemed to be playing often, but when it came down to writing up the post, it just didn’t happen. As you might happen to notice, only seven songs from two weeks ago remain on the charts. There was a core group of songs that I had been playing a ton of late, so I kinda started looking toward some of the newer material the past week or two.

The new number one song comes from a group that I can’t say I’ve listened to a lot since their debut album. Capone N Noreaga come at us with “Grand Royal”, and what can I say, I’m a sucka for a Primo beat. To be honest, I don’t see this track lasting in the number one spot for very long as toward the end of the week I already started growing tired of it, but it had a strong run for a week. The beat is nothing mind blowing from Primo, but I think we are all spoiled by Primo’s work, so we get used to brillance that he comes at us with. Speaking of Primo, he also has another beat on the number five track. The House of Repz are the latest in line of unknowns to get a dope Primo beat. I know “U Gotta Love Us” has been out since late last year, but I just recently stumbled upon it (Read: remembered it was out there). While House of Repz won’t blow you away lyrically, I can see myself liking this beat and song more than “Grand Royal” in the long run.

A long time favorite of mine appears at number two. Louis Logic (now going by Louis Dorely, his government name) is
back on the scene with his group, Spork Kills. I’m truly in awe at his new EP, Beaches Love Us which we will speak more on in the upcoming week, but it’s a project that is innovative and original, and that’s something difficult to run across these days. You probably will have to have an open mind toward music, but if you do, you will undoubtedly get down with “Black Widow”. Coming with a cross of hip hop, surf rock and a bunch of other things, Lou and crew threw it all in a blender and spit it out in the form of this track.

My instrumental kick continues as Blueprint throws his hat in the ring for my favorite instrumental joint of 2009 with his Sign Language release. On that release, there is a song simply listed as “Untitled” that I must have played five times in a row the first time I listened to it. Soulful, dark, and soothing all in the same form, “Untitled” is a track that I will be listening to for a long time out.

I can never pass up a Masta Ace song, even if he just spits a quick sixteen and bes out. Not that I didn’t like former(?) Demigodz member Rise anyway, but throwing Ace and Wordsworth on a track with him and I’m all for it. Coming at number four it’s a track that features three different beats for each of the MCs, “WRA Cypher” brings back those classic Gang Starr tracks that utlized the same type of strategy. I’ve always liked Rise and wondered where he eneded up at after not hearing much from him the past four or five years. Oh, and Ace doesn’t disappoint.

Rhymesayers related material is also on the chart, in both a Brother Ali track and a guest apperence from Slug. First off, two of my favorite artists team up as Slug does a guest apperence on a new track from Cunninlynguists, “Dont’ Leave If Winter Comes”. In some weird sort of mental block I have, quite often I have to give both Cunninlynguists and Atmosphere’s music a few listens before it really takes off for me, and this track was no different. It’s starting to build steam for me and the really only downfall is that it took these two this long to work together. The Brother Ali track is something out of the norm for me. While I’ve always dug anything Ant works on, usually I can’t stomach Brother Ali’s voice long enough to really get into any project he does. So far, that’s not the case on the new Truth Is Here Ep. The soulful “Palm The Joker”, brings out the best in Ali, as for some reason, his voice is easier for me to tolerate.

The new SoCal hip hop scene is one that more often than not ends up bugging me. I guess it’s just to…what’s the word I’m looking for, I guess it’s just into that new retro hipster type of thing. It’s a young man’s scene, one that my thirtysomething mind frame doesn’t seem to grasp all that much. We have two artists on the chart this week from SoCal, one falls smack dab in the middle of that scene, the other is more of a throwback hip hopper, but with Blu as a guest on the track (I do like Blu), it’s treading near that line. The first is TiRon, whose Ketchup mixtape had some flashes of brillance on it as well as some of the same ole same coming out of LA. “Shine On”, is a great track though, no matter where it was made. A simple piano loop and dreamy keys showcases what TiRon is capable of doing. The second track is from San Diego’s Blame One. I’ve been watching Blame since comig across his dope EP from last year (it’s posted somewhere on WYDU). Blame is all hip hop but with Exile and Blu on the track, you know it’s them that’s going to gain him some plays. I’m the biggest Blu and Exile fan as you’ll find out there, so it’s great that good hip hop is being recoginized and it’s even better that they can gain “Wonder Why” some recognition. The track sounds like something that could have been left off of the Johnson & Jonson project or one of the lesser tracks from “Below The Heavens“, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

Another Cali duo that might not be on people’s radars, but should be, is Castor Pollux & Ariano. I had a track from Castor Pollux in my top 10 tracks of 2008 (“1979″), so if you follow along on a regular basis, they shouldn’t be too much of a new group to you. I go back to both Cas’ Guts & Garbage and the album that “Long Time Leaving” came from, In Name of the Father, quite a bit over the past nine plus months. Both albums are examples of the great hip hop that is being made, yet not being heard. The track, which features underground faves 2 Mex, is full of hype energy and get’s the juices flowing.

With a bunch of tracks that I’ve already covered in past Top 20 Charts, we’ll wrap up this week. Quality hip hop is still out there kids, as usual you just have to dig for it. I’ve been rather unimpressed with the quality of albums out there that have been released this year so far, but tomorrow is looking like a good day that might be able to change that. So what have we learned this week? Trav is one weird dude, but you should’ve known that already….oh and keep looking, it’s not dead yet.

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