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5×5 Day One: The Philaflava Edition – Top 5 Slept-on Collabos

by Travis on April 13, 2009

My man Jason Gloss runs the best hip hop related forums on this here world wide internet. Hands down. I’m far from a big message board junkie, but if I do feel like wasting some time, having a laugh, or hearing something new, is always the first place I go and one of maybe only three or four message boards I check out on a somewhat regular basis.

Gloss and company have also started up what is now one of the best golden age hip hop blogs going on the net in the T.R.O.Y. blog. Several times I’ve secretly cursed them under my breath for beating me to the punch on an idea or the such. But I have to admit, I’ve gotten a shit load of music from them and the T.R.O.Y. forum that can be found on the Philaflava site, so it’s all love in my books.

They also have a new blog, Steady Bloggin’ which is going to focus on the newer aspects of the hip hop nation. Here is their business manifesto

This week marks the official launch of‘s Steady Bloggin’. Last October we brought you our T.R.O.Y. blog and in less than 7 months we’ve become one of the most respected blogs covering the Golden Era of hip-hop. Steady Bloggin’ will focus on current music that will range from hip-hop, jazz, funk, soul as well as film and books.

Our main aim is to provide you a daily fix that will ultimately make Philaflava your one-stop shop. Whether it’s old school , new school or even some discussion, we’re hitting you from every angle.

Steady B’s blog squad consists of 5 heads hailing from Harlem, North Cackalacka, T-Dot, Brooklyn and Miami. We all have different tastes and because of that we hope to provide you with an array of content other blogs fail to. We’re not taking over the blogosphere or putting the big ones out of business. We’re simply offering up an alternative and we can only do this with your support.

If you’re an artist, author or film maker and would like for us to cover your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us at We’ll do our best to make sure the unheard, indie or starving artists are no longer inconspicuous. We want to educate, entertain and interact with you guys.

Please take this time out to bookmark the site, register for our message boards, spread the word about STEADYBLOGGIN.COM, follow us on Twitter. and don’t forget to check out our big brother T.R.O.Y. But most importantly be prepared to because we’re about to set shit off!

The man Gloss was nicest enough to hook up with his own list of slept on collabos, so wake the fuck up and check it out…….

5. Erick SermonThe Ill Shit feat. Kam & Ice Cube

This completely unexpected collabo not only sported the dope Cube sample hook (Da Lynch Mob – Guerillas In Da Mist) but the man himself along with cousin Kam. P.E. might have burned Hollywood with Cube first, but this is a gem that most are either are clueless about or simply forgot. Either way get hip and listen to this shit now!

4. Real LiveThe Turnaround feat. Tragedy & Capone

This only dropped on vinyl to my knowledge due to sample clearances but its remains one of my favorite remixes from the mid-90′s. Tragedy was at his peak during this time.

3. Del The Funkee Homosapien - The Undisputed Champs feat. Q-Tip
& Pep Love

Not so obscure but what makes this collabo so great is that Pep Love merked both Tip and Del on this. Who ever thought that then an unknown cat named Pep Love would be the show stealer?

2. Diamond DYou Can’t Front (Shit Is Real) feat. Lord Finesse & Sadat X
This is one of the best collabos of all time. Another vinyl only release that can now be found snap, crackle and pop-free on Buckwild double disc “Diggin In The Crates.”

1.Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo2 To The Head feat. Ice Cube, Scarface & Bushwick Bill
I wanna say something witty like if you don’t know about this you’re gay because that’s how I truly feel, well I guess I just did say it. Hands down the most obscure collabo to ever feature 3 top 10 emcees of all-time.

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