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5×5 Day Two: On The Road – Gen Erik's Five Worse Tour Moments

by Travis on April 14, 2009

All of us fans have heard the tour horror stories. Some of us have heard them even first heard, and a few of us have even had the opportunity to go on the road. It’s all be documented, the fucked up crowds, the stupid people, the groupies, the crazy antics, the long road trips. Personally, while it might have been fun in my early twenties, and it could even be fun now for a week at the most, I don’t think I could handle anything longer than that. That said though, I do love hearing the war stories on the road. My man Gen. Erik of the Portland/Eugene based Animal Farm comes through to drop his five worse moments during a show and on tour. It’s probably a good thing he didn’t make the Boise date a couple weeks ago, or it could’ve been on this list with the 10 plus people that showed up for the show (Boise sucks for hip hop…)

Gen.Erik’s Top 5 Worst Show/Tour Moments:
1. Roy Jones Jr. Afterparty at Roseland Theater in Portland, OR

We flew the world class DJ Aero up for this one from LA. We were pushed to the back of the bill by about 20 gangsta rap acts, who kept performing out of place. Ended up performing in front of about 5 people. 2 of the five we’re making out and groping each other in front of the stage. And the cherry on top: I got taken for quite a bit money by the promoter, who disappeared from her job, never to be seen again.

2. Mic Crenshaw w/ Gen.Erik and Rasheeda Ameera in Akron, Ohio

We flew all the way to Akron, Ohio and were rushed to the venue. When we got there around 1 AM, there was a World Music Dance going on. We cut off the dance, which was an awful idea. I pushed play on a CD player and Mic did 2 songs before some woman comes galloping across the stage with the cut it off, hand to the throat slash gesture.

3. The Game & Animal Farm in Eugene, OR

After experiencing a bunch of 15 year old wannabe suburban bloods in Portland, I knew we would have a challenge on our hands in Eugene. Turns out the Portland crowd (which got pepper sprayed by the cops in the Roseland), was much better than the Eugene zombies, who looked like they had been struck with rigermortis. Are you seriously texting in the front row? Here’s a bottle of water to your head courtesy of Hanif Wondir. Then it all came to a spectacular conclusion, as Fury flipped off the entire crowd, causing us to exit to a choir of boos.

4. “Stan gets his chance to Shine” January 2009 California Tour (Animal Farm, Mic Crenshaw, and Serge Severe)

Allowing a friend to come run merch and drive the van for the Focused Noise crew led to a ridiculous trip through Cali, topped by him jumping on stage and stealing Fury’s mic as soon as we started our Animal Farm freestyle session in Eureka, CA. He also spent about a total of 5 minutes at the merch booth, 30 minutes behind the wheel (until he was banned for driving crazy), and about 4 hours on the phone telling everyone he knew he was on tour. On top of that, he kept trying to talk us into stopping in Eugene, OR to pick up some girl he’d just met. However, he did make it up to us by hooking up a dope mansion for us to stay at in Northern Cali, and the fat girl he hooked up with was a serious bonus.

5. Attacking the crowd

This trend started at an old Money Shot show at the Wetlands, as KWils jumped off the stage and elbowed a heckler in the mouth, then jumped back on stage, never stopping his rap. Pretty impresive. The trend continued when Fury threw a punch at a fan who was beating up his friend in the front row of a show we did at the WOW Hall with Blue Scholars. Turns out Fury’s friend was hitting on the guy’s girlfriend, so it may not have been deserved, but ridiculous nonetheless. This was also the show that I went on a 2 minute rampage, cursing one person in the crowd, after he booed our request for one more song! Besides that this was actually all in all a good show, as these moments were perfect segues into “Mean Streaks” and “The Show Must Go On”.

Honorable Mention: Milk in San Francisco (Watching the owner throw his hands up and give up when the sound man didn’t show up, and I completely lost my voice as a result.) Although watching Nightclubber Lang and Jern Eye in a drunken battle on Haight Street afterward made it all worth it.

Another Honorable Mention: Fury was really drunk and decided that he was disrespected by Hanif Wondir on stage after Hanif cut off his drunken ramble. Fury boycotted about three songs and stood there without rapping. That was a fun night!

List Compiled by Gen.Erik (MC/ Producer for Animal Farm & Line of Fire, President of Focused Noise)
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Anonymous July 25, 2009 at 10:24 pm

Milk was pretty rough, 111 Minna had sound issues too, and that weird guy walking around with the sledgehammer in the Oakland warehouse make for a bay area trifecta.


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