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Finale Gives Fans An Album Before The Album With "T.I.M.E."

by Eric on April 1, 2009

Download “T.I.M.E.” mixed by DJ King Most

“Motor Music” prod. by Black Milk

Going through withdrawal for some new Finale before the official debut album drops? No worries, we’ve got you covered. With a release date right around the corner, some artists would be celebrating, resting on their laurels even. For Finale, whose debut album, A Pipe Dream And A Promise, is being released April 7 via Interdependent Media, rest is not an option. Finale is staying hard at work in the studio, and instead of hogging all that good music for himself, he has teamed up again with the Bay Area’s DJ King Most to release a mega-mix of the pre-album, T.I.M.E. (Think. Innovate. Move. Endure.) for free download.

The Mega-Mix finds Finale at his best, giving fans a taste of the wide range of his artistic diversity. On the opening track, the soulful “Run It Back,” Finale wastes no time showing off his water-like flow and lyrics. Seeming to never run out of breath, Finale raps, “As I gather, replaying images and memories / I watch, and easily can see there’s not another spot I’d rather be / When I leave, I know we ain’t done/ And some of y’all act/ Like the city ain’t sitting on your back.” Elsewhere, on the track “Saturday,” Finale proves that his words flow off the tongue just as smoothly when spitting at a girl as when spitting at a foe. On “Jungle Music,” Finale takes listeners straight to a Detroit club with a double-time bounce and a double-time flow to match. Although short, with T.I.M.E. Finale gives fans free quality music to hold them over until the release of A Pipe Dream And A Promise.

The Background:

Before making his entrance into hip-hop, Finale worked as an automotive engineer promising to one day follow his dream of becoming a rapper. Making the rounds at local Detroit open mics and emcee battles, Finale began to mingle with local talents like Guilty Simpson and One.Be.Lo. After emailing some joints back and forth with J Dilla, Finale finally met him backstage at the DEMF (Detroit Electronic Music Festival), where Dilla introduced him to Madlib, saying that he was one of the best in the game. “It was an honor and definitely a defining moment,” says Finale. After realizing his passion and talent for hip-hop, Finale decided to finally quit his day job, follow his true passion, and make music a full-time career. After a handful of Fat Beats released singles, an album released with European producer Spier 1200 as a part of The Rawkus 50, and numerous appearances on independent releases from Invincible, eLZhi and others, Finale’s official debut LP, A Pipe Dream & A Promise, will be released in stores and online on Aptil 7th via Interdependent Media.

Also, make sure to check Finale performing “Jungle Music” live at SXSW

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Dave April 7, 2009 at 3:31 am

i just d/l that Finale mixtape, i been looking for some new MCs to bump besides my Aussie boys (Aussie Hip Hop is dope in case you don’t know Hilltop Hoods are on the new CunninLynguists joint, check them out)

9@home May 3, 2009 at 5:08 pm

I’m with you 100% when it comes to Finale. Dude is just a huge puff of fresh air. A kid who can make even the most personal stories flow AND he can pick beats? I think Pipe Dream is my personal album of the year already.
One thing: Spier ain’t European. Born in Japan, moved to the US later on. That album is the shit, too!

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