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WYDU Classics March 09: The Spring Break Edition

by Travis on March 26, 2009

It’s that time of the year again, spring break time. Millions of drunken college kids invade warm places for plentiful booze, sex and all out craziness. Now that I’m a little past that age, I’d like to think I’ve “grown up” a bit, but I’m still aware of the countless college kids that visit WYDU. Hip Hop is a young man’s game, so in order to celebrate the month of March and the spring break that accompanies the month, WYDU style., with classic tracks from the not so distant past all the way back to the late 80′s.

I did the same thing back in 2007, which you can still catch. The link might not be good, but I’m pretty sure there is an active link somewhere on the blog for it. It’s amazing what two years can do for you. Two years ago, I was living in Denver, and I was drinking quite a bit. I didn’t need an excuse to drink, I could grab a 12 pack and bring it home. I’d start writing on the blog and before you know it, the 12 pack would be gone. I can still go through this blog and laugh at the posts that I wrote drunk. Don’t get me wrong, I had several partners in crime while living in Denver. Many drunken nights at Rockies games, many drunken nights running from the bars to catch the last light rail train of the night (only to puke all over Evans Station), and just ask CH Commish about playing beer pong with me and my numerous rants through out that night (I still hate Sid Bream). Two years later though, I’ve mellowed. I still like some beers, but no longer can I polish off a 12 pack without much thought. I still go out about once a month or so and drink enough to remind why I don’t do it much anymore.

Regardless of my old age kicking in, nothing like a tossing a few cold ones and what better way to enjoy some cold ones than with some quality music. This collection of alcohol themed music is kinda different from the one from two years ago. The one from two years ago contained mostly classics, either to me or to the average hip hop head. This collection, while having a few “classics” is mostly some rare and obscure joints. I hope they become the new “Classics” for some kid out there while he is getting ready to head out for the night. I hope it’s the soundtrack for some late night “asshole” games, or gets played at some BBQs. Trust me, there is some good shit to be found on this one…..

WYDU Classics March 09: The Spring Break Edition

I kinda broke this up into a “start of the night” stage, a “middle of the night” stage and an “end of the night” stage

Act One: The Start
You know how it is, the jump off. You are getting ready, thinking about the endless possibilities that lay ahead for the night. You then head to a friend’s house. You might toss a few back at his crib while you play playstation or whatever. Then you head to the bars. If you were like me, you got there early and went to the local hole in the wall first for some beers.

1. King Tee – Drunk Tekneek (From: Tha Trifflin’ Album, 1993)

I had to put it on this one to make up for missing it the last time around. Classic jam all the way around.

2. Lexicon – Party Party People (From: Youth Is Yours, 2003)

I remember hearing this track a few times back when it dropped, but forgotten about it until recently. A classic bar track, great for playing before heading out, hoping your night goes like the story in this song.

3. YZ – Drink at the Bar (From: The Ghetto’s Been Good To Me, 1993)

I’d consider this a borderline classic, although I never owned the CD in my party years. Figured this would be another song to get me “warmed” up for the night.

4. Lordz of Brooklyn - Saturday Night Fever (From: All In The Family, 2005)

I was never the biggest Lordz of Brooklyn fan, to me they were kinda of House of Pain rip-offs. But this song was a cool song to get you pumped. Anyone got the Kenny Dope remix, hook me up.

5. Lord Finesse – Party Over Here (Remix) (From: Party Over Here 12 Inch)

This is the remix, which was different from the album version, although it has Showbiz, who also did the original. Not really about drinking, but it was a “get the party started” type of track.

6. ALT & Lost Civilization – Tequila (From: Timebomb, 1992)

I’m not usually big on remix of old rock songs (we are talking OLD rock songs), but this was kinda of a cool track and “Tequila” in it’s original form was a favorite of mine. Kinda of bites the Spice 1 concept of naming characters of a story after alcoholic beverages.

Act II: The Middle of the Night

You know how it goes usually, after the cheap ass “hole in the wall” places, you head to where all the action is. Now, I haven’t lived in a city that hasn’t had a main focal place for bars. You know the spot. If the town has a college in it, then it’s even more pronounced. That’s where you go when you are a youngin’. There’s women, booze, and it’s the place to be seen. You know that it’s where all the action will take place, where the memories will be made….

7. Diversion Tactics - Pubs, Drunks & Hip Hop (From: Pubs, Drunk, & Hip Hop LP)

How can you not have a collection of drinking songs without a song that is named “Pubs, Drunks, & Hip Hop”. The crew is out of the UK, and I only knew of them because J-Zone and the Old Maid Billio
naires did some stuff with them, but this track is worthy of being on here.

8. Mighty Casey - Liqourland (From: The EP, 2000)

Part of the indie boom of the late 90′s/early turn of the century, this joint was one of those that I stumbled across during my napster/audio galaxy days. It quickly became a classic for those drunken nights.

9. Mr. X & Mr. Z – Drink Old Gold (From: 12 Inch single, 1987)
Still a classic after all these years. You should really know this and if you don’t then familiarize yourself with it.

10. Big Daddy Kane – 3 Forties & a Bottle of Moet (From: Daddy’s Home, 1994)
Kane does the crazy drunken style, like you should be doing after about four hours of drinking.

11. Das EFX – 40 & a Blunt (From: Hold It Down, 1995)
“All I wanna do is smoke a blunt and drink some fuckin’ brew”. Is there anything else you need in a song when you are drinking?

12. Erule – Rum & Coke (From: Cold Currentz, 2000?)

Erule captures the essence of club hopping, which every spring breaker does sometime on their trip.

13. Lord Sear – Alcoholic Vibes (From: 12 Inch Single, 1997)

Drunkin’ funk from Lord Sear.

14. Baritone Tiplove - Turn Up The Bottle (From: Livin’ Foul, 1991)

This would have been a classic if the album it was on had reached more cats. Phill The Soulman is hilarious on this track.

15. Tha Alkaholiks – Hip Hop Drunkies (Vinyl Reanimators Remix)

A different version of an old favorite

16. Javier & the Str8jackers – Pass Me Da 40oz (From: The Hard Way, 1991)

I wasn’t aware of this album until I found it on Bust The Facts, but this track got some play during those drunken nights in Denver.

17. Drunken Hoodlumz20 Forties & 40 Blunts (From: Drunken Hoodlumz Presents Blunts, Beats & Brew, 1997)
It’s only an instrumental track, but so what? You should know what
sample they use just from the song’s title. Drunk funk music, that end of the night music that they start playing at the bar to get your asses out of there.

18. KagePass Me A 40 (From: Everyday Thangs, 1994)

If you were like me, once you got kicked out of the bars (either by the fact it was closing time, or other means) you went straight to the corner store and picked up more beer. Usually it was a 40 in the younger years, and usually you’d find a 3/4 full 40 sitting next to you on the couch when you woke up the next morning.

Act III: The End

After the bars are closing, you stumble back to your ride (which hopefully you have a DD, be smart, you are not invincible) and end up at a friends crib. You would usually drink some more, although you didn’t really need to. You play more video games (Mortal Kombat was my shit back in the days) and pass out on the couch.

19. Louis Logic – Dos Factotum (From: Sin-A-Matic, 2003)
Part two of a CLASSIC drinking song. This one is just as good, and reminds me of stumbling around, being way too drunk.

20. Little Shawn – Dom Perignon (From: New York Undercover EP, 1995)

If you got lucky, you went home with a lady friend. That is if you didn’t get too drunk and make a fool of yourself (I did that often). You need some bubbly once you get her back to your crib or hotel room if you are on spring break. And you need some seduction music. This is as close as it gets to Barry White.

21. Rehab – Sittin’ At The Bar (2008 Remix) (From: Sittin’ At A Bar, 2008 although the original appeared on Southern Comfort, 2000)

Not sure how “hip hop” this is, but it does have a some spitting lyrics in over the bridge. It’s one of those end of the night sing-a-long songs. Fortunately, this is one of the few things I can say never happened to me after a night of drinking, and if it happens to you, shit’s over.

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