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5×5 Day One: Top Five Masta Ace Joints Not On His Albums

by Travis on April 13, 2009

I’m a self professed Masta Ace stan, that should be fairly well documented by now. Ace has enough material that hasn’t seen the likes of a full fledged album release, that he could fill five or more albums worth of material (Oh yeah, he already has, in the form of Hits U Missed). It was really hard to narrow it done to just five, as there are a shit load of tracks that didn’t appear on any of his albums that are nice as hell. I’m sure I’ll forget something, or it’ll be different by the time I post this up, but at this exact moment, this is what it is.

1. NFL (Not For Long) (Looking for my mp3 of this, if someone has it, toss it up. I’ve posted it up a few times on here, but it’s not on my computer)

Produced by one of my personal favorite people (sarcasm noted), J-Love, this joint has long been my favorite single only Ace jam. It’s simple, but it works. And as much as I hate to admit it, the beat is nice. The story has Ace it’s too bad Ace and J-Love didn’t do more work together. I did ask Ace once why he didn’t work with J-Love more and he dismissed the question by saying he didn’t want to talk about.

2. Top 10 List

Ace’s reply to a certain NY Gangsta rapper. You’d have to know the whole story (which is out there) to catch the dis found in #6. Ace was always pretty good at the dis track when he wanted to be, although this one is a little more subliminal than his “Acknowledge” joint in which he ripped into Boogie Man and High & Mighty (albiet over a misunderstanding)

3. Splash

Found on the Tommy Boy Hip Hop 101 Black Album thing they did around the turn of the century, this is another damn J-Love joint. I love it, what can I say. Ace just flows nicely over the beat and demonstrates why he is one of the best.

4. Scared of the Dark

Some early Ace, we’re talking pre Slaughtahouse Ace, but post Take A Look Around Ace.I heard the story about this song came to be, from my homegirl Cee Cee. You can hear her in the chorus. The bass line is the same that the Beatnuts used on “Are You Ready” from their self titled (aka Street Level), although I’d say this was probably recorded before that was released.

5. Survival

Koolade is a dope producer on the board, and Ace always seems to work good with him as well. If you don’t know Koolade, just go back and listen to “Beautiful” from A Long Hot Summer. This is one of those nice reminiscing songs, you can sit back and remember the days of past.

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