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Sam Sever Tracks for March

by Travis on March 24, 2009

My apologies to Sam for “losing” these two tracks for a bit. If you are late to the show, legendary NYC producer, Sam Sever, has been releasing two tracks each month for the past three months.

Here is the reminder of what you have missed so far:

“Yo Sam, Schooooool ‘Em…”. The words were spit by MC Serch on the classic (yes, I said it) Cactus Album, the debut album from MC Serch, Prime Minister Pete Nice and DJ Daddy Rich. Every since I first heard those words and I set on a hunt to find out who this Sam Sever character that was listed as producer on several of the Cactus Album tracks, I’ve been a Sam Sever fan. While the Cactus Album may have been an introduction to a ton of kids such as myself at the time, Sam has been around much longer than that.

The good news about all this is Sam is back on the scene, crafting beats. For the next few months, he will be releasing two beats/songs a month, building up to his solo album release in April. We have the two beats for the month of January, both bringing back that sound that made me fall in love with the music in the first place. I tend to lean toward “Go Back”, just cause that’s what it does, it takes you back. The stabs over a rolling percussion break bring the essence of hip hop into my mindstate when I bust the track in the headphones. It’s really a nice track that I could see a couple MCs doing damage on the track. “Day & Night” comes off as a little more modern. The strong drums back the vocals to give it a different feel. A strong track as well

January Tracks:

Day & Night

Go Back

February Tracks

Hold On

This Time

March Tracks
Here’s a couple of mellow tunes for March…
before I kick things up a notch in April ; )

Hope you enjoy the music and please tell a friend.

Simple Melody

All Comes Back Around

Thanks for your support… Sam

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