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5×5 Day Two: Trav's Favorite Blog Posts

by Travis on April 14, 2009

I’m not up on the blogs as I used to be, but I’ve spent many an hour reading through blogs. To this day, my favorite blogs are the ones that are well written, creative and have something to say. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE picking up a rare, unheard Pete Rock track as much as the next person, but nothing beats some behind the scenes post or something totally original and creative. Through out my last four years of reading blogs, I have certain ones that stand out to me… are some of my favorites, that I can think of right off the bat.

1. Combat Jack’s Top Five Gulliest Moments in The Record Industry

Combat Jack is a former industry insider, who drops his five gulliest moments in the hip hop industry and hilarity ensues. There was five parts to this series that originally appeared on back in 2005, which is origianlly where I ran into at. I think Polarity told me about the Pete Rock story and I looked them up for myself. I’ve just recently got on the Combat Jack steez of reading his blog on the regular, thanks to A-One of Know Good Music. A great read.

Part One: Smoking a Blunt with Tupac….kinda

Part Two: Tragedy Likes His Cris Warm

Part Three: Diddy is a Gorilla Pimp

Part Four: Pete Rock Is Not A Snitch

Part Five: R.A. The Rugged Man Sloppy Seconds

2. Floodwatch Music – Autopsy of an Album: De La Soul – Bahloone Mindstate

I WISH I could write this good. My man Floodwatch (Where the hell you at???) wrote this beautiful piece on De La Soul’s heavily slept on opus, Bahloone Mindstate. If nothing else, this piece give a whooooole new appreciation for an album that I already loved, but loved even more after reading this piece.

3. Oh Word – Oh Word Interviews Ignorance

The website that shot me down early in my “blogging” career. I applied to write for them, this was back when I had done maybe four or five posts on WYDU and they told me “Thanks, but no thanks”. I think I sent them some drunken message back saying something to the effect that when I’m famous, they will regret not picking me up. Four years later, I guess they got the last laugh…..or did they? Haha. Actually they did me a favor, because WYDU would have never gotten off the ground otherwise and I’m happy with the mark I’ve left in the blogging world…for now. So besides having no hard feelings, I could have picked a handful of posts from Oh Word to battle for this spot, but I went with the one that was easiest to find, and most memorable. They got at Ignorance, who is most famous for rhyming on Jeru’s “The Prophet” tracks. Funny and creative, you can’t beat that.

4. Poisonious Paragraph – I Still Love H.E.R.

Another site that I had a hard time choosing from. If Dart isn’t top on the list of blog…nah, fuck that…. just writers in general, then he is in the top three. His Myspace Producers series is always amazing. His weekly In The iPod series is something that I check out every weekend. He even writes on sports, something that I’ve tinkered with in the past. The only time Dart loses me is when he starts writing on comics, since I’ve never been much of a comics kid.

This particular post is the one from him that stands out the most. He brings up everything about hip hop that I love and why I fell in love with in the first place. We are close to the same age, so our timelines run somewhat similar as far as where we were at with our love affair with the hip hop music and culture. I still go back and read this post when I want to remember why I love it so much.

and if you want to read some of his other great posts, this is a good place to start…..

5. Passion of the Weiss – The 25 Best Hip Hop Albums as Voted on By The Internet

We all have to pat ourselves on the backs, and bloggers are always looking for the virtual kudos, why do you think we do this shit? Although my man Jeff Weiss has a million and one favorite posts that he has done, this post that he did with Straight Bangin is one that had all sorts of internet critics catching feelings and debates sprung up all over the place. It’s just the most complete list that the blogs have ever come up with. And yes, I voted it in as well….

Other great reads that I can’t forget to mention….

SouledOn: My man Scholar has a sense of humor that makes me think we are brothers of another mother, or maybe soul mates in a past life (who was the man and who was the chick, we’ll never know….and it’s probably better that way. I’ll go ahead and put in a *pause and no homo just to be safe). The interview with Jesus was classic.

Clap Cowards: Zilla got his start doing some posts for Jeff and damn near stole the show on occasion. Dude is hillarious and probably should have a post or two on this list, but if I stretched it out to the top 10, he’d be there

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