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Poorly Drawn People – Motion Not Emotion

by Travis on April 9, 2009

Once again, we have an officially endorsed WYDU group dropping a project. Last week, it was Has-Lo’s remix project, not too long before that, it was Small Pro and his dual projects. This week though, we have a project from that zany four man group hailing out of Rhode Island, Poorly Drawn People.

Those not familiar with PDP, the group is made up of five members, Storm Davis, Reason, Dox, Entity and Sterbyrock. I’ve been blasting their music since running across Storm Davis’ solol album, Kegstand Poetry for The Recovering Alcoholic, back in ’07. We started talking and he let me know of the rest of his crew. From there, their mixtape, Nothing Stays Gold, dropped in 2007 and last years Shoot For The Stars, Hit The Ceiling got major play on the iPod/car stereo, discman, computer and home stereo.

Well, they are graduating from the mixtape scene to…….well, I’m not sure what exactly this is, but it’s got the flavor and cohesiveness of a full fledged album in the form of Motion Not Emotion. Coming in at tweleve songs, you get the typical PDP tongue in cheek humor, John Friesz name drops (props to whoever knows that name), missed women (and it’s fuckin’ annoying….listen to the song) and sound drops from “Better Off Dead”, the classic 80′s movie. They take everything you liked (or will like) about their mixtapes and put it all on one project. If you have heard them in the past, this needs to be heard. If you haven’t heard of Poorly Drawn People, then you needs to hear this…..

Trav’s Favorite Songs
Stress Filled Days, Might Blow Up, Ain’t Hard To Make a Million Dollars, Stealer’s Wheel, Better Off Dead, Motion Not Emotion

If you download it (and this is a totally legit download) and you like it, hit up them up and purchase a hard copy, you know those disc things that you can play in those disc thing players. Or just cop a shirt….either or.

01- Stress Filled Days [04:11]
02- Might Blow Up [03:50]
03- Aint Hard To Make a Million Dollars [04:25]
04- A Quarter Milli [00:38]
05- Sawbucks and Fins Ft ESH [04:33]
06- Stealers Wheel [03:30]
07- Elmer’s Lament Ft Labeless Illteligence [04:03]
08- Celebrity Rehab [03:39]
09- Way With Words [04:36]
10- Better Off Dead [03:42]
11- Static [04:20]
12- Motion Not Emotion [05:56]
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