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5×5 Day Three: Dan Love's Top 5 90's R&B Cuts

by Travis on April 15, 2009

Top Five ‘90s R & B Cuts – Dan Love

My man Dan Love is that dude. One of the original “brat pack” blogs, a group of blogs that shared ideas, thoughts and comments when we were all coming up. The whole group thing probably only really existed in my mind, but along with When They Reminisce, Poisonous Paragraphs, Tree Beats, and few others, we were definitely a loosely associated group of bloggers. Regardless of what kind of Death Row of Bloggers I had us on in my own reality, Dan Love’s “From Da Bricks” is quite simply one of the best blogs to ever do it. - Trav

With Spring now in full effect there’s no denying the auditory pleasure of a hip hop infused R & B cut from everybody’s favourite decade, the ‘90s. Here are my top 5 guilty pleasures from the smoother side of the musical spectrum.

TLC – Creep

(Why does anybody disable embedding on YouTube videos?)

Hot women? Check. Beat that knocks? Check. Enough of a hip hop edge to make you feel satisfied that you’re not completely selling out? Check. Don’t even front like you haven’t listened to this tune repeatedly and busted some moves in front of the mirror. Or maybe that’s just me.

Horace Brown – One For The Money

I wonder what happened to Horace Brown… ah, who cares. But he did leave us with this little gem of a track that feels right when you’re cruising in the SL. Which for me is never, but still.

SWV – Right Here

Jodphurs have never looked so sexy.

Alfonso Hunter – Just The Way Playas Play

One for a late night creep “with something fine.” Erick Sermon production and verse mean that this won’t dent your ghetto credentials. Phew.

Blackstreet – No Diggity

Great beat, ludicrously infectious hook and an appearance from Lil’ Penny in the video. Damn I miss the ‘90s.

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